Friday, October 24, 2014

Gentry's Field Trip

Evie had her first field trip on Tuesday to Gentry's Farm! Of course, I was excited to go as a chaperone. We had a fun time - I love time with my big girl. 

She rode the bus and I rode with a friend. Henry and Eddie stayed home with a sitter. Henry really wanted to come along for the ride but siblings are not allowed. Henry will get his turn this weekend!

Evie's class is so sweet and well-behaved! They enjoyed themselves and it was really cute to watch them select their own pumpkins from the patch. Evie wanted a "baby pumpkin" and found the perfect one. I even picked a pumpkin! 

There is nothing better than a pumpkin patch on a beautiful fall day! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun Run!

Evie's school had a Fun Run last week to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Henry's school called me to let me know that he was not himself but no no fever. Turns out he just wanted to see his sister at her Fun Run.

Evie and Henry ran the track holding hands and it was so cute! Evie introduced Henry to everyone as her baby brother. I guess technically Henry is her baby brother but he is three years old. 

I love that the school takes time out of their busy schedule to raise money for someone who really needs their wish to come true. Cannot wait for the spring when the wish is granted!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Owl Hill Nature Sanctuary

Kids are on the last day of Fall Break and after several days of fevers along with tons of rain. It was time to get out of the house! Owl Hill offered a Fall Break day and we took advantage of it. It was a hit with Henry several weeks ago so I knew Evie would enjoy it too. 

My kids need more more exposure to nature and music - two components that are harder to add to their life in an organized way. I loved that the nature guide was available today to teach everyone about tadpoles, feeding goats and pointing the way towards scenic hiking paths.

We had a ball! It was several hours of fun without any crying or whining which if you are a Mama you know that is hard to come by sometimes. 

Evie and Henry were in their element exploring the Fairy Gardens, Beetle Dung and the makeshift pumpkin patch. They may have even been enchanted by the port a potty! It really is the little things in life that get our children excited.

We had a nice picnic and enjoyed the day together. Ladybugs even made an appearance at our picnic. There were just a few other families visiting which was a nice reprieve from the crowded spots all over town. 

I'd say their favorite parts were feeding the goats for Evie and "fishing" for rocks for Henry. Evie loved the goats and Henry loves anything to do with a shovel. 

Dirty, happy kids are the best! Look forward to going back in a few weeks for the next program day at Owl's Creek. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Week in Review

It's been a LONG time since I wrote about an entire week at The Niemeyer Nest. I decided it was time so I can remember these special days forever.

Monday: Both kids go to school on Monday! It's really nice because I can get my house back together from the weekend. Carl is out of town for this entire week so I took the morning off and watched two episodes of Homeland. It was perfect to relax and prepare for the rest of the week. After my show,  I went to Michael's to get supplies for Henry's class Halloween party and then to the library and the YMCA. I came home to finish making dinner to avoid working with an ornery sous chef. Henry gets picked up at 2:30. After I picked him up, we dropped the dinner off for a family with their third baby boy! Sweet little baby! Henry loves a baby! Then we played outside while we waited for sister. Evie gets home at 4:10 and then things really get busy. Monday is homework day in kindergarten so we usually tackle that right away.  Evie had drawn her P person with some bathroom humor -not my favorite but she had a substitute! I decided to let it slide while hoping for a natural consequence at school. We had a horrible thunderstorm and the power went out.

Tuesday: Our power finally came back on at 9:30 right before we left the house. Henry and I headed to a room parent meeting at preschool. He did so well! Last year, it was hard to keep him entertained this year he worked on his Spiderman coloring book and chatted with some friends. A few months makes a BIG difference! After our meeting, it was time for Book Club. We read In the Woods and it was fine but not my favorite. Kim made a delicious quiche and cinnamon bread which was the perfect way to fill my tummy on a rainy morning. We had a terrific discussion and chatted with everyone. Henry and the other children played together while we discussed the book. We left to see a beautiful day had emerged from the rain! It was the perfect time to take a walk and enjoy the warmth of sunshine. We waited for Evie and then made cookies and did some homework again. Evie is doing so great on syllables but sometimes her Southern accent confuses her a bit. I always want to remember her sweet voice saying "axe" with two syllables.

Wednesday: Both kids went to school and I volunteer every Wednesday in Evie's kindergarten class. It's my favorite day of the week! I love being back in the classroom and am amazed at everything these kids are working on in class. Evie's teacher is thrilled to have my help because they do not have assistants in this district! Shocking! I am not sure how she does it but I am happy to help for three hours every Wednesday. Her teacher is so sweet to let me help her and gives me some fun stuff to do since I am a "real teacher" as she refers to me. I helped the kids pick out "just right" books for their book baskets. Ten books for each child took quite some time. I graded some papers for her and helped a struggling student with her initial sounds. I pulled some worksheets and made little books for her. It is just mind-boggling to see the range of student ability in one class. The time flies by so quickly just like it did when I was a teacher. Of course, I stay for lunch with my favorite kindergartner! After volunteering, I usually meet a friend for a quick lunch, we went to Bruegger's this week. I came home to pick up the house and work on some laundry before picking up Henry. Evie got off the bus and we played with the boys a bit. Evie and Christian had made plans at school to play that afternoon. Pretty cute! I do not usually cook when Carl is gone but breakfast for dinner was on the menu. We had a carpet picnic in the den. Our night was going well until bath time. I got frustrated with Evie and then felt horrible about it. Mom guilt is rough!

Thursday: Henry stays home with me on Thursdays. Of course those days are special too! We met some friends from church at Pinkerton Park. Henry and JT had a great time playing while Libby resolved me of my mom guilt! I LOVE a good friend! It started raining so we had to cut our play date short. Henry and I ran some errands and then came home for a bit. We noticed Evie had forgotten her library book so we took it to her school. Not something I want her to get used to but I know she loves library day and really treasures selecting her own book to bring home. The parent volunteer was very accommodating when I told her I felt like a helicopter parent. She laughed and told me that is our life all day every day. It really resonated with me because this mom appears completely different from me culturally. I was in jeans and a t-shirt and she was wearing a traditional Middle Eastern head covering. Moms are the same though- we all want what is best for our children even when it could have been a great learning experience. The sun was out again so we made a beeline for the park and ran into a friend from church. This does not happen much since our church is in the next town. Rachel and I caught up while Henry played with her Henry. Rachel has six kids! I am in awe of how she manages every day life since I find two children hard sometimes.  We came home to wait for Evie  and then spent some time together. Evie and Henry had a babysitter while I headed out with a few friends to hear Glennon Doyle from Momastery. What a fun night! It was my second time to hear her speak and it was just as inspiring. Lots of good take aways! We were starving and decided to go out for Mexican afterwards. I stayed up way too late!

Friday: Morning came way too early. Both kids were up before 7 which is unusual especially when Carl is out of town. Evie and Henry were excited to get started on their Fall Break! I was too! We had a lazy morning at home. Rainy days are perfect for staying home to drink hot chocolate, play school, build forts and make crafts. Both kids were content to play and enjoy being home. We decided to sneak out between rain storms for some Chick fil A. Evie had not been to Chick  fil A in two months since starting kindergarten. It's really been a terrific day with my kiddos! Of course, it would have been nice to have pretty weather but I really appreciated the relaxed pace of the day spending time with each other. We are now anxiously awaiting Carl's return and then these kiddos are off to bed. It's been a LONG week!