Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kiawah 2015

We drove to Kiawah from Lake Keowee, South Carolina which made it a much more reasonable drive.  We were in Charleston by 2 and went to swim at Uncle Rusty and Aunt Anne's house. There were 12 kids in the pool and everyone had a fabulous time. We miss seeing all of our family now that we are so far away.

From there, we had a 45 minute drive out to Kiawah but it is the most beautiful drive. Angel Oak trees, winding roads, salt air and a sense of nostalgia. 

We stopped at the grocery door and then checked into our cottage. Our family was on the beach within thirty minutes of arriving on the island. Beach life is the best!

We spent the week getting into my favorite type of routine - morning coffee around 8 and then beach until 1 and then a sun break with either an activity or a movie. Then, we'd hit the beach again either late afternoon or evening. Our kids love the beach as much as we do which makes it so pleasant.

We rented bikes which shortened our trip to less than three minutes. Kids love riding the bikes or in the burley. I think Evie will ride her own bike next time since she is getting so big.

We made our traditional trip to Red's for some yummy seafood, ate tons of boiled peanuts and enjoyed an early dinner by the golf course one evening. 

The best part about being at Kiawah is we can see some friends. Our friends the McDonald's came out on Wednesday for  an early dinner and some beach time. Evie and Henry adore their boys and it was a reunion for sure.

On Thursday, my sweet friend from college, Susan came out to visit us with her boys. My kids loved meeting Jack and Finn and it was so wonderful for me to see my friend!

It was a fabulous week at the beach - it always goes way too quickly. The first week back is tough too adjusting back to reality. It's been a hard week back for us. Our favorite neighbors moved to KY, my Harris Teeter closed and adjusting to summer with kids home all.the.time is always a bit tough. We are back in the swing of things and had a great week hanging with friends enjoying summer here in Nashville.

We loved our trip to Kiawah and cannot wait for next year!