Friday, August 14, 2015

Fun at the Williamson County Fair

We made our annual trek to the Williamson County Fair last weekend! We missed last year due to our beach vacation. 

It was a beautiful day and really fun to see the kids experience the fair.

Evie loves all the BIG rides! She had a ball riding everything to her hearts content.

Henry surprised us with his love for the fast, fun rides too.

I rode a ride with Evie and thought I might need a visit to the Emergency Department afterwards. Carl rode a Pirate Ship with Evie and thought he was going to lose his equilibrium. 

We all enjoyed the little farming area - it is so well-done. Carl treated the kids to snow cones and popcorn. I had lemonade - perfect way to quench thirst at the fair. 

It was fun running into friends and reminiscing. I cannot believe this was our fifth fair outing. 

We ended the night with cotton candy and went out for Mexican in lieu of fair food for dinner.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Henry's First Day of School - PreK

Henry started back to preschool on Monday. He was thrilled to be off to school just like his Big Sister. Henry loves school! He loves his friends, his teachers, learning new things and the routine.

He has sweet teacher teachers - Ms. April and Ms. Laura. His class is 10 boys and two girls which should be interesting. 

Henry has a summer birthday which means most people in Nashville hold back for a year before kindergarten. We are still on the fence and will decide by the spring what our plan will be for our sweet boy. Kindergarten is definitely not what it used to be so that plays into our decision. 

I am going to enjoy this year and cherish our Tuesdays and Thursdays together. It is such a pleasure to spend my days with my favorite little boy. 

I dropped him off and reminded him that I'd be back - his response was . "I'll be right in there" while pointing to his classroom. He is a hoot!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Evie's First Day of First Grade!

Meet the Teacher was on Wednesday and Friday was the first day! Evie was thrilled to get back in the classroom. Carl and I were excited to take her and Henry loves the classroom too. 

Evie really lucked out with three friends that she knows well - Sarah, Leah and Charlotte. Sarah was in her class last year and they are wonderful friends. Leah and Evie have been friends since before they could walk. Charlotte is our neighbor!  There are a few boys that she knows too! I was relieved to see smaller classes this year - only 18 in her room which is much better than the 22 in kindergarten.

Evie's teacher, Mrs. Holmes, is adorable! Evie really wanted this teacher because she "had a beautiful voice." I agree with Evie - Mrs. Holmes has a soft, sweet voice. Carl and I both feel great about the teacher and know that she will be perfect for Evie. Mrs. Holmes is sweet, organized, excellent communicator and has a wonderful reputation. I taught first grade before Evie so this will be interesting for me to see what first grade is like now. 

Friday was a half day to ease into the year. We met Leah at the park for a picnic and then had popsicles at Las Paletas. Leah has a brother Eddie that is Henry's friend. 

Here's to a fabulous year in the first grade!