Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

A little apprehensive at first! 

Evie did not want any pictures at all! 

Henry exists off carbs these days. 

Life is grand with popcorn and a princess movie! 
We had a really great day today which we were due for after some crazy days. Everyone was happy, rested and well. Even better than that, the sun came out for the first time in days!

Our church met at 10, which was actually nice rather than rushing out the door. Evie seemed to pay more attention and kept "meacing" all day. I finally figured out that she was passing the peace after a little inquisition. Evie is so much fun right now, I love this age filled with curiosity and wonder about everything but also the growing independence.

After church, we ate lunch at City Cafe, Henry and Evie shared a roll and that was the extent of their lunch. Henry and I took a little nap. Being off schedule, has made me exhausted and I am ready to get back into our routine.

Evie received roller skates from Santa so we hit the skating rink for an afternoon date. I showed her pictures of the rink online, told her that it would be loud with lots of people and that she would most defintely fall a lot. Evie does much better with new things when prepared with every possibility. Guess what, Evie loved roller skating! She loved wearing her shiny skates, she loved the blinking lights, she loved the arcade games, she loved being a big kid and most of all she loved the cherry slush. Evie and I had a ball skating all over the place and it will definitely be a fun place to burn off some energy this winter. There was a learning curve but not nearly what I expected. The little skater scooter pictured above helped a little but I think Evie did way better without it. She hunched over it like a walker and could not see where she was going. It seemed to help the bigger kids to increase their speed. Evie took right to skating! I was surprised to see how much the skating rink has not changed in the past twentyish years. Everything is still exactly the same with the addition of a floor guard and a security officer. The same silly songs, the couples dances and even the smell of nachos wafting in the air.

We stopped by the library for new movies and to pick up some books that I had on hold. Evie enjoys going to the library without Henry because we can peruse the stacks at our own pace without our little tornado.

Henry had fun at home with Carl. They went on a run and did a little detective work to figure out who drove in our yard last night. They found the culprit as the tire marks went all the way down the street and into the person's yard. OOPS!

It was such a cold day that we spent the rest of the afternoon munching on popcorn and hanging out together.

Henry's surgery is in the morning. I know that tubes are pretty basic as far as surgery goes but it still makes this Mama a little nervous. Anesthesia adds a whole new element of worry. Henry is going to feel so much better and that is worth the worry. We'd appreciate prayers for our little guy and his ENT, Dr. Mullins. Surgery is at 7:30 Central - 8:30 Eastern and we should be home around 9. I just packed his bag with an extra pair of pj's, a fresh bun bun and a sippy cup. Hope we all sleep tonight and that Henry is not too upset being woken up super early and then having a delayed breakfast.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Week


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with His presence and memories with your family. It was a special week at our house although different than ever imagined. Henry was sick all week and completely out of sorts. Then, Carl was sick too. Evie and I managed to escape the germs.

Our camera decided to stop working on Christmas Eve of all days! Thank goodness for a point and shoot along with my iPhone. I think the iPhone captured better quality images than my point and shoot.

Evie and Henry were so excited on Christmas Eve about Santa coming. We had a relaxing day at home and then church late that afternoon. It was a beautiful service and the church was gorgeous with red roses and greenery. It was completely packed so we took up residence on a few folding chairs in the back. Evie sat on the floor and played with her dolls and books. Christmas Eve service is my favorite service of the entire year especially the music and the anticipation of Christmas day.

Evie and Henry barely stopped long enough for pictures in their new PJ's. We set out the reindeer food, cookies for Santa and said goodbye to Elfa. Evie and Henry both went right to sleep.

Carl and I loved being greeted bright and early by Evie on Christmas morning. The first thing we heard about 6:45 was Evie's sweet voice saying, "Is it present time yet?" Henry slept right through the festivities which was a big clue that he was feeling really badly. Evie was thrilled to see a dollhouse, table and chairs, roller skates and a pink scooter waiting for her under the tree. Carl checked on Henry and he woke up shortly after. We were beginning to worry about our little guy. Henry was excited to see a tractor, a chair, wheelbarrow and mailbox waiting for him. Evie wasted no time tearing through the presents. She did look out the window and thanked Santa Claus. Carl and I had a blast watching Evie experience the magic of Christmas.

We ate a yummy breakfast of casserole and cinnamon rolls before giving Carl his birthday gift. He has wanted a charcoal grill for quite some time so he finally got one.

Carl was feeling horrible so he hung out on the couch with Evie while Henry napped and I cleaned up a bit. SheShe and Poppy arrived later that afternoon. Evie was excited to see them and to open more presents.We spent most of the day watching the kids play and snacking a bit. I promise that SheShe and Poppy were really here but neither of us captured them on camera. Hopefully, I can get my camera working again soon! Canon Rebel, I miss you so much.

Evie and Henry helped Carl to celebrate his birthday with the ugliest cake that I have ever made.  Evie and Henry went to bed and then we prepared a birthday dinner for Carl. After all the preparations, Carl was unable to eat his dinner and went to bed early himself. He was very sad to let that yummy steak go to waste.

Henry's ear was getting worse so I took him back to the doctor who recommended that we take Henry to an ENT. He did switch antibiotics and offered a few more tips for helping to ease the pain and stop some of the drainage. Carl and his Dad went to pick up dinner at Local Taco for us and then we enjoyed some time together that night. Thankfully, Carl was feeling better!

Everyone was a bit stir crazy by Thursday. We decided to venture out to Inside Out Play Park. It was not too crowded when we arrived but quickly filled up with lots of kiddos with excess energy. Henry and Evie had a blast. We went to lunch at Noshville and then picked up some cupcakes at Gigi's next door. It was so nice to get out for a bit.

Carl and his dad took Evie to the mall and came back home quickly. We had some turkey chili for dinner that was pretty yummy and then Carl went to see a movie with his dad. SheShe helped clean up the excess toys and I put the kids to bed. Evie was tired but not staying in her bed.

Carl's parents left early the next morning and I took Henry to the ENT. Dr. Mullins told me that Henry's ears were really bad and that he needed tubes on Monday. I am nervous about the surgery but know that he will feel so much better.

We have spent most of the weekly cuddling Evie and Henry in our pj's and that's a gift - time with our family!

Christmas was different than we had anticipated but we were thankful to celebrate the holiday together.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Glorious Mess!

"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day." Andy Rooney

We've got the mess and it's glorious!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Magic: Presents, Rockette's and Gingerbread

We have had a lot of fun the past few days! My parents arrived on Thursday and the kids have had a ball. Nana plays a lot more than Mama. Evie and I took Nana on some girl's trips. Uncle Ben helped assemble some toys. Ipop kept us entertained with his latest YouTube videos that he has found.

Henry has been sick for a week. Carl took him to the doctor and found out he has a double ear infection, a busted ear drum and needs tubes. He is on a super expensive antibiotic so I am hopefully that he will feel better soon.

We had Christmas with my parents and brother on Friday night. Evie and Henry racked up with some super fun gifts. Evie loves her new ballerina doll, Alexis and Henry really likes all his new vehicles. New toys occupy my children much better than their old toys.

Evie has been sleeping in our room so Ben could have her room. We loved having her in the room with us and she enjoyed all the extra attention.

On Saturday, my mom and I took Evie to see the Rockette's. It was a wild goose chase to get there since it was near the mall. Evie loved taking a ride with a security guard to get to the show. After all that adventure, we were so thrilled to arrive to see the show. It was worth the adventure because it was spectacular! Can't wait to go back with Henry in a few years. We all enjoyed the show.

It was a pretty low-key weekend with Henry under the weather but we enjoyed celebrating Christmas with my family and hanging out at home.

My family left this morning and Evie was devastated. So, we watched a movie while Carl took Henry on a jog. We enjoyed some family time before naps. Evie and I went to a gingerbread decorating party at her friend Andrew's house. We rode with Courtney and Christian and Evie told me that was her favorite party. She has a thing for riding in different cars these days!

It was a rainy, gloomy night so we all settled in by the the fire watching some movies together. Now, it's time for me to get busy with wrapping, cleaning and last minute details. Can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Carl and I are so pleased with our Christmas card. Sweet Birdie's Nest always does a tremendous job and never disappoints.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It feels silly blogging about this in the midst of such a horrible tragedy! My thoughts and prayers are still with Sandy Hook. As a teacher and more importantly a mother, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see the story continue to unfold.

There are lots of things that I am loving lately and Christmas shopping always includes a few happies for myself.

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation: I am in love with the new Bare Minerals makeup - it provides much more coverage and comes in a compact which cuts down considerably on the mess. Be sure to purchase the angled brush because it makes all the difference. I use fairly light and order mine from Nordstrom - free shipping and returns every day of the year! I have been using this for several months and find it much better than the loose foundation.

White Chocolate Gingerbread Men: Courtney mentioned how delicious these cookies are and now I am hooked. Evie and Henry devour them too. Run to Trader Joe's to pick up a box before they are all gone. There are even a few boxes for sale on eBay. Yes, they are really that delicious!

Amy Grant's I Need a Silent Night: I am a list maker and this time of year can make me a bit batty between cards, gifts, baking, cleaning and general holiday cheer. This song always perks me up when I am feeling frazzled.

Container Store Wrapping Paper: LOVE this stuff! It's beautiful, heavy weight and has grid lines on the back which make it super simple to wrap gifts with out any fuss.

One Thousand Gifts Devotional: Have you read 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp? Read it, it will truly change the way you live your daily life and help you to acknowledge all the wonderful things that are happening around us all each day. Little things like the smell of coffee in the morning to bigger things like first words coming from a baby. The devotional is a 60 day journal with room to write your own "everyday graces."

Behr Ultra Paint: It is unbelievable! We are having our armoire painted and the lady painting it recommended this paint over Annie Sloan which surprised us but it's economical and provides excellent coverage. Cindy is using "cracked pepper" on our piece and it looks amazing. She's given me the bug to start a few projects around here. Maybe Henry will continue this long nap streak he is on and I can take care of a few things around the house before my motivation fades away.

There you go, that's my list for the week! Can't wait to see what everyone is loving on this Wednesday before Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up - Tradition, Santa Search and Lighting the Wreath

Everyone was so excited when Carl arrived home on Friday afternoon. We went out for our 11th annual Japanese steak house Christmas dinner. Our kids barely ate a thing but they had fun. Evie was a bit nervous about the fire at first and Henry was beyond fascinated. He mostly ate raspberries from home. Evie enjoyed her first Shirley Temple.

Saturday: Everyone slept fairly late which is always nice. I made an early morning trip to the grocery store and then we left on an adventure to see Santa. Cheekwood was a madhouse so then we tried Green Hills mall which was a bit worse. Oh well, we will try again another day. We rewarded our efforts with lunch at Chick fil A. Henry took a super long nap and I cannot remember what we did during this time. It's not as much of a break since Evie does not nap anymore. Carl and I left after nap time for our date to celebrate Carl's birthday. We went out dinner and enjoyed some steamed oysters. I had a delicious burger and Carl had salmon. YUMMY! Carl loves James Bond movies so that was his pick. It was entertaining! I was a bit annoyed that the lady in front of me was on her iPad the entire time. Technology is truly out of hand! Caitlin, our babysitter, had broken her leg so her sister babysat for us. Evie was so worried about Caitlin and made her a card. I asked Shannon to walk Evie over to see Caitlin to appease Evie's concerns. Caitlin had a horrible break but she is okay. Evie thought Caitlin could hop over on one foot!

Sunday: Henry woke us all up at 7:30 - thank goodness since we have to leave for church at 8:15. Carl went in Evie's room and found her praying. She was thanking God for her heart, hands and family. So sweet!!! Evie immediately began talking a mile a minute about Caitlin and her leg. I think visiting Caitlin really helped Evie understand all about broken legs. Let's hope that we can avoid broken bones in our family! We made it to church with a little time to spare. Carl and I lit the advent wreath at church this morning. We practiced with Evie yesterday and she surprised us by standing completely still during the lighting. Evie went off to Children's Chapel and the teacher told me that Evie reminds her of a puppy. Not quite sure what that means? Evie chose Krispy Kreme after church and then we scooted home. I made potato soup for lunch, the perfect meal for a dreary day. Henry went down for his nap and I left to go to a Stella and Dot party. Carl was playing outside with the kids when I returned to our house. Evie went with me to receive a flu shot. Our pediatrician has either been out of the flu shots or Evie has been too sick to receive one so Walgreen's filled in for us this afternoon. We had a low-key night in preparation for our busy week ahead.

Hope y'all had a great weekend! It's almost Christmas and the excitement is contagious with our children. Carl and I have had heavy hearts all weekend thinking of the tragedy at Sandy Fork. Tragedy always lends perspective to what is truly important in life. Praying for those families during this painful time.