Monday, November 2, 2015

Thirty One Days of October

Quick synopsis of our October.

October 1: It was a rainy day so Henry and I mostly stayed home. We made pumpkin muffins for our friend Eddie and took him some little gifts to help him recover from surgery. 

October 2: Fun Run at Evie's School

October 3: Henry saw his first movie in the theatre - Transylvania Hotel 2. He LOVED the movie and ate his weight in popcorn. 

October 4: Our new Rector started today and we enjoyed a nice reception after church. Then, we visited the One Room School House and the Ravenswood Mansion. Lots of cuddles with Daddy!

October 5: Ice Cream for Henry!

October 6: Playing before gymnastics.

October 7:Henry was so excited to get new PJ's that glow in the dark.

October 8: Henry had a dentist appointment! Woo Hoo for being cavity free. We celebrated with Chick dil A at the mall. 

October 9: Field trip to Walden Farm's with Henry's preschool class.

October 10:  We enjoyed a morning of art at the Frist. Evie adores art. Pig Pickin' at the Webb's house - such a fun night with friends! One of our favorite traditions - cool nights, great friends and lots of BBQ. 

October 11: Enjoyed a gorgeous day outside playing frisbee and working with Evie on riding her bike. 

October 12: I had a much needed hair appointment -- the older I get the less time between appointments.

October 13: Story time at the library with Henry and then a picnic lunch. 

October 14: Elliot came home with us after school. 

October 15: Just a normal school day. 

October 16: Fall Break Day - played school at home. Then, went to the park and out for Mexican popsicles. Everyone enjoyed a scavenger hunt that afternoon looking for fall items.

October 17: Our annual Gentry's visit for pumpkins and fall fun. Carl and I had a date night too.

October 18: Evie spent the night with Leah. Henry enjoyed being an only child.

October 19: Evie slept late and then was ready for a visit to the Agriculture Center and the park.

October 20: Henry was tuckered out from a busy day playing outside.

October 21: First grade moms meeting.

October 22: Henry and I went to the zoo!

October 23: Enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the park after Evie finished at school.

October 24: Dinner with our favorite families at the Scangas! 12 kids plus 8 adults equals chaotic fun.

October 25: Henry went to Cooper's Fireman birthday party and loved squirting water with a real fire hose.

October 26: Lunch at Wild Iris with my best friends to celebrate my birthday. I am so thankful to have such good girlfriends in my life! Wish we had taken a picture but we were too busy stuffing our faces with creme brûlée. 

October 27: Bring Someone Special to Lunch Day means Henry goes as the special guest. We all enjoyed the Monster Book Fair after lunch. 

October 28: Family Fun Night at Evie's School with Mr. Bond the Science Guy

October 29: Breakfast with Mom at Evie's School and then Spring Street Ministry at church. Henry loves the "ladies" and we both love serving others. I loved this witch hat on Henry and he did not take it off all day. Park Playdate with the Campbells after school - they moved to Denver last year and were back in town for a visit.

October 30: Harvest Party at Evie's school bright and early so Matthew's Nanny took Henry to school. Henry's Trunk or Treat was in the afternoon which worked out perfectly that I could attend both. After school, we headed to Downtown Franklin to enjoy the gorgeous fall decorations and visit the Pumpkin Garage. I helped serve at the Historic Dinner at church while my kids went to Game Night. It was so cool seeing all the period costumes and participating in this historical event.

October 31: HALLOWEEN finally arrived! Kids were so excited to celebrate my birthday bright and early. Then, we ran a few errands and went to a Fall Festival at the YMCA. Carl was stung on his lip by a bee so we spent the afternoon in an urgent care. After three shots, Carl was able to come home to rest. It was so scary and I am so thankful that he is okay! Kids were getting wild at this point and I was hosting a Halloween party with my new neighbor for fifty people. It was a bit crazy trying to get everything accomplished but we did it. Party was super fun - 72 hotdogs later we finished up and made our way around the neighborhood with Leah and Eddie. We came home for some cake and then Evie and I went to a few more houses. Halloween is all about the kids and is so fun for them to celebrate. It was awesome to see the kids enjoying the festivities.