Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a super busy weekend! It was fun but I am glad that we will be back on schedule tomorrow. 

Friday: We went to The Porter's for a play date - so much fun! Kristin made a delicious peanut butter pie for dessert. Can't wait to make that one! After lunch, we headed to run a few errands and then to the park to enjoy the gorgeous day. I decided that it was such a beautiful day that naps were not necessary. Plus, Henry slept super late that morning! Carl grilled steaks for dinner and we called it an early night.

Saturday: Henry woke up super early! We went to Bonnie's birthday at Pump it Up. Evie adores Bonnie and was thrilled to help her celebrate. Evie felt a little left out at first because all the girls knew each other from school. We go to church with Bonnie and there were only three kids that we knew there. It was a wonderful learning experience for Evie as we encouraged her to find another girl that was playing by herself. Evie makes friends everywhere! Carl ended up with strep throat that afternoon but we already had a sitter scheduled. We decided just to grab a quick bite to eat and go to a movie - The Wolf of Wallstreet. Super entertaining movie - lewd but entertaining! 

Sunday: Everyone slept late and we enjoyed  a day at home. Carl planted some more trees and worked in the yard a bit. Evie and I went for a walk and noticed that a house had been rolled. Evie thought they had decorated for a wedding! Carl felt better and his antibiotics were in effect so we headed to our church bonfire. It was such a nice evening - hotdogs, s'mores and fellowship. Both kids loved it and we had a blast! We had a little church service around the bonfire and sang songs. Brought back memories of camp! I am looking forward to Evie going to camp already. Carl and I both loved camp and feel that camp teaches lots of important life lessons. Evie asked me if she could go to camp the other day but she only wants to go for one night and she wants a friend to go with her. Conversations with Evie are always enlightening! 

Hope you had a terrific weekend! Get your week off to a wonderful start. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope you have had a terrific week.  We sure have had a wonderful week. Monday was a bit rough since it made 6 days in a row at home with two kids. We made it through our no-spend week and I think it reset the kiddos. They are not asking for anything anymore because they learned real quick that the answer would be no. I reminded them we were concentrating on being grateful for what we have instead of seeking more. We will be revisiting this exercise whenever our children seem to become a little too entitled. 

Weather: We have been spoiled by wonderful weather all week. Storms were in our area on Thursday and Jim Cantore was in Nashville. Carl always keeps a close watch on the weather and he decided that we should bring the kids downstairs about 8. They were already passed out and slept through their adventure in our safe room. Lots of Nashvillians have bonafide safe rooms - we just use our downstairs interior bathroom.  I'll take storms anyway since we were able to play outside every day. Sunshine is good for the soul and boosted every ones mood. We all enjoyed spending lots of time outside and have spring fever already. 

Valentine's Day Party: Both kids loved celebrating a belated Valentines day. Henry went with me to Evie's school party. Our plan was for him to go into his classroom but once he saw different kids in his classroom. He quickly decided that was not going to work for him. Henry loved being part of the Giraffe valentine party. Evie was not thrilled but she told me that she did not want to hurt Henry's feelings. He fit right in and played in the Housekeeping center while I played bingo with the class. There has to be a special place in Heaven for preschool teachers. I needed a nap after an hour with those sweet giraffes. Evie and Henry were both thrilled with all their treats and goodies. Mama is thrilled that Valentine's Day is over.

Career Day: I checked my email right before bed and found out that Career Day was Thursday. Evie made is really easy for me and chose to be a Movie Star. Perfect choice for our little Diva! She was thrilled to walk into preschool with a fancy dress and hat, sunglasses, a sparkly purse and lots of jewelry. Everyone looked so cute and it is so fun to imagine the careers these kiddos might have one day.

Gymnastics: Henry started taking gymnastic classes at My Gym last month and he adores every single second of it. We have several friends in our class which makes it extra fun! I love to see Henry having a blast and burning some energy. He always takes a really good nap on Monday afternoons. Gymnastics wears him out!

Play dates: All of us have enjoyed our play dates this week. Warmer weather pulls everyone outside and it has been wonderful to catch up with our friends. Monday, our boys came over to play. That's always a treat. Henry cried when they left, "my boys, my boys - I need my boys." Tuesday, we met some friends at the park and Evie got her baby fix. Evie is infatuated with babies and will hold them all day! Wednesday, we had our 2 year old play date and then met some friends to walk/bike the green way. Thursday, Carl came home and both kids were overjoyed to see their Daddy. He received a rock star welcome for sure. We are heading to The Porter's this morning for a playdate. We are so thankful for our precious friends. 

That's a quick update on Life at The Niemeyer Nest. Hope your weekend is off to a terrific start. We are looking forward to warm weather and family time. See you Sunday. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up!

It was a low-key weekend but just what we needed after a super busy week. Too many snow days plus Carl being out of town really put a damper on our week. We all needed to regroup and spend time together as a family.

Friday: Nothing too exciting. I took the kids to story time and then to The Fresh Market to pick up some Valentine dinner steaks. Henry thought we were buying snakes and it took some discussion to get him to understand that we really did not need a snake. Both kids have been asking for stuff all the time. I decided we are going to cut them off from all treats, meals out, new stuff etc. for a week. It's going to be hard but who wants a spoiled brat - not us! I am also looking for ways to teach my kids to be grateful. Let me know if you have any ideas or resources. 

Saturday: Henry had a make-up class for gymnastics. Evie went with Carl to Home Depot. It was freezing cold but they planted a few trees in our yard. While Henry napped, Evie and I played a few games and straightened up the house a bit. We headed to Murfreesboro for a dinner date with the Onello family. It was such a fun night! Evie and Abby play well together and the younger three are doing much better. We had a delicious barbecue dinner and enjoyed catching up with our sweet friends. 

Sunday: Henry woke up way too early this morning. The good news is that we had plenty of time to get ready for early church. I am noticing more and more how tiny Henry is compared to his peers. He is so portable still and loves to be carried around. Sometimes I forget that he will be 3 in July because he is so much smaller than Evie was at this age. I love having a tiny baby! We skipped our after church breakfast - concentrating on being grateful is a big commitment. We came home and had a lesisulrey morning. Evie dressed Henry up like Merida from Brave. He was impressed since it was a blue dress and that is his color.  I made soup for lunch and then Carl took the kids outside for a bit. We were all so excited to see sunshine! After Henry was down for his nap, I ran a few errands - all those "snow" days last week got me a little behind on all of my errands. I had to get my new contacts checked and they dilated my eyes. Ugh, I despise the blurry vision that comes with dilation. Evie was really impressed with my large pupils. The rest of our day was spent preparing for the week ahead. Weekends sure go by quickly. It's always nice to have some time to catch up and slow down before another busy week.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lately in Numbers

It's been about 10 days since I have blogged. Life is really good just super busy. Our days fly by so quickly! Here's what has been going on . . .

10 -  Numbers. Henry and Evie are both into numbers. Evie is adding numbers all the way to 10. Henry is counting to 10. We are proud of them both. Evie loves numbers and seems to have a knack for them. Henry likes to do what Evie does so he may be adding soon too. 

9 - Hours of Olympics.  Carl is obsessed with the Olympics and we have watched at least nine hours of Olympic coverage. It's amazing to see the incredible talent and I always love to see the parents reactions. Parents are proud of their kids for lots of things but working hard for years to get the Olympics is quite the accomplishment. 

8 - Readings of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Henry has a new Jake book and we have read it at least once a day since he picked it out last Monday. I already have it memorized. 

7- Rise and Shine. Henry has been sleeping until about 7 most days! YAY for sleep. There are still days that at least one kiddo sleeps until 8 but Henry tends to be our early riser.  Waking up in the 7 o'clock hour seems much more reasonable than any earlier. 

6 - Single Mama. Carl has been gone for 6 nights over the last few weeks. It's always an adjustment to get used to him being gone. There are pros and cons - many more cons of course. We miss him so much! I do love not cooking dinner and waking up without the alarm clock in the morning. Carl calls us on Tango and the kids love seeing their sweet Daddy on the phone. Evie takes him on tours around the house and keeps him informed with everything that is going on. It's much easier to be on my own now that our children are older.  

5 - Bags of candy on our candy cottage! I decided to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and just let the kids decorate their way. It turned out pretty cute and we had a blast decorating. 

4 - Birthday parties. Glow Galaxy, Pfunky Griddle, My Gym and a special Frozen birthday party with Anna. Four parties in one week is definitely a new record for us. Whew, it was a lot but everyone had fun. Carl took Evie to the Glow Galaxy party so I only had to handle the other three. We are still loving A Simple Stitch shirts for birthday gifts. Everyone is beginning to anticipate their shirt which is fun. Evie loves to see her friends wearing the shirts!

3 - Special Visitors.  My brother, Ben and his girlfriend, Mary Devon came to visit us last week. Evie and Henry love Uncle Ben. Henry calls him "Unc En" and it is adorable. We mostly hung around the house but did go to a puppet show and out to lunch at Local Taco.  Carl's friend, Alex, was in town for work and came over one night too. We had not seen Alex in a long time. It was so much fun to have visitors. Evie especially loves visitors because there are more people to play games with her. 

2 - Sick Kiddos. We are still battling the sickies. Evie had a fever yesterday and Henry woke us up sick last night. Ugh! Spring come soon. 

1- Amazing Husband. Carl helped Evie create her Valentine box for school. It turned out really cute and Evie loves it. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband that is just as comfortable making Valentine boxes as he is kicking the soccer ball.

That sums it up! Hope your week gets off to a terrific start tomorrow. Stay warm!