Saturday, June 30, 2012


Oh, how I love this age of 3! Evie is so funny and one of my very favorite companions. She makes me laugh and smile while driving me crazy at the same time. Sometimes, it seems like I should carry a pad and a pen in my back pocket. Evie is that funny! Here are a few of our latest happenings:

After yoga when the instructor says Namaste. Evie chants back, "mommy says."

She refers to dessert as "zert." Blankets are lankets and the grocery store is the rocery store.

Birthday parties are her favorite activity and she talks incessantly about her own party that is not until January. Apparently, she is planning a princess party and all her friends are going to wear their princcess dresses.

Evie was playing with Henry when he crawled off. She yelled, "Come back brother, we are having a play date."

All meals are lunch and within minutes of finishing a meal, she requests a drink and a snack.

Henry was talking to her in the backseat. Evie asked me what he said and I responded that he said that he loves her so much. Evie commented, "that's not what I heard."

Evie was putting her "jamas" on the other night and found a shirt that said rainbow. I asked her to put it on and she told me that was NOT her name so she had to pick another shirt. My sweet Southern girl knows her name from having it monogrammed on everything since birth.

Jessa Rose, Evie's friend, was sad at camp the other day at drop-off. Evie put her arm around her and said, "Don't worry, Jessa Rose, your Mama will come right back to get you." Ahh, the sweetness!

Evie is a bit of a rule follower just like her Mama. She loves to say "that's not nice" in her best preschool teacher voice. Yesterday, we were in the car and she said, "Mama, be sweet, that's the rule. God likes the rules and He wants you to be sweet too because that's a rule."

She told Henry that he needed to hurry up and walk all the time so she could hold his hand so Mama could get rid of that stroller. That stroller will be with us for a long time!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Week in Review

Happy Friday, y'all! It's been a crazy week at The Niemeyer Nest. Henry is growing his molars and there has been lots of crying and Evie had camp which kept us super busy getting out of the house every morning.

Monday: I had a doctor appointment at 7:30 and it felt like a vacation driving out of the garage without children, diaper bags or snacks. I listened to my music without hearing my name and was disappointed when the doctor called be back so quickly. Evie and Henry were just fine with Carl and Daddy was ready for me to get home. He seemed a little frazzled trying to work a little and keep things under control at home. That made me feel better since I seem to be in a perpetual frazzled state. We decided to stay home and I cleaned out a few closets. Organization makes me feel so much more on top of things. Perhaps, I should spend more time implementing the ideas that I find on Pinterest and less time pinning . Can't remember anything else about this day.

Tuesday: Evie had camp and Henry went to the doctor! No ear infection, just a fussy baby. It's been a full week of crying and he is still not a happy camper. We ran a few errands, picked Evie up from camp and then rested at home. Evie wanted to go see her boys so we made the trek across the street. Henry walked for Courtney! We came home, made tacos for dinner and took a walk with Carl. It was a gorgeous night so Carl and I sat outside in the hammock after dinner to enjoy the cool temperatures.

Wednesday: I dropped Evie off at camp and headed to my last board meeting for the MOMS Club. Then, I met a friend for lunch with her baby. It was fun to just have Henry with me. So much quieter, since Henry is always happiest while eating. He chowed down on some black beans and raspberries. We picked up Evie and then had a little rest time. Courtney came over to babysit while Carl and I went to Wild Wing for dinner. It's always nice to have a fun date.

Thursday: Evie woke me up at 8:15 and I raced around to get us all ready for the day. Henry woke up late too and I fed him quickly before the sitter arrived. Then, I dropped Evie off at camp and ran a few errands for my little birthday boy! Evie has requested a present, wrapped with a bow just like Christmas in honor of being the big sister so I found her something too. Birthdays are crazy! Henry was FUSSY after his nap and Evie was CRANKY so I was thrilled to throw them in bed before going out for sushi with Courtney and Sara. It was so fun and cheap! We are planning to do this more often. Peter's Sushi and Thai is known for celebrity sightings, the walls are completly lined with autographed photographs of all the stars that frequent the restaurant. Too bad, that we were not fortunate to spot any famous people. Maybe next time!

Friday: We went to Publix for a tour with the MOMS Club. It was very educational and everyone enjoyed it. Publix did a fantastic job and loaded the kids up with lots of samples and a goodie bag. We walked to Michaels and Party City to pick up a few things. One of the stockers, commented that Henry was the cutest little girl. That made Evie very upset. She looked at me with worried eyes, "Oh no, Mama, she thought Henry was a girl. Him a boy!" Then, we decided to make a quick potty break so we had to navigate through the jungle of craft supplies. Evie was not impressed, "Mama, we are going to get lost in this place. It's ridiculous!" I love that girl and must say that she's right - they have too much stuff in there. Henry caught a quick snooze on the way home. We hung out a bit at home and then the kids went down for a nap. I am pleased to announce that both children have been asleep for over 2 hours. Major progress at our house! Perhaps, we could repeat this again tomorow and the next day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Only two more wake-ups until the weekend begins. Here's a peek at a few things that I am loving this week:

1) Fresh Market Spices: There's nothing better than a Fresh Market grocery store! It's not the cheapest place to shop but it's fun for occasional grocery runs. Next time, you are in there, check out the spice section. They have nearly 100 different spices all bagged in tiny plastic bags for around $2 each which is just the right price when you need an ounce or less of a particular spice. Our favorite is the Cajun spice and the rosemary.

2) Mexican Coke: I still love my coke! Imagine my surprise when I found Mexican coke in our local Kroger. That's a fabulous treat at only about $1 per glass bottle. Now, that is a good coke, glass bottle and pure sugar rather than High Fructose Corn Syrup. You can find them in the same section as the taco kits and salsas. Much easier than heading to Mexico!

3) Sarah & Abraham: Everything this company makes is just precious and the turn around time is amazing! My latest favorite products are these precious gift tags that are perfect when both Evie and Henry are invited to a birthday party so we  can mark our present in a cute way. Now, I just have to remember to keep these labels where I can find them when it's time to go to a party. We were running late to a party a few weeks ago so I just stuck a post-it note on the present. Functional, yes. Cute, not so much! One of my favorite gifts to give children for their birthdays are these placemats. They are priced well and you can order a few with the same shipping fees so I ordered for a few upcoming parties to eliminate last minute runs to the store for birthday presents. 

4) Krylon Short Cuts Spray Paint:  I am still trying to finish Henry's nursery and Evie's big girl room so I am in project-mode. Carl was impressed with my spray painting abilities this time around but it's not me - it's the paint! Krylon Short Cuts spray paint from Michael's is easy to use and covers really well plus it comes in a variety of colors. Cans are relatively small which is perfect for a house project. I have more than enough half-used cans of spray paint in my garage. It took the entire can of Short Cuts to spray three coats on a lamp. Don't forget to use your coupons. Download the Michael's App or Hobby Lobby and you can use competiotor coupons at any of your craft stores. Handing over your phone for the clerk to scan is so much easier than keeping up with little scraps of paper known as "coop pons" by Evie.

5) Fritz Sauvignon Blanc: I blogged about this wine on Sunday and it's literally the best wine that I have ever tasted. Very crisp and delicious - perfect for summer. Try it, I promise that you will not be disappointed. It's more of a splurge in my house but it's better to buy it by the bottle than by the glass.

6) Emerald Breakfast Blend: Sometimes, I get so busy feeding Evie and Henry that I forget to eat breakfast until we are walking out the door. These little packs are full of nuts which keep me full and have more protein than my usual cereal. They are sweet but perfect for mornings when I am on the go and need something quick. These are with the granola bars. YUMMY!

That's it folks. Can't wait to read about what you are loving.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Schedule

Summertime has always been my favorite part of the year especially while teaching school. Now that I have two kids, my summertime is a lot different but still fun. Evie's school was out in May and it seemed like summer would be here forever. Can't believe it but my calendar is showing July will begin in just a few days. I have a feeling that your calendar probably says the same thing. I read this article about summer right as school was getting out and found it to have some good tips for keeping things fresh. One of my favorite inspirational blogs, Lots of Scotts, provided me with some food for thought this morning. She has a way of making me think about things differently which is always appreciated. I have enjoyed the freedom of five days to fill without the structure of school two days a week.

Evie is social and loves to keep busy. I decided to sign her up for two weeks of "camp" at her school and a few odd days of activities throughout the summer. Part of this was to help me maintain some sanity because too many days at home is a recipe for disaster in our house. Henry still naps twice a day and his morning nap tends to be around two hours. I did not want Evie to sit around twiddling her thumbs while Henry napped so camp seemed like a good option. Surprisingly, the days that we stay home have been some of my favorite because they are not rushed. Everyone naps at their specified time and I am able to accomplish more around the house which helps me feel more in balance.

It's been nice having a more carefree schedule and this is saying a lot coming from someone as scheduled as myself. Lunches can be made at the spur of the moment not packed hours before we eat. Diaper bags can be thrown together as we walk out the house instead of meticiously packed according to the camp packing list. We are able to try new things and find our own adventure.

I'm still trying to figure this motherhood thing out but have decided that a loose schedule fits us best for the summer months. Late bedtimes so we can chase fireflies, afternoons playing with our boys, concerts at our neighborhood park and spontaneous trips for ice-cream all make summer a special time of year. Summertime's calling me!

Summer's filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart. - Anonymous.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up!

We had a wild weekend filled with a flurry of activity! It was fun activity but just a tad too busy for me.

Friday: Carl picked up pizza on the way home from work. Funny story, we both called in a pizza not even the same pizza. Carl mentioned this to me on the phone and of course I was thinking about the loads of leftovers this would create. Jet's was happy to cancel one of our pizza orders. Problem solved! Too bad, everything is not that easy to fix. Henry went to bed early because he did not nap well at all and Evie stayed up late because she naps a little too well. We worked on "projects" as she calls them. I am working really hard at taming the television. It's too easy to turn it on when I need a few minutes to feed Henry, make a phone call or even do a quick chore. I've really got to work on this! Everything in moderation but Evie is requesting shows even in our van. I am not a fan of using the television in the van except when Henry really needs to sleep. A quiet Evie makes for a sleeping Henry.  I bought her some new project supplies to make this transition easier for us all. She's just as happy using her fishing rod to fish for letters, creating "treasures" with our old junk and playing with my old teaching materials.

Saturday: Henry was up for the day at 5:30 AM and you better believe it that if he watched TV this would have been a perfect time for some television viewing! AHHH, that's way too early for a Saturday. I did get a few things accomplished around the house so that was a plus to my early wake-up call. Henry will sit in his high chair playing with Cheerios and drinking out of his sippy cup for the better part of an hour which is just what he did as I acclimated to my early morning wake up call. Carl and Evie woke up around 7:30 and Henry went down for his nap. Evie went running with Carl and I caught up on my ironing. That's something, I need to do better wih; ironing is my least favorite household chore. Carl took Evie to see Brave and she had a wonderful time going on a date with her Daddy. Carl loved all the snuggles and sharing popcorn with his sweet girl. Henry and I ran a few errands around town. My little guy is a perfectly content shopping companion! We were lucky to find two matching shams for Evie's new big girl bed which was a pleasant surprise then we had a few birthday presents to pick up. Carl called to tell me that Evie was ready to come home because she missed her Mama! I enjoyed a little break from my sweet girl but it's so special to spend my days with Evie even on the hard days. Nap time was easy for both kids and parents. I took Evie to Andrew's Lion King birthday party while Carl stayed home with Henry. It was hot but so fun. Evie had fun jumping in the jumpy house, exploring their garage and playing with all of her favorite boys. We arrived before Campbell and Christian which caused some slight distress with my girl because she was worried they were lost. Stephanie, Andrew's Mama, sent me this pictures today. I need to remember to get some good shots at Henry's party. Evie and I enjoyed ourselves and it is so easy to take just one kid to a birthday party. Then, we had to leave early because Carl and I had a birthday party to attend ourselves. Evie was crying in the van telling me that she forgot to tell my friend, Sarah, goodbye and that she did not tell Mrs. Stephanie, thanks for having her. Evie was quite concerned about these slip-ups but was fine within a few minutes. She's such a sensitive little person and a total people-pleaser just like her Mama! I raced home to put Henry to bed while Carl and Evie chatted with the babysitter. We borrowed her from Courtney and were pleasantly surprised to learn that she is a student at UNC-Chapel Hill. That's not something you hear about too much in Middle Tennessee. Everyone seems to attend Vanderbilt and University of Tennessee in this neck of the woods. Carl and I flew out the door to Red Pony to celebrate Christina's birthday. It was a really fun night filled with delicious food and drink. Shrimp and Grits are always hard for me to pass up so I just decided on them right away rather than over-thinking my dinner selection. I also enjoyed a delicious grilled peach salad and a glass of the most divine wine. The wine was so amazing that I am prepared to track down my own bottle to have on hand. We stayed out way too late considering we have two small children. Time has a way of getting away from us when we are out on the town since we do not get out much these days. Our smoke detector went off in the night which is never fun. Why do those things always need new batteries in the middle of the night? Henry woke up too and before you know it morning has arrived.

Sunday: Carl was kind enough to let me sleep in while he took Henry. We think he may have an ear infection but are waiting to Monday to decide if he needs to go in to see the pediatrician. He's just not himself. Evie  and I slept until almost 9 and then Henry went down for his nap. He was not a happy camper at all. Evie and I worked on some projects, went to the ball located in our living room and ate a late breakfast all while wearing a princess dress complete with her sparkly wand. Costumes like that help her concentrate more on her alphabet and number recognition. Henry woke up after a super short nap and we headed to the pool. Not the best place for a baby with an ear infection but the pediatrician has assured me that water does not impact ear infections. We came home for a quick lunch before nap time. I was so productive during nap time this afternoon and Henry surprised us all with a nap that was over 2 hours long.This thrilled me!  Way to go, Henry! He woke up cranky and nothing was making him happy so we decided to run to Lowe's.We usually go to Home Depot so it was a nice change of scenery to check out a new store. Henry and Evie enjoyed the trip too. We came home and packed a picnic of barbecue for the concert. I'll be honest and say that it's a lot of work to pack a picnic, get everyone ready, load up chairs and coolers but it's worth every minute once we get there especially since it's about a 3 minute trip. Evie is in her element and told me that she was dancing like a princess. She kept us entertained with her dance moves. We commented on her lack of inhibition that she has and how it's unfortunate that we cannot all just lose our inhibitions so easily. Think how much more we could all accomplish if we did not concern ourselves with other people thought. Henry had a few moves of his own, clapping his hands and wiggling his body. The WannaBeatles were the band for the evening and they were really entertaining. Sometimes the hardest things are the best with the reward of sweet memories and sleepy children. I hope that it will always remain fresh in my memory holding Evie on my lap while she stared in awe at the juggling act whispering to me about her dreams. Even if her latest dream is to become a juggler when she grows up! We came home, showered everyone and tucked  the kids in bed. It will not be long before we put ourselves to bed. Weekends are filled with a flurry of activity that can be exhausting but sometimes that just what we need. Hope your week gets off to a fabulous start tomorrow.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Week in Review!

It's been another busy week but really they are all busy weeks with two kiddos. Carl has left the house before 7 every day this week and three days before 6. Summer is his busy season. All three of us appreciate his hard work and heart of gold. He's literally always the kindest most gentle person even when he is exhausted from working long days. That's one of the many things that I love about my husband and felt like I hit the jack-pot when I met Carl. Back to our week . . .

Monday: We stayed home most of the day and tried to get some things done around the house. I'd put a few shirts away and then Henry would pull a few pairs of socks out. He is into everything! I know this stage will pass quickly but my house is a total disaster. We headed out to Fresh Market to pick up a few things. Evie was a doll in there. I'm always nervous going places with her that do not have carts for both kids. Henry took the place of honor and she walked alongside of me. I love to hear her chatter throughout the store about the things we "need" and other random thoughts that enter her mind. Carl got home early and I went to workout which did me a world of good! Then, I ran a few errands after Henry was tucked in for the night.

Tuesday: Our favorite neighbors came over for lunch. We just had chicken salad and fruit but it sure was fun to have them here. Evie LOVES her boys and keeps tabs on them through her window! She tells me when they are napping or when they might be outside - "Look, Mama, their garage door is open. I think they are outside. You go play with Courtney and I go play with my boys. Okay." It's so special to see her growing such strong friendships because that's an important part of life. It's my prayer that she surrounds herself with friends that will nurture her while challenging her to be a better person. That's what friends do along with a healthy dose of gossip but she does not know about that yet! Carl mowed the grass and then Evie stayed up late to eat with us since she is on a real sleeping kick. She has been sleeping late in the morning, napping 3.5 hours and then going to be around 8. It's actually pretty nice although we do like our evenings free. Mama is off-duty beginning at 7:00.

Wednesday: We stayed home again and got lots of stuff done.While Henry was napping, Evie tried my latest Pinterest project that did not work out quite like I intended. Way too much work for a short playtime followed by lots of clean-up! After Henry woke up, I cleaned out both Henry and Evie's closets and dressers. It makes me teary to see how quickly they are growing and changing. We ran to Walgreen's, Sonic and the bank after nap. Nothing too exciting!

Thursday: Evie went to camp at Mrs. Lynn's house. She calls it "Camp Lynn" which is her way of differentiating between the various camps. Henry and I headed to Murfreesbroro. I just knew that he would sleep all the way there since it was his nap time. Nope, he cried the entire way there. AHHH! He was just fine while shopping at Old Time Pottery with me. I had never been to Old Time Pottery but have a good friend who is constantly raving about it. They had TONS of stuff so I need to go back sans children. It's a great place for storage containers, bed linens and kitchen stuff. Fabulous prices and a large selection of different products. Henry and I met Maura and her twins for a coffee at Barnes and Noble. Our kids had fun playing trains while we caught up on life. Henry slept all the way back to get Evie. My sweet girl was so excited to tell me all about the "slippy slide" and has already asked to go back to camp. Nap time was a success for Evie but Henry just took a short nap after catching some shut-eye in the car. Evie finally woke up around 5 and then Henry went to bed at 6. It was almost like having one child again yesterday since they were on opposite sleep schedules. I love having the chance to have a little one on one time with each of them. Evie loves to be with me and will do anything from wiping down the door to making a treat. Henry went to bed early and then I went for a much overdue haircut. I could in with my regular girl so we had to do that annoying chit-chat to get to know each other. She annoyed me with her comment about my being a SAHM and how nice it would be. Don't get me wrong, I love staying home with my kids and feel VERY fortunate to have this opportunity but it's NOT anything like I imagined before becoming a mother and is much harder than teaching a classroom of 22 first-graders. Teaching was challenging in a different way but it's way more important that I get this right with my own children which makes this job so challenging yet fun too! I quickly forgot my annoyance when she charged less than half of my regular stylist who is booked for weeks so I went with this girl. I ran a few errands while I was already out and my sweet children were tucked snug in their beds. I will spare you the details but save your receipt if you buy anything from Michael's. They have recently changed their return policy and it's more stringent than Target. I bought a frame, came home and took off the packaging and there were cracks. While returning, the frames, another lady was there with the exact same problem. Trust me on this one, hang on to those receipts with your life. I came home to a clean kitchen which cheered me right up and brought my bloodpressure back down to a normal reading.

Friday: We went to Pump it Up with our MOMS club. Kristin came too with her children. They will be in our zip code soon which is how our National MOMS club works. It's going to be so much fun to see them more. Henry LOVED bouncing around and is napping really well after his morning of adventure. We might begin to frequent that place a lot more often! It was so fun to catch up with everyone and by the time we came home it was lunchtime and then nap time. We are looking forward to the weekend. Happy Friday, y'all!

Thursday, June 21, 2012