Friday, June 22, 2012

Week in Review!

It's been another busy week but really they are all busy weeks with two kiddos. Carl has left the house before 7 every day this week and three days before 6. Summer is his busy season. All three of us appreciate his hard work and heart of gold. He's literally always the kindest most gentle person even when he is exhausted from working long days. That's one of the many things that I love about my husband and felt like I hit the jack-pot when I met Carl. Back to our week . . .

Monday: We stayed home most of the day and tried to get some things done around the house. I'd put a few shirts away and then Henry would pull a few pairs of socks out. He is into everything! I know this stage will pass quickly but my house is a total disaster. We headed out to Fresh Market to pick up a few things. Evie was a doll in there. I'm always nervous going places with her that do not have carts for both kids. Henry took the place of honor and she walked alongside of me. I love to hear her chatter throughout the store about the things we "need" and other random thoughts that enter her mind. Carl got home early and I went to workout which did me a world of good! Then, I ran a few errands after Henry was tucked in for the night.

Tuesday: Our favorite neighbors came over for lunch. We just had chicken salad and fruit but it sure was fun to have them here. Evie LOVES her boys and keeps tabs on them through her window! She tells me when they are napping or when they might be outside - "Look, Mama, their garage door is open. I think they are outside. You go play with Courtney and I go play with my boys. Okay." It's so special to see her growing such strong friendships because that's an important part of life. It's my prayer that she surrounds herself with friends that will nurture her while challenging her to be a better person. That's what friends do along with a healthy dose of gossip but she does not know about that yet! Carl mowed the grass and then Evie stayed up late to eat with us since she is on a real sleeping kick. She has been sleeping late in the morning, napping 3.5 hours and then going to be around 8. It's actually pretty nice although we do like our evenings free. Mama is off-duty beginning at 7:00.

Wednesday: We stayed home again and got lots of stuff done.While Henry was napping, Evie tried my latest Pinterest project that did not work out quite like I intended. Way too much work for a short playtime followed by lots of clean-up! After Henry woke up, I cleaned out both Henry and Evie's closets and dressers. It makes me teary to see how quickly they are growing and changing. We ran to Walgreen's, Sonic and the bank after nap. Nothing too exciting!

Thursday: Evie went to camp at Mrs. Lynn's house. She calls it "Camp Lynn" which is her way of differentiating between the various camps. Henry and I headed to Murfreesbroro. I just knew that he would sleep all the way there since it was his nap time. Nope, he cried the entire way there. AHHH! He was just fine while shopping at Old Time Pottery with me. I had never been to Old Time Pottery but have a good friend who is constantly raving about it. They had TONS of stuff so I need to go back sans children. It's a great place for storage containers, bed linens and kitchen stuff. Fabulous prices and a large selection of different products. Henry and I met Maura and her twins for a coffee at Barnes and Noble. Our kids had fun playing trains while we caught up on life. Henry slept all the way back to get Evie. My sweet girl was so excited to tell me all about the "slippy slide" and has already asked to go back to camp. Nap time was a success for Evie but Henry just took a short nap after catching some shut-eye in the car. Evie finally woke up around 5 and then Henry went to bed at 6. It was almost like having one child again yesterday since they were on opposite sleep schedules. I love having the chance to have a little one on one time with each of them. Evie loves to be with me and will do anything from wiping down the door to making a treat. Henry went to bed early and then I went for a much overdue haircut. I could in with my regular girl so we had to do that annoying chit-chat to get to know each other. She annoyed me with her comment about my being a SAHM and how nice it would be. Don't get me wrong, I love staying home with my kids and feel VERY fortunate to have this opportunity but it's NOT anything like I imagined before becoming a mother and is much harder than teaching a classroom of 22 first-graders. Teaching was challenging in a different way but it's way more important that I get this right with my own children which makes this job so challenging yet fun too! I quickly forgot my annoyance when she charged less than half of my regular stylist who is booked for weeks so I went with this girl. I ran a few errands while I was already out and my sweet children were tucked snug in their beds. I will spare you the details but save your receipt if you buy anything from Michael's. They have recently changed their return policy and it's more stringent than Target. I bought a frame, came home and took off the packaging and there were cracks. While returning, the frames, another lady was there with the exact same problem. Trust me on this one, hang on to those receipts with your life. I came home to a clean kitchen which cheered me right up and brought my bloodpressure back down to a normal reading.

Friday: We went to Pump it Up with our MOMS club. Kristin came too with her children. They will be in our zip code soon which is how our National MOMS club works. It's going to be so much fun to see them more. Henry LOVED bouncing around and is napping really well after his morning of adventure. We might begin to frequent that place a lot more often! It was so fun to catch up with everyone and by the time we came home it was lunchtime and then nap time. We are looking forward to the weekend. Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. I've been SO behind on blogs lately and I'm trying to limit my computer time as you know, so it was fun to catch up a little when I had a minute tonight. I can't believe how big Henry and Graves are both getting.

    I have to know- what was the Pinterest shaving cream thing? Was she hunting for stuff in it?

    I'm jealous of Evie's naps ;) And I totally get you about the SAHM thing. Honestly, I didn't really feel that way w/ AP; she was so easy. But now with two, it's exhausting most days!


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