Saturday, June 30, 2012


Oh, how I love this age of 3! Evie is so funny and one of my very favorite companions. She makes me laugh and smile while driving me crazy at the same time. Sometimes, it seems like I should carry a pad and a pen in my back pocket. Evie is that funny! Here are a few of our latest happenings:

After yoga when the instructor says Namaste. Evie chants back, "mommy says."

She refers to dessert as "zert." Blankets are lankets and the grocery store is the rocery store.

Birthday parties are her favorite activity and she talks incessantly about her own party that is not until January. Apparently, she is planning a princess party and all her friends are going to wear their princcess dresses.

Evie was playing with Henry when he crawled off. She yelled, "Come back brother, we are having a play date."

All meals are lunch and within minutes of finishing a meal, she requests a drink and a snack.

Henry was talking to her in the backseat. Evie asked me what he said and I responded that he said that he loves her so much. Evie commented, "that's not what I heard."

Evie was putting her "jamas" on the other night and found a shirt that said rainbow. I asked her to put it on and she told me that was NOT her name so she had to pick another shirt. My sweet Southern girl knows her name from having it monogrammed on everything since birth.

Jessa Rose, Evie's friend, was sad at camp the other day at drop-off. Evie put her arm around her and said, "Don't worry, Jessa Rose, your Mama will come right back to get you." Ahh, the sweetness!

Evie is a bit of a rule follower just like her Mama. She loves to say "that's not nice" in her best preschool teacher voice. Yesterday, we were in the car and she said, "Mama, be sweet, that's the rule. God likes the rules and He wants you to be sweet too because that's a rule."

She told Henry that he needed to hurry up and walk all the time so she could hold his hand so Mama could get rid of that stroller. That stroller will be with us for a long time!


  1. I love this age, too! It's so much fun to hear the hilarious things they say. Ann Peyton has a cup from Target- one of those with two layers of plastic that has things "floating" in it- and she told us tonight "These decorations in my cup are SO cute". Ha!

  2. my daughter is the same way. she calls every meal breakfast. and literally, as soon as she leaves the table, she's asking for a snack. you should have eaten the food you had at the table!! kids are definitely entertaining!

  3. How fun! Oh how thankful you'll be that you recorded all of these in about 20 years. She's a doll!


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