Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Only two more wake-ups until the weekend begins. Here's a peek at a few things that I am loving this week:

1) Fresh Market Spices: There's nothing better than a Fresh Market grocery store! It's not the cheapest place to shop but it's fun for occasional grocery runs. Next time, you are in there, check out the spice section. They have nearly 100 different spices all bagged in tiny plastic bags for around $2 each which is just the right price when you need an ounce or less of a particular spice. Our favorite is the Cajun spice and the rosemary.

2) Mexican Coke: I still love my coke! Imagine my surprise when I found Mexican coke in our local Kroger. That's a fabulous treat at only about $1 per glass bottle. Now, that is a good coke, glass bottle and pure sugar rather than High Fructose Corn Syrup. You can find them in the same section as the taco kits and salsas. Much easier than heading to Mexico!

3) Sarah & Abraham: Everything this company makes is just precious and the turn around time is amazing! My latest favorite products are these precious gift tags that are perfect when both Evie and Henry are invited to a birthday party so we  can mark our present in a cute way. Now, I just have to remember to keep these labels where I can find them when it's time to go to a party. We were running late to a party a few weeks ago so I just stuck a post-it note on the present. Functional, yes. Cute, not so much! One of my favorite gifts to give children for their birthdays are these placemats. They are priced well and you can order a few with the same shipping fees so I ordered for a few upcoming parties to eliminate last minute runs to the store for birthday presents. 

4) Krylon Short Cuts Spray Paint:  I am still trying to finish Henry's nursery and Evie's big girl room so I am in project-mode. Carl was impressed with my spray painting abilities this time around but it's not me - it's the paint! Krylon Short Cuts spray paint from Michael's is easy to use and covers really well plus it comes in a variety of colors. Cans are relatively small which is perfect for a house project. I have more than enough half-used cans of spray paint in my garage. It took the entire can of Short Cuts to spray three coats on a lamp. Don't forget to use your coupons. Download the Michael's App or Hobby Lobby and you can use competiotor coupons at any of your craft stores. Handing over your phone for the clerk to scan is so much easier than keeping up with little scraps of paper known as "coop pons" by Evie.

5) Fritz Sauvignon Blanc: I blogged about this wine on Sunday and it's literally the best wine that I have ever tasted. Very crisp and delicious - perfect for summer. Try it, I promise that you will not be disappointed. It's more of a splurge in my house but it's better to buy it by the bottle than by the glass.

6) Emerald Breakfast Blend: Sometimes, I get so busy feeding Evie and Henry that I forget to eat breakfast until we are walking out the door. These little packs are full of nuts which keep me full and have more protein than my usual cereal. They are sweet but perfect for mornings when I am on the go and need something quick. These are with the granola bars. YUMMY!

That's it folks. Can't wait to read about what you are loving.


  1. Hey friend. I'm with you on those Fresh Market spices, they are the bomb!

  2. I'll be checking out our local Fresh Markets and Whole Foods for the spices and our neighborhood Kroger for the cokes! And I love the stick-on gift tags and placemats! Too cute and need to add to my wish list and go-to website for gift ideas!


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