Friday, June 29, 2012

Week in Review

Happy Friday, y'all! It's been a crazy week at The Niemeyer Nest. Henry is growing his molars and there has been lots of crying and Evie had camp which kept us super busy getting out of the house every morning.

Monday: I had a doctor appointment at 7:30 and it felt like a vacation driving out of the garage without children, diaper bags or snacks. I listened to my music without hearing my name and was disappointed when the doctor called be back so quickly. Evie and Henry were just fine with Carl and Daddy was ready for me to get home. He seemed a little frazzled trying to work a little and keep things under control at home. That made me feel better since I seem to be in a perpetual frazzled state. We decided to stay home and I cleaned out a few closets. Organization makes me feel so much more on top of things. Perhaps, I should spend more time implementing the ideas that I find on Pinterest and less time pinning . Can't remember anything else about this day.

Tuesday: Evie had camp and Henry went to the doctor! No ear infection, just a fussy baby. It's been a full week of crying and he is still not a happy camper. We ran a few errands, picked Evie up from camp and then rested at home. Evie wanted to go see her boys so we made the trek across the street. Henry walked for Courtney! We came home, made tacos for dinner and took a walk with Carl. It was a gorgeous night so Carl and I sat outside in the hammock after dinner to enjoy the cool temperatures.

Wednesday: I dropped Evie off at camp and headed to my last board meeting for the MOMS Club. Then, I met a friend for lunch with her baby. It was fun to just have Henry with me. So much quieter, since Henry is always happiest while eating. He chowed down on some black beans and raspberries. We picked up Evie and then had a little rest time. Courtney came over to babysit while Carl and I went to Wild Wing for dinner. It's always nice to have a fun date.

Thursday: Evie woke me up at 8:15 and I raced around to get us all ready for the day. Henry woke up late too and I fed him quickly before the sitter arrived. Then, I dropped Evie off at camp and ran a few errands for my little birthday boy! Evie has requested a present, wrapped with a bow just like Christmas in honor of being the big sister so I found her something too. Birthdays are crazy! Henry was FUSSY after his nap and Evie was CRANKY so I was thrilled to throw them in bed before going out for sushi with Courtney and Sara. It was so fun and cheap! We are planning to do this more often. Peter's Sushi and Thai is known for celebrity sightings, the walls are completly lined with autographed photographs of all the stars that frequent the restaurant. Too bad, that we were not fortunate to spot any famous people. Maybe next time!

Friday: We went to Publix for a tour with the MOMS Club. It was very educational and everyone enjoyed it. Publix did a fantastic job and loaded the kids up with lots of samples and a goodie bag. We walked to Michaels and Party City to pick up a few things. One of the stockers, commented that Henry was the cutest little girl. That made Evie very upset. She looked at me with worried eyes, "Oh no, Mama, she thought Henry was a girl. Him a boy!" Then, we decided to make a quick potty break so we had to navigate through the jungle of craft supplies. Evie was not impressed, "Mama, we are going to get lost in this place. It's ridiculous!" I love that girl and must say that she's right - they have too much stuff in there. Henry caught a quick snooze on the way home. We hung out a bit at home and then the kids went down for a nap. I am pleased to announce that both children have been asleep for over 2 hours. Major progress at our house! Perhaps, we could repeat this again tomorow and the next day.


  1. Your weeks make me tired! I don't know how you do it. I have been feeling a bit frazzled myself this week and appreciated the post on Kelly's Korner this week about life being crazy as a mama. This week I would have sworn that Avery was teething as well, but I'm sure that's not the case at almost 3. I hope those molars pop through quickly. It is hard to believe that Henry will be one soon! I can't wait to read all about his party.

  2. Another crazy week! Sushi sure was fun:)

  3. Love these pictures of Evie and Henry!! Evie looks like the sweetest big sister!

  4. Love these pictures of Evie and Henry! Evie looks like the sweetest big sister!


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