Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's been a spook-tacular Halloween! We enjoyed a relaxing day at home to prepare for the evening festivities. Our neighbors, The C's, came over and we had dinner in the driveway tailgate style. We even used the back of Carl's truck for our buffet. Carl picked up pizza for the kids and Christian picked up Pei Wei for the adults. It was so much fun hanging out with our favorite neighbors. Halloween happens to be my birthday which makes it extra fun. Evie kept telling me that it was her "dirthday too" and she wanted to share birthdays with me.  Courtney and Christian made it such a special night for me with dinner, a "cake" as Evie called it and lots of fun. After dinner, we took a few pictures and loaded the kids up in the wagons for Trick or Treating. Evie and her boys loved it all. Henry enjoyed trick or treating in his own little way from the comfort of the Ergo. It was a chilly night and he doubled as my space heater tonight. Carl and Christian took over kid duty so Courtney and I just walked and talked. Our kids loved seeing the costumes and gathering treats. Evie told me that she did not want her friends to leave when it time for everyone to go inside. Hope you had a Halloween full of treats!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a fun weekend! I am always sad when October is over because it is such a fun month with lots of family friendly activities.

On Friday, Carl got home and took Evie outside to play which thrilled her little heart. It was a little chilly but she was fine in her jacket. Henry and I stayed inside to prepare dinner while Evie grilled "chickens" with her Daddy. Evie decided that she wanted to have dinner in her tent so we compromised for dessert.

Saturday was the Pumpkin Festival in Franklin. Carl loves this festival! It was crazy busy and it took us over twenty minutes just to find a parking space. Evie enjoyed trick or treating and playing in the kid zone. She had a blast and certainly wore herself out. Carl and I love the food. . .  that is the best part! I had fried shrimp which were actually very tasty. Carl had a barbecue sandwich. Evie enjoyed grazing and had some Kettle Corn. We came home for naps which were greatly needed! After naps, we quickly dressed the kids for family pictures with Valerie. Family pictures are always an experience! Evie was not thrilled at all to have her picture made. She did everything in her power to sabotage the photo shoot. Valerie, would get both Evie and Henry in the perfect position and then Evie would drop Henry or sprinkle grass clippings on his head. It was frustrating and we were so happy when that was done. Evie's treat for participating was to jump in the big pile of leaves that Carl had raked during nap time. Let's hope we got a few good shots! Carl left to go to a hockey game with our friend Tim. Evie and I had a picnic for dinner and then everyone went to bed early.

Sunday comes way too fast! Our kids slept until about 8 so we missed early church again. Carl kept the kids under control while I slept in until 9. Then, we decided to try late church approximately 20 minutes before we needed to be out the door. Surprisingly, we made it but it was pretty stressful! Not the best way to get ready for church. Evie and Henry both went in the nursery which made it much more relaxing for us. I went to get them for communion and got excellent reports. Evie kept telling Carl in her loudest voice how much fun she had in church school and that some other daddy changed her diaper. HA! We stopped for bagels on the way home and then put everyone down for a nap. Evie was so excited to carve our pumpkin. She thought it was so much fun for about twenty minutes and then decided that she needed to go watch her show. We had another picnic in the den so we could watch 60 Minutes and then lit the Jack o' Lantern before sending everyone off to bed.

We had  a fun weekend and are looking forward to a spooktacular Halloween tomorrow!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What a Treat!

It was a gloomy, rainy morning and would have made for a perfect PJ day! Instead, I got my kids loaded up and headed out to Trick or Treat at The Heritage, a beautiful retirement community. I was not sure what to expect since our little ladybug was not so impressed with this last year. There must be something about being a princess that helped her out this morning or maybe it was just another year of life. However, Evie has learned the joys of candy so she was able to put her apprehension of older people on the back burner to gather some sweet treats!

Courtney and I headed out together so we could tag-team getting our kids inside with the least amount of rain hitting their costumes. That helped a lot! We gathered in the lobby and waited for the residents to prepare! One lady applied lipstick all over her face and I do mean all.over.her.face as her nod to Halloween. Evie looked at her a little funny but other than that - she was too busy collecting treats to worry about too much! Until, the swinging door hit her right smack dab in the head. OUCH! I know that hurt. She cried for a few minutes and quickly started collecting more treats. Henry enjoyed himself as long as he was held. He wanted in on the action too!

I'll be honest and just say that things like this do not come easily to me! It was totally out of my comfort zone to take two kids in the pouring rain inside a quiet retirement home but like all hard things - it was worth it. Our kids brightened the spirits of the residents. They all enjoyed seeing our little ones dressed up as Nemo, Percy, Mr. Potato Head, Mickey and Minnie and of course my little princess. It was great practice for our kids for Monday. Evie will know just what to do on Halloween! Now, that our adventure is over, I sure am glad we went. It always feels good to know that you made some one's day. Just for fun . . . here are some pictures of most of our group this morning.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Where Henry Go?"

My little pumpkin enjoying her pumpkin cookie after school.

Henry and Evie playing boat. Doesn't Henry look thrilled?
Evie asks me "Where Henry go" approximately 50 times per day! She has to know where he is at all times. I picked her up from school today and Henry was at home with his sitter. Evie was not happy about that and told me that Henry "don't like sitters" and that "he like mommy to babysit him." Well, then Evie, I will be sure to keep that in mind! Evie was thrilled to see brother when she got home and stated playing boat with him. Boat is when everyone piles into Henry's play gym so they do not get wet from the water. Our carpet is apparently a deep, deep river so we have to use a boat. Evie has really become much more imaginative in the last few weeks and more independent during playtime. She plays quite elaborate games such as mommy, grocery store and school. All the babies get checked for rashes and then they get cream. Grocery store always involves a baby in the cart and a bag bigger than her hanging from her shoulder. School is my favorite game because it involves crayons and markers which occupies her for a good long time. Evie has already formulated a long list for Santa that includes an easel which will be perfect for school especially since her students often learn best outside. She drags everything out in the backyard and sets up school under our big oak tree. It's really fun to see her blossoming into a real little girl! There's not a trace of baby left in my sweet girl. That's okay, there is lots more fun in store as she grows up!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Evie's Pink Room!

Here's a sneek peak into Evie's pink room! Although, it will be changing soon because she is getting a big girl bed in January when she turns 3. We are not ready for that milestone quite yet because our Evie is such a good sleeper. Maybe, she will surprise us and keep sleeping so well even in a big girl bed.

This is the view from the doorway of Evie's room. She loves to play dolls in the corner while I take care of her brother in his room next door. Evie reads books in her rocker and we rock her for a few minutes each night. I will miss that when she is in a big girl bed. Maybe she will let us snuggle her in the bed.  I made the garland using the leftover fabric from her bedding and glider. It has worked well but we will  move her canvas over the bed and get a mirror for above her dresser.

This is the opposite corner of her room and another one of her favorite spots for reading books. I used to try to keep the books on her shelf organized but decided that I have more productive things to do with my time.

My mom made this sampler for Evie when she was born and it's a special part of her room.

Here is another picture of that messy bookshelf along with a shot of Evie's print from Sarah & Abraham! I love that print and will especially cherish it when Evie is older. Our girl loves to swing so it's perfect for Evie.

Evie's dresser along with all of her special keepsakes. I love that canvas and wish that the same person could have done Henry's!

Two of my favorite things in Evie's room - the beautiful frame and cup. My college friend, Susan, has a mom, Barbara, that makes amazing cakes. She made a cake for my shower and it did not work out so this was her last-minute gift which has become a treasured keepsake for me! My brother, Ben, gave Evie this engraved cup which Evie uses to serve tea to her dolls.

We always read Evie two books before bed and then rock her while singing her a few songs. It is such a sweet time with Evie except when she does not approve of our song selection. Evie likes us to create our own songs about her day which can sometimes be hard to remember by the end of a long day with a toddler. I have a storyboard of pictures from Evie's first year that I need to get framed to hang on this wall. Maybe one day!

So, it only took me six months to finish this post! I know that it will be so nice looking back at this in a few years when Evie choses her own decor. Let's hope she always loves pink and green just like her Mommy.