Friday, October 28, 2011

What a Treat!

It was a gloomy, rainy morning and would have made for a perfect PJ day! Instead, I got my kids loaded up and headed out to Trick or Treat at The Heritage, a beautiful retirement community. I was not sure what to expect since our little ladybug was not so impressed with this last year. There must be something about being a princess that helped her out this morning or maybe it was just another year of life. However, Evie has learned the joys of candy so she was able to put her apprehension of older people on the back burner to gather some sweet treats!

Courtney and I headed out together so we could tag-team getting our kids inside with the least amount of rain hitting their costumes. That helped a lot! We gathered in the lobby and waited for the residents to prepare! One lady applied lipstick all over her face and I do mean all.over.her.face as her nod to Halloween. Evie looked at her a little funny but other than that - she was too busy collecting treats to worry about too much! Until, the swinging door hit her right smack dab in the head. OUCH! I know that hurt. She cried for a few minutes and quickly started collecting more treats. Henry enjoyed himself as long as he was held. He wanted in on the action too!

I'll be honest and just say that things like this do not come easily to me! It was totally out of my comfort zone to take two kids in the pouring rain inside a quiet retirement home but like all hard things - it was worth it. Our kids brightened the spirits of the residents. They all enjoyed seeing our little ones dressed up as Nemo, Percy, Mr. Potato Head, Mickey and Minnie and of course my little princess. It was great practice for our kids for Monday. Evie will know just what to do on Halloween! Now, that our adventure is over, I sure am glad we went. It always feels good to know that you made some one's day. Just for fun . . . here are some pictures of most of our group this morning.


  1. i can't believe how much evie has changed since last year!!!
    she looks precious. i think libbi would do just about anything for candy. when someone asks her what she's going to be for halloween, she says "where's my candy?!?!" ha!
    btw, love that evie plays "boat" with henry. libbi likes to play "Train" with laney. those silly big sisters :)

  2. What special moments captured! I love this time of year! (I have a little princess too this Halloween). :) And I would love to know which study you referenced in your comment earlier on my blog about being a godly wife & mother??? I love hearing about ones other people have done! Have a wonderful weekend with your family & friends!

  3. Evie's costume is so precious on her and I love Henry's cute onesie!

    On the pumpkin just mix the box of cake mix with the pumpkin! Fast and easy! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. It was so much fun! So glad we got to make it :)


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