Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Apron time!

Pink ice-cream sure is delicious!

Evie loves to share with Daddy! She always wants us to eat dessert with her. Henry was even offered a bite of her mini-twix bar tonight. He said, "no, thank you" or at least that is Evie's version.

Pulling brother across the room by his legs. Daddy thought this was pretty cute. Mommy is not so sure!

He couldn't be anymore relaxed if he tried! Thank goodness, he is our second baby or we would have been toast adjusting to having another child.

Hanging out with Daddy. Look at that belly!

Evie loves to read to Henry but he prefers checking out the ceiling fan.
Reading Evie's new Highlights magazine!

Daddy reading Evie and Henry an airplane book!

We have done nothing of any interest this weekend but have been busy with Potty Training Boot Camp for Evie. It has been hard but still easier than I had imagined. First day is the toughest but it gets better each day! Carl and I are literally exhausted from following her around. Her accidents happen while we are in getting her a snack or taking care of Henry. She has been extra tired from working so hard at learning something new. Evie asked me twice to go take a rest in her crib. "Peeping on the potty" is hard work! Although, pink M&M's really help make it easier for us all! We love that Evie calls it "peeping." Our little girl is growing up and we are so proud of her!

Evie had an unfortunate incident with her eye. It scared me to death because she was crying so I went to her immediately. Her eye was rolled back and then it was off to the side. We found out that she had jammed her finger in her eye. A few minutes with a cold pack and a cuddle from Daddy worked magic on Evie. Dinner was a little overcooked in the process but that's just the way things happen with small children.

Evie and Carl made pink ice-cream for dessert. Points to Carl for mixing up the sprinkles in her bowl to create gorgeous pink ice-cream. Evie was thrilled!

Carl worked in the yard while we all napped. Then, I was able to get some things done since both kids slept for the same three hours! I would love for them to do that everyday but it only happens every few days. Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Way to go with the "peeping!" It is definitely an adventure. Is she completely out of diapers? I think it's time for us aside from sleeping. M&Ms are helping us too though Avery keeps requesting purple ones.

  2. way to go evie! and peeping is too funny :)
    so glad her eye is okay - it's always scary when they get hurt!
    and seriously, how AWESOME would it be if both kids took a nap at the same time every day. i usually get one waking up when the other is just going down. :) evie looks so grown up in these pictures!

  3. Love the "peeping" and glad to hear it went so well this weekend!


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