Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Another weekend that went too fast! On Friday, Carl came home for lunch which was a nice treat. His computer needed help and the technician came to our house to fix it. Carl decided to stay for lunch! Everyone napped at the same time again which makes me so happy.

Carl got home and grilled chicken for dinner. We enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Saturday was our trip to the pumpkin patch.

Carl and I had a date night. We love our new sitter, Ally! She is a nanny during the week and babysits a little on the weekends to make extra money. Ally  is so sweet! Carl and I decided if we were going to have to pay our sitters so much that we might as well make them work for it. We used to leave around 7 but we had the sitter come early so she could do the dinner/bedtime routine. Carl and I went to Peter's Sushi and Thai for dinner, hoping to spot Nicole Kidman since she is known to frequent this spot. No such luck which was not too surprising for a Saturday night. Everyone raves about this restaurant plus Thai food is mostly dairy-free so we decided to try it out. I'll be honest the atmosphere is not fabulous but the food is amazing! It was so good that I would have gone back again tonight even after eating my leftovers for lunch today. We will definitely start getting take-out from there. We did a few other things around town before heading to see a movie. Carl chose the Ides of March and it was really good! We both enjoyed it and that can be hard to select a movie that we both like. Our date was so much fun and we need to go out again real soon. It was so nice to finish our conversations and focus on each other.

Both of our kids were awake when we got home so Ally definitely earned her money! Henry was having tummy troubles and Evie had wet her bed. Ally did not know that Evie was awake. We did a quick sheet change and sent Evie back to bed. I fed Henry and he was off to sleep too. Then, Evie woke up in the night asking to go potty! She was so insistent on this from her crib that she woke up Henry. That has never happened before in the night and I am hoping that it does not happen again. All of this middle of the night monkey business made for a late wake-up call at 8:30! We need to set our alarm if we are ever going to make it to early church again. Our kids are just too unpredictable these days.

Evie and I made blueberry muffins for breakfast. Then, Carl took Evie to Pe-Po, that's Home Depot, she loves to go there and decided to take her doll with her this morning.and It was time to plant new flowers so they picked out some pansies. Evie was upset because there were not any pink pansies but decided that purple would be okay.  I love watching Evie plant flowers. She is so serious about sprinking the fertlizer and putting the flower in the pot just so.

Evie and Henry napped while I ran a few errands. Then, we took Evie to the costume store, she has been telling everyone that she was going to be "pink" for Halloween so it was not a surprise when she chose a princess costume. It was a relief to get out of that store - all that Halloween stuff creeps me out but Evie thought it was all quite entertaining. We came home for a little playtime in the backyard and then had our usual popcorn supper.

It took forever to get sweet Henry to sleep tonight but he is finally asleep. Let's hope he stays that way for a long time. Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. great pictures as always and helllloooo....henry is evie's twin in the first pic - wow! :)


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