Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another day gone by . . .

It was a crazy one! Henry went through five outfits and I had to change twice. Dairy strikes again! Evie went through several outfits herself so our laundry is pretty out of control right now. Her teacher told me that Evie would say, " No, thank you Jen" every time she asked her to potty! Evie is a little character.

We came home and watched a movie before going outside. Our backyard has a small section fenced in and it is perfect for Evie. She is contained but is still able to be outside. I can see her from the kitchen or den so it works out great when I need to clean up the kitchen or feed Henry. She took all her baby dolls outside this afternoon, lined them up on the step and told them what's what. Then, she dragged Henry's Mose's Basket out there so they could take a nap while she put Little Baby on the swing. She certainly keeps me entertained!

Carl came home to chaos yet again but that seems to be our new normal! Henry just had a blowout. Evie wanted to help and kept telling me to "scoop over" so she could do it. Then, Henry kicked her because he loves to kick and she decided that he did not like her. Oh dear, what will tomorrow bring! At least, I am laughing- thanks to my therapy session with Courtney this afternoon.


  1. Laundry is keeping me busy as well which is why I just got to respond to your e-mail. Henry looks so grown in these pictures and I love his litle outfit. I hope it was one that lasted a bit.

  2. Ha! Sounds like my life! I'm so sorry I missed the brunch. I had a conference call that went WAAAY over what it was supposed to :(


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