Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a fun weekend! I am always sad when October is over because it is such a fun month with lots of family friendly activities.

On Friday, Carl got home and took Evie outside to play which thrilled her little heart. It was a little chilly but she was fine in her jacket. Henry and I stayed inside to prepare dinner while Evie grilled "chickens" with her Daddy. Evie decided that she wanted to have dinner in her tent so we compromised for dessert.

Saturday was the Pumpkin Festival in Franklin. Carl loves this festival! It was crazy busy and it took us over twenty minutes just to find a parking space. Evie enjoyed trick or treating and playing in the kid zone. She had a blast and certainly wore herself out. Carl and I love the food. . .  that is the best part! I had fried shrimp which were actually very tasty. Carl had a barbecue sandwich. Evie enjoyed grazing and had some Kettle Corn. We came home for naps which were greatly needed! After naps, we quickly dressed the kids for family pictures with Valerie. Family pictures are always an experience! Evie was not thrilled at all to have her picture made. She did everything in her power to sabotage the photo shoot. Valerie, would get both Evie and Henry in the perfect position and then Evie would drop Henry or sprinkle grass clippings on his head. It was frustrating and we were so happy when that was done. Evie's treat for participating was to jump in the big pile of leaves that Carl had raked during nap time. Let's hope we got a few good shots! Carl left to go to a hockey game with our friend Tim. Evie and I had a picnic for dinner and then everyone went to bed early.

Sunday comes way too fast! Our kids slept until about 8 so we missed early church again. Carl kept the kids under control while I slept in until 9. Then, we decided to try late church approximately 20 minutes before we needed to be out the door. Surprisingly, we made it but it was pretty stressful! Not the best way to get ready for church. Evie and Henry both went in the nursery which made it much more relaxing for us. I went to get them for communion and got excellent reports. Evie kept telling Carl in her loudest voice how much fun she had in church school and that some other daddy changed her diaper. HA! We stopped for bagels on the way home and then put everyone down for a nap. Evie was so excited to carve our pumpkin. She thought it was so much fun for about twenty minutes and then decided that she needed to go watch her show. We had another picnic in the den so we could watch 60 Minutes and then lit the Jack o' Lantern before sending everyone off to bed.

We had  a fun weekend and are looking forward to a spooktacular Halloween tomorrow!


  1. Oh, I totally agree about photo shoots being stressful! I don't know how we're going to do them now that we have two mobile children! I don't think I'm going to be brave enough to attempt professional pics for our Christmas cards. Haha! Hope you got some good ones!

  2. Great pictures! I hope your family shots turn out!

  3. What a fun fall weekend!! And I love that Evie has her doll in the Bumbo at the table! :-) She's such a good little mother!


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