Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Evie sits up!

Evie sat up for 8 minutes straight - yes, I timed her! I am so proud of my little goose. She is getting so big and strong.

We went to Gymboree today. I am ready to move to Level 2 but will most likely do that in Nashville. Carl is working on finding us a place to live there. We have several prospects so I am sure something will work out soon.

Evie was not interested in napping so much but she had some rest time under the fan in our room in her bouncy seat. She takes a 2 hours nap each morning so maybe she's not tired but by 6:00 she's ready for bed. This makes evening outings rather difficult. It's a good thing she is so cute. On the bottle front, she took about 2 oz. from a bottle/cup. I tried with a cup first and when she lost interest I changed to a bottle. Evie loved her cereal tonight because I mixed a ripe banana into it. Finally, I have a use for all the bananas sitting around my house. Carl and I only like them slightly green. Our little monkey likes them ripe.

Monday, June 29, 2009

If you are expecting a baby - go out and buy this Bright Starts Play Place. My friends, Allison, Courtney and Gay bought this for me and it is Evie's favorite place to play. She has used it since about week 2 and will spend 30 minutes there or more. It's great for when I need to fold clothes, clean bathrooms or check e-mail.

Evie and I went to playgroup today. It was so much fun. I love how all of our babies are just about 6 months old. It's great to bounce ideas off each other. I always learn something new and it's nice to get out of the house without spending any money. It was right in the neighborhood but since it was so hot we drove. Afterwards, we ran some errands. I found out that drive through dry cleaners are not worth it! I picked up two of Carl's shirt and the total was $13.72. I was shocked and asked the lady why. She said they had to be dry cleaned versus being laundered. I will go back to my old favorite place where they know Evie's name. It takes three times as long by the time that I cart Evie in and talk to the owners but it's super cheap - $1.59 a shirt. My time is worth that since I HATE ironing.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Day

Not much to blog about today. We just enjoyed being together. Evie is doing such a great job with her sitting. Can't believe how much she is changing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keys, Great Grandmothers and a Birthday Party

Evie slept all night for the first time since April. It was fabulous! She took a great nap this morning. I am so excited she really seems to be getting back on a good schedule. Carl went to play golf with Thomas. We lived here two years and Carl has not played even though the course is at the end of our street. We used to love walking the course on cold days but he never played. I think he enjoyed playing and I am so glad he had the chance before we moved.

Evie and I went to Home Depot to get some keys made. I realized that I did not have my phone so I came back to get it. We had a showing so I had to wait and then we were late getting to Gastonia. It all worked out! Everything - even the little things are so much harder with a baby. It's a production just to run in a store - there is no real quick anymore but that's okay.
We went to get Nana and then went to see my grandmother. Evie enjoyed seeing her great-grandmother. My grandmother's friend, Allie Pearl was there. They have know each other for a LONG time like more than 80 years. Allie Pearl lives two houses down from my grandmother.

Evie was so tired that she was asleep before we left my parent's neighborhood. She slept all the way home but wakes up as soon as the car pulls in the garage.

We went to celebrate with Thomas. It was so much fun! They had delicious burgers with meat from a cow that they bought. Seriously, they bought a cow and have tons of beef in their freezer. It is so good. I think we need to buy a cow. Shouldn't be too hard to find in Nashville. We met some cool people from Nashville. They are expecting a baby girl in October. We look forward to getting to know Brian and Rebecca better once we get there. Evie and Paisley had fun but of course I did not have my camera out while they were being cute. Evie was super tired. She fell asleep before we got home and we live about 1 minute from them. Bedtime was a little tricky but not too bad considering she went to sleep one hour after her normal bedtime. Carl and I are enjoying a relaxing night on the couch. We are hoping to get some quality time in with Ev's tomorrow before Carl has to go back to Nashville.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Daddy's Home

Evie woke up even earlier today at 5:45. I really hope it does get any earlier. Each day she is kicking more and more. She spent an hour kicking her crib before she fell asleep. A video monitor would be great so I would know what she is doing in there.
We went to Birkdale to walk around a little. It was very hot but great to get out of the house. We were in Barnes and Noble checking out the magazines. I heard a little boy yelling, "Baby, Baby" before I knew it he was right in Evie's face. He took her precious little cheeks and squeezed them kinda like a grandmother would do. Evie stared blankly at him, she did not know what to do with this kid. I found out his name was Gage and he apparently LOVES babies. Gage's parents were engaged in conversation and did not notice their son's interaction with Evie. I rolled her stroller away from this kid and then he came over and stuck her pacifier in her mouth. The mom did not seem concerned at all that her child was invading my sweet little critter's personal space. Evie's reaction was funny because she did not seem to care at all.
Evie is getting better every day with sitting up. She still loves to sit up in front of the mirror and likes to giggle at her reflection. Carl and I will do anything to hear her infectious giggle. So glad that Carl is home. We are having so much fun with our baby. No picture today but I will take one tomorrow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feet Treat Thursday

Evie woke up at 6:00 AM this morning! I should have enjoyed those early days more when she went back to sleep after her morning feeding. We played and woke Nana up then Evie went down for her nap. I went to get a pedicure! It was wonderful and very much needed. Thanks Mom for staying with Evie.

Nana took us to lunch at JD Rockers. Evie LOVES it in there since it's so loud. She was very quiet and played with her hands and feet. Then, I noticed that she had another blowout! AHHH - sweet potatoes do not seem to work well with Evie. Mom and I changed her in the back of my car and put her in a diaper in the carseat. She went through 4 outfits today. The washing machine will be busy tonight!

Evie showed us how she is learning to sit up and then she took a nap. We went to look at her and she woke up a few minutes later. Guess she's getting too big for us to go check on her except at night. So, since she was awake we made a quick trip to the Harris Teeter and ran into our priest. She is on sabbatical and looks fabulous! Evie and I told her that we were moving to Nashville in a few weeks.

Evie and I came home and played some. She has learned to hit her bug on her playgym to get it to sing to her. What a smart girl!

Then Evie and I went to the pool. She had so much fun! There was an innertube there for babies and she fit right in it. We had a great time! It was not very crowded and the water felt great. Evie loves the sound of the water in the splashpark and was so calm. It took her awhile to get to sleep tonight because she was overtired. Busy day for a little one. Can't wait to see Carl tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evie's Nana comes to Visit

Evie was up all night not crying but not sleeping either. She was laughing, playing and kicking the crib. It sounded like she was having a grand time. Allison said at least she was not sad. Finally at 6:30, I went to get her and she was so happy to see me. Doesn't she look cute in her ballerina pj's. Evie was so sleepy from being up all night that she took a 3.5 hour nap. I did not know what to do with myself. We had a showing in the middle of her nap. Luckily, the potential buyers were parents so they understood the importance of naptime.After her nap, we went to Target. I got some new sippy cups for Evie to try out. She is continuing to do better but still not a ton of milk is getting in her little mouth. Evie does best with her glass. She's a funny girl.
Nana came to see us today. Evie was very excited to see her when she woke up from her nap. She showed her how she is working so HARD to sit up. Maybe one day soon. We went to Just Fresh for dinner and Evie was on her very best behavior. She sat beside me in the booth for a little bit and enjoyed licking her french fry. Evie fell asleep on the way home and then she played a little before bed. Let's hope she does more sleeping and less playing tonight.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Happens!

Evie took a 2.5 hour nap again! YAY! She was so happy when she woke up that she decided to drink out of her glass again. We went to Gymboree. See the picture of Parker, her 30 pound friend. He will be 4 months on July 9. He's so BIG but very cute. His mom told us today that she does not know how to cook at all. She even blew up her microwave. Pretty funny!

Evie was so tired when I put her down for her nap. I could hear her chatting to herself after twenty minutes I came up to check on her. When, I first saw her I was so proud of her for rolling to her belly. Until I saw that, she had pooped from one end of the crib to another. It was on her clothes, her sheet, her Raffi, her blanket and the mattress pad! What a mess! I got her all cleaned up and put her back in the crib. She keeps me on my toes. Carl asked if I took a picture. Not sure anyone would want to see that. The funny part is that I remember hearing stories like this about other people's babies and thinking that would never happen to me! HA - it happens to the best of them. We've learned never say never with Evie.

Alicia, our sweet neighbor, came over to visit with us. It was so nice to have adult conversation. Evie really likes Alicia! She showed Alicia how she drinks out of a glass for about 2 sips and then she tried a few bites of food. We will keep trying! My friend, Krystal, told me about another type of sippy cup to try so I will head to Target in the morning!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wonderffuls in Franklin

Funny spelling but looks like a fun place to go! A fellow blogger sent me the link to this chocolate shop. Sounds wonderful! I will have to check it out. It's important to support local business especially when it is chocolate. Check out their site: http://wonderffuls.com

Just another Manic Monday

Evie took a great nap for 2.5 hours this morning and only woke up once last night. YAY! She had a HUGE blowout today at Lauren's house. Thank goodness, Lauren's a Mommy too. Candice, this was 10 times as bad as the one at Northlake. Solid food makes for some crazy diapers! Evie did not seem to mind.
We had a showing today! No news yet so we will see what happens. The best news of the day is that Evie drank 4 oz. from a glass - the type you drink juice from at your Grandmother's house. Some got on her but more got in her. Progress! Maybe she doesn't like plastic. Evie went down super easy tonight since she only had two catnaps this afternoon. Sleepy baby!
Caveat: I write this blog more for me than for my readers so I can remember my life with Evie. Especially since I remember so little from her early days except lots of crying, lots of feeding and lots of being up in the night; but I would not trade it for the world.

Franklin, TN

What can you tell me about Franklin, TN? Good neighborhoods, schools, areas to stay away from, places to eat, churches etc. Thanks for your help!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mr. Curt's Steak and Ice-Cream Cake

Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day! We got to spend it with my Dad and celebrated Carl's first Father's Day. Last year, we were in Mexico on Father's Day. Not sure we'd want to be there this year. Here's a picture of Carl, Evie and my Dad. One of the dogs is trying to get in the picture.

We had a delicious lunch at Nana and Ipops! Thanks Nana. Evie was a very tired baby. Now, she is all grins and giggles after her nap. Nothing too exciting here except lots of good food. Listed below is the recipe for the ice-cream cake that I made for dessert. Tonight, we are having a special steak that my BFF's Dad makes. All the kids in the neighborhood ask for Mr. Curt's Steak. Curt made it for us when Evie was born and it is delicious.

Ice-Cream Cake:

6 ice-cream sandwiches
1 cup of whipping cream
2 T. of confectioners sugar
1/4 cup of chopped chocolate - whatever you have on hand

Line a loaf pan with waxed paper. Mix cream and sugar using electric mixer. Cut 3 of the sandwiches to fit in the pan. Spread 1/2 the cream on top. Cut the others and spread the rest of the cream. Sprinkle with chocolate and place in freezer. Unwrap and place on a plate to cut. It's easy and delicious.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hope all the dads have a wonderful day especially the dads in our life: Carl, Ipop and Poppy

Thanks for always taking care of us and loving us no matter what!

"Father's carry pictures, where their money used to be."

Lindsay comes to visit

Evie was so excited for Lindsay and her parents, Andy and Jane to come visit today. They brought cupcakes! YUMMY! She spit up a few times for them too. Good times here in the Niemeyer house. Thanks for coming! It was so good to see you. We can't wait to meet Baby Horton. He will be here before you know it.

We had our first showing today. I had just put Evie down for a nap when they called so we did not leave. Evie woke up while they were here. Who knows maybe Evie will sell our house? She's pretty cute!

Evie did not want to take a nap. She did not even sleep in the car as we drove to Sonic in Mooresville. I needed a Cherry Limeade. YUMMY! Half Price Happy Hour makes it even better. We got two for 1.62 - can't beat that.

Paisley and her parents came for dinner. We made ribs with my special homemade sauce. It makes enough for several rounds of ribs. Delicious!

I went to Target after I put Evie to sleep. It was nice to have a break but I missed Evie. Of course, I got her a little treat - some pop links. She's doing better with her cup! Let's hope she keeps improving. Well, I need to go get busy with my dessert for Father's Day.

Friday, June 19, 2009


YAY! Carl is home. Evie smiled when we met him at the airport. She loves her Daddy. Then she went back to screaming and then went to sleep. Carl had to pick up his truck that we just bought in March from the shop. The turbo has gone out twice! Hope they get this fixed before the warranty runs out.

We all took a nap this afternoon! Everyone had a tough week. Evie entertained us this evening and is asleep in her crib. She's looking forward to seeing Lindsay and her parents in the morning. Carl went to get us our favorite pizza, Brooklyn South. YUMMY!
Carl told Evie that Fridays are the best day of the whole week. I would have to agree.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show us Where you Live

Lindsay found this fabulous blog for me - Kelly's Korner! I really like it. Mostly because Kelly's little girl, Harper, was born on the same day as Evie. Pretty cool so that makes three babies besides Evie born on January 16: Harper, Max and Peyton

Anyway, she has this thing where you show everyone your house to give ideas to each other. I have never done this before but decided it would a great way to increase my blog traffic! Too funny that I thinking about blog traffic. Blogging is really quite fun and I am so excited that I will have a virtual record of Evie's life. Thanks Mollie for inspiring me to do this.

So today, you are supposed to show your bonus room, playroom or laundry room! Well, I have a laundry closet - nothing too exciting to show you in there. We do have a bonus room but here in NC - it's called a FROG: Family Room Over Garage. Not sure where it's called what but in TN it's not called a FROG.

Evie and I spend the most time in our FROG. My computer is in here and it's close to Evie's room so I can check on her easily. Most of Evie's toys are in here plus it has carpet. Our entire downstairs has hardwoods which I love but it's not the best for Evie to play on. We have rugs but still carpet works best for us.
My favorite part of this room is my window treatment and my desk from Ballard. I just had the window treament made in December right before Evie entered our world and I am so glad that I did. Otherwise, it would have never happened. It will not convey!

I also really like the built in bookshelves. Now if you know me in real life, you know that I decided I wanted this house as soon as I walked in because of the wall of bookshelves. I was thrilled to come upstairs to see they have a mini set in the FROG! I do not keep these as "pretty" as the ones downstairs but they are used a lot more for storage and BOOKS!

This room is usually a LOT messier but I cleaned it since my house is for sale! I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's rooms. Happy Friday!

Scary Storms

Evie loves to play in her saucer.

She has sat up a few times but it's hard to get it before she falls.

What a big girl playing in her highchair!

It's been a day! Everything is happening so fast . . . all of a sudden after weeks of nothing happening with our move. Evie has cooperated quite nicely! She napped for two hours while I met with our excellent real estate agent. Our house is officially on the market. I was so surprised to come home to see the sign in the yard. Wow, she works fast! Carl and I feel so fortunate that his company is doing everything in their power to make relocating a simple process. I feel so much better now that we have a plan - well, the beginnings of a plan. I cannot wait for us all to live in the same house again. Evie and I really miss Carl.

Notes on Gymboree: Crazy Mama was there and she announced that she fed her baby mashed potatoes at a restaurant. She also feeds him a huge assortment of baby food including prunes. She said that prunes can really get things moving. He eats every 2 or 2.5 hours. I was thinking: Lady, no wonder your 3 1/2 month old baby weighs 30 pounds. Believe it or not - this woman is really growing on me. Maybe because all her crazy stories make my life seem more stable. HA!

Evie and I drove around after Gymboree because the photographer was taking shots of our house. Then, I had a dentist appointment. Allison was kind enough to take watch Evie for me. Thanks Allison for being such a great friend! Evie had so much fun with you and Paisley. She sure loves your ceiling fan!

We headed to Target to get our groceries and baby neccesities! There was a HUGE storm while we were shopping so I took my time so my sweet baby would not get wet two days in a row during a storm. It stopped raining as we were walking out so I thought we were okay. Then it started thundering and there was some lightening in the distance. I put Evie in the car and then started loading the bags! A huge bolt of lightening hit really close to me! It scared me so much that I jumped and screamed. Already thoughts, were running through my head - of course I am fine but it was scary!

I think we may have found a place to stay in Nashville while our house is on the market and get to know the area! We are waiting for pictures but it's close to all the things I like such as Target, Gymboree, Whole Foods, a mall and best of all KRISPY KREME!!!! The real estate agent in Nashville put me in contact with someone and she is great! I am so proud of myself because she quoted me a price and I asked if she could go lower. She agreed to go lower! Now it makes me wonder what else I could have gotten if I asked for more! I have learned it never hurts to ask for what you want. It makes me think of my favorite Widespread song - Ride Me High. It goes, "One thing that's for certain, one things that for sure. The less you want, the more you've got so don't you cry for more." That sums it up. We really feel good about how everything is working out so we aren't going to cry for more!

Evie seemed interested that Paisley was eating in the high chair so I put Evie in tonight to eat her cereal and sweet potatoes. She really liked it! Doesn't she look so cute!
Evie went right to sleep tonight! She was so sleepy after her busy day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another busy day . . .

We are always so busy! Evie took a great morning nap from 9-11. Then we met, Jack and his mom, Michele for lunch at Jason's Deli. I met Michele on Lake Norman Mommies. Her screen name is super catchy - TeacherMommy so I knew that I'd like her. She's really sweet and her little Jack is so cute. I met them last summer when Jack was younger than Evie.

Nana came to babysit Evie while I went to the doctor. Evie was pretty fussy this afternoon even in the car. Nana feels a tooth! We've been saying she's teething but have not seen any yet. We took Evie on a ride to get her to sleep - it works like a charm. We even went to MJ's Sugar Shack, while we were in the neighborhood. We had Key Lime cupcakes with lime curd and buttercream frosting! Yummy!

Nana got Evie a cute little outfit. It's a smocked one piece and it's so adorable and soft. Can't wait to see Evie in it later this summer. Evie says: Thanks for coming Nana and I love my outfit.

The biggest news of the day is that Evie flipped her whole body from one end to the other of her crib and changed directions completely. Raffi made the move with her. Can't leave him behind! She was so excited that she could not go to sleep. I had to pat her a little to get her to calm down. She's down for the count now! Picture is from last week at the Mellow Mushroom - her feet are a great source of entertainment for Evie.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Evie loves to look at herself in the mirror.
Evie drinking some ice water.

Evie and I had a great day! We had Gymboree. I was thinking to myself that it was so quiet in class then our wild mother came in with her baby. The quiet was gone but she keeps us laughing with her crazy antics. Her son is around 4 months and weighs 30 pounds! Yes, you read correctly thirty pounds. Ms. Beth, the teacher, was holding Evie so I held Parker. WOW, what a difference. He's a chunk! I forget he's so much younger than Evie because he is so big! He's already wearing 9 and 12 month clothes. He's a big guy but as cute as can be.

Ipop came to see Evie today. He brought his new springer spaniel, Gracie with him. Evie really likes Gracie and Gracie is not so sure about Evie. She gets really worried when Evie cries. My Dad said Gracie was looking at the monitor to see where Evie was when she was crying. Thanks for coming to visit us today!

Evie did not want to take a bottle again today. So I decided to give her a cup, she drank a little bit out of Carl's old Master's cup. I was so excited and thought we were making progress so I went to get her some sippy cups with a straw. Several people suggested that might work since she likes her paci. Not so much! We will keep working on it so Evie can have a babysitter at some point in her first year of life!

Monday, June 15, 2009

5 Months Old

Evie is 5 months old today! We can't believe that she is so big now.

Things Evie likes to do:
Play with her feet
Play with Mommy's feet and hands
Kick everything in her way
Roll over especially when her parents turn away
Listen to stories
Take baths and kick in the tub
Go to the pool and hear the waterfall at the splashpark
Eat cereal
Giggle and grin
She is still fascinated by ceiling fans.
Play in her exersaucer
Play outside
Go for walks
Sing songs

Evie does not like:
Loud noises such as the disposal or her Daddy sneezing
Not being held when she wants to be held
Having her diaper changed in the night - she'd rather eat and I'd rather sleep

Happy 5 month birthday, Evie!

Playgroup and Pimento Cheese

Evie and I hosted playgroup today. We had a great time with six babies and six mommies! It's hard to hold a baby and eat so we decided no more food at playgroups. It makes it easier on the host too! Evie had a lot of friends here. She loves having people her size here to visit. Dru, Paisley, Carter, Kayd, and Jenna came to playgroup. Carter, Paisley and Evie's mommies all met in our childbirth class. Everyone else we have met through Gymboree. We have decided to have playgroup each Monday. Fun times for everyone. All the mommies give such good ideas about everything from strollers, feeding questions and even carseats. It's good to get together with everyone!

Evie has been spitting up a lot today. YUCK! She has sat up a few times for about a minute or so. Maybe we are getting closer! Her new cups are on the way - I am hoping they will be the answer to our feeding issues.

Here's the recipe for the best pimento cheese ever! It took me 3 trips to the grocery store because I have lost all of my short term memory and then I doubled the cheese but nothing else. Candice's mom makes it much better than I do but it still turned out pretty good.

1/2 pound of cheddar cheese, shred by hand - Carl did this for me!
4 oz. of pimento, do not drain liquid
1/4 cup of mayo
1 T. of lemon juice
1 tsp. of Worchestire sauce
a few shakes of Tabasco
salt and pepper to taste

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Evie's Cousin Taylor

Look how cute Cousin Taylor is! Don't you love those rosy cheeks and chubby little arms. Taylor was born in February to Carl's cousin Elissa and her husband Chris. They live in Charleston. Elissa's mom, Aunt Anne, was our matchmaker seven years ago.

Evie can't wait to meet her cousin. We hope it will happen soon. Our weekends are spent catching up right now but once we are more settled then we plan to head to Charleston. We hope the girls have fun growing up together.

Evie is our little Strawberry!

We had a relaxing weekend! Did not do anything at all - it was so nice! We caught up on laundry, cleaning and all the things that did not get done all week.
Evie was only up twice last night so she's getting better. I can deal with once but twice is too much especially since she will be 5 months on Tuesday. Time really flies - everyone told me it would but it's hard to really get it until it's your baby girl.
Carl and I went through all of Evie's clothes today and decided which ones to keep for her future siblings, which ones to give to Goodwill and which one's nobody would want! I am already realizing that I can't save everything but they are all so special especially the ones from Evie's early days. It's so hard to believe she is so big!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

We are all so happy to be at home. Our house feels like a palace after a week in a hotel. Evie was up all night. She would scream her little heart out and then as soon as we'd go in to check on her - she'd flash a big gummy grin! We really need to work at getting her back on a schedule but it is so difficult when we are never home for long periods of time.

Evie was fabulous on the way back yesterday! She loves to ride in the car . . . it's a good thing since she spends so much time there. We stopped in Knoxville to see Carl's childhood home . . . well one of them. He lived in Knoxville for about a year while in the fourth grade. What would we do without a GPS? It led us right to his street. Carl said the neighborhood has changed a lot since he was last there. Here's a picture for posterity!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thundering Thursday

Evie is ready to go home! She seems to be teething . . . again and is fussy. It's a 60% chance of thunderstorms and it has been thundering some. We have only left once to go next door to Jonathan's Bar and Grille. If you are ever in Franklin and have a baby with you - DO NOT GO! I did not want to sit at a table myself and figured since it was lunch that I would just order at the bar and maybe get it to go. I am at the bar trying to decide what to do - Evie is happy because it's so loud. The waitress comes over and tells me that, "the owner goes kinda crazy with babies in the restaurant and for me to order my food to go and then go sit in the hall."

I felt very discriminated against! Our friend, Katherine, had a similar experience happen in downtown Nashville. Maybe it's some type of law here - not sure but it's not like a 4 1/2 month old is at risk for underage drinking.

Evie is finally asleep! She is out of sorts. I am sure she will feel better when she is back at home.

Happy Anniversary, Carl

Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary - it seems like just yesterday that we were married. I guess it will probably still feel like that on our 40th. Carl is the best husband that I could ever ask for. He is so patient, kind, loving and a wonderful Daddy to our sweet Evie. He balances me out and keeps me on my toes. I feel so lucky to have found him. I love you, Carl!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Evie and Abby Get to Know Each Other

Evie and Abby got a chance to really get to know each other tonight. I think Abby was impressed with Evie's hair and Evie loved Abby's toys. Abby's parents were kind enough to invite us over to dinner in their beautiful new home. It was great to see them and enjoy a fabulous home cooked dinner! Maura made this delicious Buffalo Chicken dip. I could have devoured the whole bowl. Yummy.

Abby is such a sweet little girl. She is really getting big. It's so hard to believe we "knew" her in her mommys tummy. Carl and I feel so much better about moving here knowing we already have some wonderful friends. Well, it's off to bed. Maybe Evie will sleep better since she went to sleep four hours later than normal.

Nap Time

We have had a pretty unproductive day in Nashville. It was supposed to rain so we did not want to get to far away from the hotel. I cannot imagine being in a huge downpour with sweet Evie! AHHH, but of course since I took an umbrella with me to the mall - it did not rain! Evie is sleeping! She seems extra tired probably because she was up talking all night. She was talking so much in the mall that a middle aged man asked me about her. He seemed quite impressed with her ability to communicate! I was impressed too until it happened at 2:00 AM!

We are going to the Onello's for dinner tonight! I cannot wait to see Abby again and Evie loves to be around people her size.

I hear my little baby! Gotta go!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hola Senorita

Evie was so excited to see Carl when he came back to the hotel this afternoon. We went to ride around a little to see the area and let Evie catch up on her sleep. I was so excited to find a Gymboree within walking distance of the hotel. I may take Evie there for a music class on Thursday. They do not offer her regular class at this location. There are some very nice areas of Brentwood with beautiful, affordable homes on one acre lots. We found a great neighborhood within walking distance of two parks, an elementary school, a YMCA and a library.
We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Evie slept right through our dinner! We saw one family with two kids and one was behaving very badly. I think the parents were behaving badly too. Her son was VERY loud and she kept putting her hand over his mouth. YUCK! I'd be loud if someone did that to me too! The Dad kept counting 1, 2, 3 to get his kids to calm down. Do you think it was working? No, it was making things worse. I wanted to say - "Hey buddy, counting only works if you follow through when you get to 3. You can't just keep counting!"

Evie is about as easy as she's ever going to get. At least when she cries, it's because she is a baby. We came back and Evie took a nice little swim in the tub and then went to sleep. Let's hope she sleeps better tonight.

Adventures with Evie

Evie woke up bright and early at 5:30 this morning with a smile on her face ready to start her day! After all, that was 6:30 her time. Luckily, she went back to sleep for a little bit after Carl went to work. Then we went to breakfast and for a walk. She had a long nap!

We went to the mall around noon to get some lunch and pass the time. Evie and I were stopped by a woman to take a survey. Normally, I say no thank you and keep going about my business. Since, we were just killing time and it was only supposed to take 15 minutes so we went into the survey room. Of course, as soon as I sit down, Evie decides to fill her diaper VERY loudly! I figure she is okay and keep going on the survey. Then she gets a little fussy a few minutes later so I try to pick her up until I notice she is covered in a brown liquid - front and back! I tell the survey lady that I have to go change Evie and that I will be right back. We go into the bathroom and get Evie (and the stroller) cleaned up.

Thank goodness I had an extra outfit with me. That makes two dirty outfits in less than 24 hours- normally not a problem but we have no washing machine at the hotel. After, I clean Evie up, we go back into the survey room - the lady was thrilled to see us! I am sure she thought that we would not come back. I collected my $7 and was told that I could come do a survey anytime I wanted. Evie keeps me on my toes!

Monday, June 8, 2009

We made it!

We spent the majority of the day driving to Nashville. This morning we packed up the truck and left our house about 8:15 and got here around 4:15. That includes stopping four times: once at a rest area, once for lunch, once for Carl to call on a customer and once for fuel. Not too bad. Evie cried less than 10 minutes the whole trip but it seems like longer when trapped in a car. She was happy to get to Nashville and rolled over for us with a smile on her face. We played in the hotel and then drove around for a little bit. Dinner was at Logan's. It was loud - the louder the better for Evie. She was ready to leave and is passed out again. It's hard being a baby.
Here's a picture of her eating at the hotel. She's doing great with her rice cereal - that's a relief since she does not like bottles. However, Carl and I were not expecting the change in diapers that solid food causes. We had a HUGE blowout on the way here.

Evie and I were happy to see that there is a lot to do around this hotel. There is a huge mall, a Target, Whole Food's, Barnes and Noble and best of all . . . Krispy Kreme. YUMMY. We might walk there in the morning.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swimming Sunday

Evie lounging at the pool.

Paisley and Evie taking a break from the pool.

Mommy, Daddy and Evie at the pool.

We had a pretty lazy Sunday - just what we needed. Carl and I ran some errands. It's so much easier when we both go because one person can stay with Evie.

Our pansies were wilted from the heat so we ripped them up and put out some mulch. Carl put some geraniums in our planters. They look so much better.

Evie met her friend Paisley at the pool with all the parents! It was still crowded at 5:00. We had fun and Evie really seems to like the water. It was little chilly but she did not mind. Evie prefers being on her back rather than her tummy. Note : You can still get sun even at 5:00. Evie was in the shade and had a hat on but I got some sun.

Evie looks pretty cool in her shades! Swimming wore her out because she passed out on the way home and she fell asleep super fast in her crib. I need to get busy packing. We all leave for Nashville in the morning.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Evie had a VERY cranky morning. We had a photographer at our house and she was not interested in any solo pictures. She was fine as long as we held her. Those pictures should be interesting.

Her Ipop and Uncle Ben came to see her this afternoon. Nana was at a baby shower. We walked to Birkdale and Evie got some sunglasses and a new bubble suit. Her Daddy will get her anything she wants.

Then we went to the Fresh Market to get some dinner and rented the movie Taken - our date nights are at home now. Life has changed for sure but we would not change it. Evie is our life now!

Just a little while ago, we discovered Evie's crankiness was a result of learning to roll over! That takes a lot of concentration for a little one. We are so excited she can roll over! No more resting on the bed while Mommy gets ready in the morning. She's been close all week but I guess she was waiting for her Daddy to be here to see her! She did it with an audience! YAY for Evie.

Evie let her Daddy feed her rice cereal. She opens her mouth when the spoon comes toward her. We think she likes it. Well, Evie is out of the bath. It's time for her to get ready for bed!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Evie goes to 4th Grade

Evie loved the rain this morning! It was really pouring so I put Evie on her belly on the rug in the front hall and opened the door. She spent about 20 minutes staring at the rain. Carl was excited to hear that Evie has taken such an interest in weather.

After Evie's nap, we went to see my class. It was good to see them and wonderful to see all the teachers but I still think the best decision for me is to stay home with Evie. I cannot imagine leaving her and feel very fortunate that I am able to stay home to watch Evie grow. She changes each day! My class has grown so much too. Many of them are already taller than me. Doesn't take much. I'm a shorty!
It feels like I did not even teach this year - January was not that long ago but so much has changed.
Evie loved all the little girls playing with her. Evie even let a few teachers hold her but was ready to go. All of that excitement wore her out. She was asleep before we left the parking lot.

We went to Target and the cashier was very interested in Evie. She told me that Evie was so big and that she must be 8 or 9 months. I politely told her that Evie was not quite 5 months. So she took her glasses off and looked again then she told me that her magnifiers had made Evie appear larger. Too funny! I am constantly amazed at the crazy things people say to Evie. Some people just do not have a filter!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Way to go, Uncle Ben

My brother, Evie's Uncle Ben and Godfather, got his grades back and he had a great semester! Evie is so proud of her Uncle Ben. See her big smile - she loves Ben and is VERY happy when he holds her. Can't wait to have a lawyer in the family. Keep up the good work.

Silly Girl!

Evie started her day a little cranky but became very happy! She's a silly little thing. Evie got so tired at Gymboree that she took a 2 hour nap in her carseat. That was great - I got a lot done! Then, we went to the Fresh Market to get a gift for a friend. I love that place. They had my favorite popcorn on sale. It is kettle corn mixed with cocoa corn. YUMMY. I also got a kitchen sink cookie since I have always wanted to try one but did not want to buy a whole box. They are actually better than our favorite Heath Bar Crunch.

Carl and I have always had a tradition to get pizza on Fridays. We are both tired of eating out so I am planning to cook spaghetti. I cannot wait to have a homemade meal. Evie is still enjoying her sweet potatoes. She is getting more on her than in her! That's okay we have fun.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Mini Icecreams!

I was so excited to find these little mini ice-cream treats today at Harris Teeter. They only have a few flavors but they have my favorite Mint Chocolate Chip. It's a perfect portion and stays super fresh since you eat it all at once. These must not be new because there was a wide variety of brands to choose from. Usually, I am racing through the grocery store so I just get what I need so I do not notice all the new stuff! Glad I slowed down long enough to find these little treats.

I got the Edy's and it was about $1 which is not bad considering going out for ice-cream is much more expensive. Carl prefers rocky road and I like to try new things. We both agree on vanilla so we usually stick with that but sometimes that gets a little old. This is a great idea kinda like 100 calorie packs but with ice-cream. YUMMY!

Busy Day

Evie and I went for a LONG walk and she went to sleep - nothing new. We came home and she ate her rice cereal. It tastes pretty bad unless it's made with milk. No wonder she wasn't liking it! I wouldn't either.

Evie's 3 month pictures came in the mail today. We are having more pictures done on Saturday since Carl was in Nashville during the last pictures. Malinda is coming to our house at 10:00 AM. I hope Evie will be awake.

We met some friends for lunch at Birkdale. We ate at JT Rockers. They have the best salads. I put everything in mine!

Then we headed to Babies R Us to get a new stroller. They were having a sale and we had a gift card from Carl's Aunt Anne and Uncle Rusty. We are now the proud owners of 4 different strollers. Before I was a mommy, I never would have imagined myself with so many strollers but they have different purposes. We have the snap and go which I could not have made it through the last four months without it. I like how you can easily transfer the infant carrier from car to stroller without waking the baby. We have a jogging stroller but Evie is too little still. Not much longer and Evie can jog with her Daddy. We have a travel system which is way too big and clunky for everyday use. It's not good for traveling either since it takes up half the trunk. We bought that from a friend and it came with a carseat to leave at my parents when we move. Today, we got an umbrella stroller - it's lightweight and easy to roll. It's perfect for walks and trips. I will still use the snap and go for quick errands until Evie is too big. It's so easy to use! Evie gets fussy when she cannot see out and she is outgrowing her carseat rather quickly. Remember she comes from a tall family and is in the 90th percentile for her height. I am happy with the stroller and can't wait to use it next week in Nashville. Thanks to everyone who gave me their opinions on their strollers! I know you are happy to hear that I made a decision.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evie Says No to H2O

Don't call the La Leche League on me but I gave Evie some water today. It's so hot and I thought that would be another way to try to get her to take the bottle. However, Evie was not fooled. She prefers milk made at home and not from a bottle.

It was another hot day - Evie and I went for a walk at 8:30 and it was already over 70 degrees. We walked to the new shopping center to take our dry cleaning and check out the new toy store. Evie slept all the way there and back!

We came home and tried rice cereal again. She seems to like it more each day! I have been making it thicker and it seems to stay in her mouth. Eating made Evie tired so she took a nap! We met Allison and Paisley for lunch before Gymboree. Evie is getting so big! Look at her on the "rolly thing" at Gymboree. She was asleep before we left the parking lot! Hanging out with her friends is a lot of work.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Evie's First Trip to Modern

I am so sad this outfit is getting too little!
Evie seems to know when to smile for the camera.
Exhausted Evie on the way home from playgroup.

Evie and I had a great day! She's been so sweet and good. I was thrilled with her two hour nap this morning. Then we went to playgroup at Paisley's house. It was so cute to see Paisley. I think she liked having so many babies at her house. Allison blew bubbles and the babies loved it! We had great snacks although most moms did not eat. This mom had plenty of spinach dip - yummy!

Evie was exhausted from hanging out with her friends so she came home and took a nap. Then we went to Birkdale to get my eyebrows waxed. I was nervous to take her because I was worried she'd scream. Qwanitra has been asking for months that I bring Evie in so today was the day. Evie slept through the first half and then spent the rest of the time smiling and admiring her feet. I saw a Lake Norman Mommy friend and we were chatting about how most salons will not let you bring your baby.I love Modern for my brows but would never take Evie there for a hair appointment. Luckily, I have Jenn who does it right in her house. She has a booming business since she let's us bring our screaming babies along with all of our gear into her house. She's really good at doing hair too but prefers to be in her house with her little one.

After our big adventure at Modern, we walked around and got some pictures developed. Evie fell asleep so I just kept walking. Let's hope for a full-night of sleep. No wakeups!