Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swimming Sunday

Evie lounging at the pool.

Paisley and Evie taking a break from the pool.

Mommy, Daddy and Evie at the pool.

We had a pretty lazy Sunday - just what we needed. Carl and I ran some errands. It's so much easier when we both go because one person can stay with Evie.

Our pansies were wilted from the heat so we ripped them up and put out some mulch. Carl put some geraniums in our planters. They look so much better.

Evie met her friend Paisley at the pool with all the parents! It was still crowded at 5:00. We had fun and Evie really seems to like the water. It was little chilly but she did not mind. Evie prefers being on her back rather than her tummy. Note : You can still get sun even at 5:00. Evie was in the shade and had a hat on but I got some sun.

Evie looks pretty cool in her shades! Swimming wore her out because she passed out on the way home and she fell asleep super fast in her crib. I need to get busy packing. We all leave for Nashville in the morning.

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