Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hola Senorita

Evie was so excited to see Carl when he came back to the hotel this afternoon. We went to ride around a little to see the area and let Evie catch up on her sleep. I was so excited to find a Gymboree within walking distance of the hotel. I may take Evie there for a music class on Thursday. They do not offer her regular class at this location. There are some very nice areas of Brentwood with beautiful, affordable homes on one acre lots. We found a great neighborhood within walking distance of two parks, an elementary school, a YMCA and a library.
We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Evie slept right through our dinner! We saw one family with two kids and one was behaving very badly. I think the parents were behaving badly too. Her son was VERY loud and she kept putting her hand over his mouth. YUCK! I'd be loud if someone did that to me too! The Dad kept counting 1, 2, 3 to get his kids to calm down. Do you think it was working? No, it was making things worse. I wanted to say - "Hey buddy, counting only works if you follow through when you get to 3. You can't just keep counting!"

Evie is about as easy as she's ever going to get. At least when she cries, it's because she is a baby. We came back and Evie took a nice little swim in the tub and then went to sleep. Let's hope she sleeps better tonight.

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