Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy Day

Evie and I went for a LONG walk and she went to sleep - nothing new. We came home and she ate her rice cereal. It tastes pretty bad unless it's made with milk. No wonder she wasn't liking it! I wouldn't either.

Evie's 3 month pictures came in the mail today. We are having more pictures done on Saturday since Carl was in Nashville during the last pictures. Malinda is coming to our house at 10:00 AM. I hope Evie will be awake.

We met some friends for lunch at Birkdale. We ate at JT Rockers. They have the best salads. I put everything in mine!

Then we headed to Babies R Us to get a new stroller. They were having a sale and we had a gift card from Carl's Aunt Anne and Uncle Rusty. We are now the proud owners of 4 different strollers. Before I was a mommy, I never would have imagined myself with so many strollers but they have different purposes. We have the snap and go which I could not have made it through the last four months without it. I like how you can easily transfer the infant carrier from car to stroller without waking the baby. We have a jogging stroller but Evie is too little still. Not much longer and Evie can jog with her Daddy. We have a travel system which is way too big and clunky for everyday use. It's not good for traveling either since it takes up half the trunk. We bought that from a friend and it came with a carseat to leave at my parents when we move. Today, we got an umbrella stroller - it's lightweight and easy to roll. It's perfect for walks and trips. I will still use the snap and go for quick errands until Evie is too big. It's so easy to use! Evie gets fussy when she cannot see out and she is outgrowing her carseat rather quickly. Remember she comes from a tall family and is in the 90th percentile for her height. I am happy with the stroller and can't wait to use it next week in Nashville. Thanks to everyone who gave me their opinions on their strollers! I know you are happy to hear that I made a decision.

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