Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show us Where you Live

Lindsay found this fabulous blog for me - Kelly's Korner! I really like it. Mostly because Kelly's little girl, Harper, was born on the same day as Evie. Pretty cool so that makes three babies besides Evie born on January 16: Harper, Max and Peyton

Anyway, she has this thing where you show everyone your house to give ideas to each other. I have never done this before but decided it would a great way to increase my blog traffic! Too funny that I thinking about blog traffic. Blogging is really quite fun and I am so excited that I will have a virtual record of Evie's life. Thanks Mollie for inspiring me to do this.

So today, you are supposed to show your bonus room, playroom or laundry room! Well, I have a laundry closet - nothing too exciting to show you in there. We do have a bonus room but here in NC - it's called a FROG: Family Room Over Garage. Not sure where it's called what but in TN it's not called a FROG.

Evie and I spend the most time in our FROG. My computer is in here and it's close to Evie's room so I can check on her easily. Most of Evie's toys are in here plus it has carpet. Our entire downstairs has hardwoods which I love but it's not the best for Evie to play on. We have rugs but still carpet works best for us.
My favorite part of this room is my window treatment and my desk from Ballard. I just had the window treament made in December right before Evie entered our world and I am so glad that I did. Otherwise, it would have never happened. It will not convey!

I also really like the built in bookshelves. Now if you know me in real life, you know that I decided I wanted this house as soon as I walked in because of the wall of bookshelves. I was thrilled to come upstairs to see they have a mini set in the FROG! I do not keep these as "pretty" as the ones downstairs but they are used a lot more for storage and BOOKS!

This room is usually a LOT messier but I cleaned it since my house is for sale! I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's rooms. Happy Friday!


  1. You have such a great space! It's so neat and clean, very organized! Your little girl is cute!

  2. In TN I think we just call it the bonus room, but I think we should petition to also call it the FROG because it is way too cute! If I deciphered correctly, you are moving to Nashville!? Welcome!

  3. I love you call your bonus room "FROG"......we have one too!
    Your room is very neat and nice!

    I am glad Evie was born on the same day as Harper! We can keep up with the both of them as they grow! Doesn't the time just fly...can't believe they are already 5 mos. The first year goes by so quickly because they change so much from week to week!

    Evie is darling! You are blessed!
    Harper's Nonny,

  4. Oh, I am so glad you are doing comments now! :)

    That room is so cute! I love the window treatment and the built-in bookshelves!

    Also, since I haven't commented until now - can I just tell you that Evie is adorable! She has the sweetest little face! I hope I get to meet her soon. I guess at the baby shower....?

    -- DC Prep/Brooke

  5. cute space! we dont have FROG's in tx either...LOL!

    see my home:


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