Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day to Day: A Week in Review

Blogging used to be a daily occurrence for me! I used to love reading other blogs and writing my own. Instagram has changed that because a quick pic is so much easier than writing a long post. I decided to check in with my blog and write about a typical week so I can remember this time in my life one day.

Monday:  Both kids have school so Monday mornings are a bit crazy. Carl was home this morning and took Evie out to the bus stop. Evie loves when her Daddy is home in the mornings. Bus picks up at 8:15 and then Carl left for a week in Greenville. I dropped Henry off at preschool at 9 and then headed to Target for some groceries etc. Our babysitter texted me while I was shopping to cancel babysitting for that night. Not good news because I had a conference scheduled with Evie's teacher. Luckily, a friend offered to keep my kiddos - crisis averted! I met a friend to walk the trails and did some laundry at home before picking up Henry from school. We came home for a quick snack before meeting Evie at school for Run Club. Henry played on the playground with his friend Eddie while I volunteered with the runners. We left school and I dropped off the kids at Wendy's before the conference. Evie's teacher is outstanding! I am super impressed with her organization, community building and kindness. Her teacher gave me an awesome report that Evie is right on track with everything and has amazing math skills. Not sure where she gets those math skills! I picked up the kids and we headed to Humdinger's for dinner. Evie loves their shrimp and Henry eats his weight in chicken tenders. We came home to play outside before bath time and bed. 

Tuesday: I got Evie off to school and then Henry headed with me to Publix. We met up with Kelly and Eddie at the Agricultural Center. Henry loved the horses and the museum. We enjoyed a little hike and a picnic in a beautiful, serene field that was not serene once our boys arrived. It was wonderful to meet the police officers who take care of the horses and train them to work the special events in Nashville. Henry really liked the big tractors. Then, we got in the carpool line to pick up Evie for gymnastics. After we dropped her off, Henry and I headed to Brilliant Sky to get some birthday gifts and then played on the playground at gymnastics. Gymnastics is the longest hour of the week keeping up with Henry - he would love nothing more to join the team. After gymnastics, we usually go to Chick fil A for Kid's Night but I had promised Henry that we could eat at McDonalds. He LOVES to eat there. The inside restaurant was closed so we had to go through the drive-thru so we enjoyed a little backyard picnic. It was bath time and homework time before bedtime. Evie loves to sleep with me when Carl is gone. It is nice to have a little extra time with my favorite girl.

Wednesday: We left the house bright and early to go to Evie's school for See You at the Pole. Henry is such a good sport to go along with us to all of Evie's events. We had some prayers with other families and then some playground time before the kids went inside for school. Henry and I came home to pack his lunch and he ate breakfast. He rolled out of bed to leave the house early so it was time to catch up. I dropped Henry off at preschool and then ran by the library to get Evie some new books for her reading minutes. Then, I met a friend to walk the trails again and then met another friend for lunch. Then, I made a pasta salad for the teacher luncheon at Evie's school and created a HUGE mess in the process. I picked up Henry from school and we parked at the park and walked over to get Evie from school. We dropped off the pasta salad in the teacher's lounge and then Evie brought her friend Sarah home with her for a playdate. Sarah's mom picked her up and we chatted a bit.  It was a fast afternoon! We ate dinner, practiced spelling words, read her books and it was bedtime. School gets out late here at 3:35 so our afternoon time is quite limited since my kids both go to bed at 7. I cut out center stuff for Evie's teacher after the kids went to bed. 

Thursday: Evie left for school and then Henry and I headed to our church to serve lunch to the At Risk Senior Citizens of the area. It was our first time doing this and we had no idea what to expect. Henry had a ball and I did too. We helped the ladies make prayer rings and little cards to pass out for random acts of kindness. Henry was a BIG hit with the ladies! He passed out all the material to everyone. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the church! I am a BIG fan of multi-generational activities and this ministry is right up my alley. Henry and I will do this once a month. Our friends Taylor and Baby Bennett signed up to do it with us. What a treat for us to serve others! I am already looking forward to next month. We left church around one and I had several messages and texts from my friend Kelly. She had been at school to have lunch with our girls - Leah and Evie have been friends since age one and are in the same class this year. Kelly said there was some drama at lunch between a few girls and that Evie was upset. I did not think much about it until another mom called me. YIKES! At this point, I felt badly for Evie but I stayed out of it. Then, the teacher called me and let me know that Evie had handled the situation beautifully. YAY!!! It makes me anxious about the future if this mess has already begun. Evie came home from school completely unphased about the situation at lunch. That made me feel better about staying out of the situation! We enjoyed a nice afternoon at home and then the little girl came over to apologize to Evie after dinner! What wonderful parenting! I was impressed! Evie thought it was so fun that her friend came over at night. They rode bikes and giggled about the day. I spent hours worrying about this situation and reassuring the mother of the other child that this was normal. It could very well be my kid being the unkind person another day.  I am proud of Evie for handling the situation so well but we still had a serious discussion before bed while we were working on spelling words. 

Friday: Both kids went to school and I did some stuff around the house. At 11, I went to school to have lunch with Evie and then volunteered in her classroom. It's the highlight of my week and I really enjoy getting to know her friends plus her amazing teacher. Then, I headed to Henry's school for his Trike a Thon. What a hoot watching all those little kids riding their trikes.  The rain cut the event a bit short but that gave me time for a quick oil change before picking Henry up from school. Carl got home shortly after we got home from preschool. We all waited for Evie to get off the bus and then she left for a pizza playdate at our neighbors house. Henry and Carl ran to Home Depot for grass seed and I read my book. We had a quick dinner before picking up Evie up from Callie's house. 

That's our week! Pretty typical week - I tend to go three places grocery stores, the kids schools and the YMCA. It's such a pleasure to spend my days being involved in my community and taking care of my family. I am blessed to have this life!