Friday, October 31, 2014

Festive Fall!

It's been a festive fall these last few weeks! Everyone is excited about tonight. Halloween is always a special night. I am always sad to see October come to an end. My favorite month always passes too quickly!

Pumpkin Fest: Last Saturday, was Pumpkin Fest! We missed it last year 
because Carl was out of town. He was ready to go back! It's an event for sure but it is packed to the gills. We arrived right as it opened and had a delightful time. Evie and Henry loved all the games and activities. Henry adored the train and Evie loved meeting the princesses. Carl is always a fan of the popcorn and I enjoyed running into some friends from church. We ate lunch together which made it extra fun! It was a gorgeous day filled with fun.

Gentry's Farm: We headed back to Gentry's Farm with our small group from church.  It was our fifth year in a row to enjoy Gentry's. Crazy to think we started with one kid and now we have two. It was our first year without a stroller - that's a milestone that came so quickly! After a fun afternoon of hayrides, corn mazes and tee pee play - we headed to the Sullivan's house for dinner. It was a terrific night!

Brighton Gardens: I love taking my kids trick or treating at an area assisted living facility. Evie missed it this year since she was at school but Henry was a BIG fan of it. He had no qualms at all since candy was involved!

Pumpkin Carving: Carl is the master of pumpkin carving. Evie and Henry really get into too. Henry really wanted to use the knife this ear. Evie and I toasted the pumpkin seeds and ate lots of them. YUMMY! I love the smell of the candle in the pumpkin! One of my favorite smells.

Fall Parties: I enjoyed attending both kids Halloween parties at school! Both kids love having me there and I love being there. Evie had told everyone it was my birthday and that made me feel so special. Henry held my hand during his entire lunch! He wanted me right next to him!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gentry's Field Trip

Evie had her first field trip on Tuesday to Gentry's Farm! Of course, I was excited to go as a chaperone. We had a fun time - I love time with my big girl. 

She rode the bus and I rode with a friend. Henry and Eddie stayed home with a sitter. Henry really wanted to come along for the ride but siblings are not allowed. Henry will get his turn this weekend!

Evie's class is so sweet and well-behaved! They enjoyed themselves and it was really cute to watch them select their own pumpkins from the patch. Evie wanted a "baby pumpkin" and found the perfect one. I even picked a pumpkin! 

There is nothing better than a pumpkin patch on a beautiful fall day! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun Run!

Evie's school had a Fun Run last week to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Henry's school called me to let me know that he was not himself but no no fever. Turns out he just wanted to see his sister at her Fun Run.

Evie and Henry ran the track holding hands and it was so cute! Evie introduced Henry to everyone as her baby brother. I guess technically Henry is her baby brother but he is three years old. 

I love that the school takes time out of their busy schedule to raise money for someone who really needs their wish to come true. Cannot wait for the spring when the wish is granted!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Owl Hill Nature Sanctuary

Kids are on the last day of Fall Break and after several days of fevers along with tons of rain. It was time to get out of the house! Owl Hill offered a Fall Break day and we took advantage of it. It was a hit with Henry several weeks ago so I knew Evie would enjoy it too. 

My kids need more more exposure to nature and music - two components that are harder to add to their life in an organized way. I loved that the nature guide was available today to teach everyone about tadpoles, feeding goats and pointing the way towards scenic hiking paths.

We had a ball! It was several hours of fun without any crying or whining which if you are a Mama you know that is hard to come by sometimes. 

Evie and Henry were in their element exploring the Fairy Gardens, Beetle Dung and the makeshift pumpkin patch. They may have even been enchanted by the port a potty! It really is the little things in life that get our children excited.

We had a nice picnic and enjoyed the day together. Ladybugs even made an appearance at our picnic. There were just a few other families visiting which was a nice reprieve from the crowded spots all over town. 

I'd say their favorite parts were feeding the goats for Evie and "fishing" for rocks for Henry. Evie loved the goats and Henry loves anything to do with a shovel. 

Dirty, happy kids are the best! Look forward to going back in a few weeks for the next program day at Owl's Creek.