Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday!

I think we might have over done it this week! Just a tad too busy. Even Carl commented that we were too busy. None of us can decide what to cut though. VBS, camp, swimming lessons and just general life have been more than enough for one week. Next week, will feel like a cinch and a certain little boy will turn 2!

Feet Treat: Have you tried this amazing feet treat? Mix 1/2 cup of warm water, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup of Listerine  - the blue kind. A concoction likes this will give you soft feet that feel amazing! Of course, I found this on Pinterest and it's one of my favorite pins.

VBS: Evie has loved Vacation Bible School! It's been a great way to get to know people but it's been a major commitment since our church is not nearby. VBS is not like it used to be. Evie had colored hair, tattoos and a food truck served snacks. Lydia, is Evie's new best friend and she has even requested that Lydia be her new Mommy. YIKES! I was not expecting that at age 4. Our VBS theme was "Fun Fair" - another church along the way has the same theme and Evie suggested that she attend that VBS next. Environmental print is working it's magic on Evie.

Sciatica: I am having some trouble with my sciatic nerve and went to the chiropractor twice this week. Ouch, it really hurts. I am still not convinced of my treatment plan but completely convinced that it will not include a $4,000 treatment plan suggested my the chiropractor. 

Momastery: I have been thinking about meeting Glennon Doyle all week! Still cannot believe that I had the chance to hug her, praise her work and listen to her speak. What an experience! It's amazing the power that a mom can have on other moms. Glennon is really using her life to make a difference! It makes me wonder what I am doing to make a difference.

Swimming Lessons: We have a new swimmer in our family! Evie is swimming. We are so proud of her hard work and look forward to lots of swimming adventures. Hard-core lessons are what she needed - no coddling, rewards or fun games. Just basic skills to move from one end of the pool to another! Henry is thrilled that swimming lessons are not going to occur every.single.afternoon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meeting Glennon Doyle - Momastery

I had the thrill of meeting Glennon Doyle last night and listening to her speak! It was everything that I expected and more. On the way, I was not really feeling it and had a busy day with my kiddos not to mention it was pouring rain. But I know that hard things are almost always worth the effort. If she can leave her kids to spread kindness all over the country than I can leave my kids to support her work for a few hours.

She spoke for about 90 minutes with lots of laughter and "truthiest" truths. It was so cool to be part of such an amazing movement. Her energy filled the room and captivated us all. I'd compare it to a political rally - everyone there thought she was amazing and wants her to win at life. Lots of squeals, camera clicks and knowing looks.

Glennon shared how so many of our issues as moms come from comparison and that truly is the thief of our joy. That is important to remember that the sliver of life that we see while trolling the Internet is just that - a sliver. Magazines and TV shows used to be the bar of comparison but now we have social media showing us images of a "perfect" life all day. I loved that she exclaimed that motherhood has been the best gift of her life and that she is extremely grateful for her children while still being annoyed by them. Motherhood is not an either or - we can still feel grateful for our children while feeling annoyed because that's what children do to us. I stopped taking notes and just listened but trust me - she's a one of a kind speaker.

I loved spending time with other women and lots of women were represented - women that appeared to be footloose and fancy -free all the way to mothers that have raised their families. Even a few men were there - bless them! Hope they received some major brownie points. 

Her basic message: be kind, be brave, and keep showing up for those that you love.

I met a friend from the MOMS club there and it was so fun to get to know her better. We waited in line for over an hour to meet Glennon. Time passed quickly and we learned a lot about each other. We both had the chance to chat with Glennon for a few moments. Glennon had a blast in Nashville and told me she'd love to live here. She looked amazing in her white dress with cowboy boots but more importantly it was obvious that she is an incredible listener. Taking the time to meet hundreds of women, hear their stories and allowing each woman to feel like they were the only one there. 

Run to your local bookstore for her book - Carry on Warrior - it's one of my favorite books of all time and I have read tons of books. 

I am so glad that I had the experience of meeting her and even more glad that I made a deep connection with a mom right here in my own community. Being a mom is important work and it's hard work but it's much easier with friends.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Cheekwood, McDonald's and Concert in the Park

Our weekend was wonderful! Hope yours was too. 

Friday: We took a late afternoon errand run to pick up some weekend supplies at Target. Henry cracked me and every other person we passed in the store with his lounging through Target. Carl was home when we returned to our house. We had a poolside picnic for dinner. Evie thought this was really fun and really liked going to the pool twice in one day. It was a gorgeous night and the pool was practically empty. Bedtime is super easy this time of year even when the sun is still shining. Henry and Evie are exhausted from playing all day.

Saturday: Another day at the pool, the water was a bit cold and Henry was not that into it. A Dad made me laugh because he said that perhaps they keep the water cold to keep the people circulating through all day. Maybe, that is their plan or it has been a mild summer so far. We picked up Chick fil A on the way home and then played outside before rest time. Henry refused his nap for the second Saturday in a row. I ran a few errands and could not believe that he never fell asleep. Henry wants to be big like Evie. Cheekwood seemed like a great way to enjoy the day, get out some energy and provide time for a nap on the way back. We had Cheekwood to ourselves and had a wonderful time. Evie and Henry passed out immediately while listening to Christmas music. Guess, who loves to listen Christmas music even in June? We made a few stops on the way home and then had an impromptu cook-out for dinner. Henry learned he loves asparagus and he ate way too much of it. Evie stuck with her usual veggies - red pepper strips and carrots. It was a perfect family night  - contentment was the word. We had a ball! Both kids went to bed early and we watched a movie - This is 40. Not the best movie by a long shot but it was nice to relax. 

 Sunday: Henry woke up with the remains of his asparagus splurge in his crib. YUCK! Laundry was the word of the day because green veggies make some major stains. He seemed okay just very whiny. Our game plan with cranky kids is to get out of the house. Henry had to skip the nursery but he was fine for a walk in the park. Carl too over Kid Duty so I could work on laundry and some organizing. Henry took a much needed siesta while Carl and Evie went swimming all afternoon. Evie and I went to her friend Andrew's birthday party at McDonald's. It was so much fun! I had a birthday party at McDonald's so it was a bit nostalgic for me. Too bad they do not have that orange punch in the cooler anymore - remember that stuff? Evie had so much fun. Then, as if we had not had enough excitement, we headed to Publix to get some picnic provisions for our concert in the park. I decided to go easy and just picked up some fruit, cheese, hummus and crackers. The WannaBeattles were playing and it was a fun night. Henry and Evie both love live music like their parents. Henry became mesmerized by the band and stood at the fence two feet away from for the longest time. What an amazing weekend! 

It's time for another week filled with VBS and swimming lessons. See you soon!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday!

Whew, this week went by so fast! Not sure where the time goes sometimes while other days seem like weeks before they are over. Here's my Five on Friday.

Window Treatment: Courtney was kind enough to  whip-up  this gorgeous window treatment for the kitchen. We love it! It helps create the allusion of a nice polished kitchen - empty glasses and all. I loved all the natural light that came in before but my window needed some color - this did the trick while still allowing some light into the kitchen. Thanks Courtney - you are talented in so many ways!

Swimming Lessons: Evie has learned so much at her new lessons. Three weeks down! They are intense and Henry is absolutely about to drive me crazy. It's hard for him to sit for 30 minutes while she is in the pool. I take puzzles, cars, snacks and even an occasional lollipop but that only holds him over for a bit. He threw my flip-flop in the pool this week during her lesson. Henry is going to give me a run for my money!

Hair: I had my hair colored yesterday and wanted to share a tip that I learned. My stylist increases her prices every few months because she is talented and people keep paying. I asked her if I had to choose between a cut and color with her - what did she recommend? I was totally expecting her to reply with color - after all it's more expensive. Surprisingly, she said the cut is more important for everyday styling and a fabulous cut is hard to fake while anyone can do color. Casey, referred me to another stylist AKA: Cheapo Colorist and I could not be happier. All my grays are gone for the moment and my hair is still pretty much my natural color. 

Wild Ginger: It was time for a Moms Night Out to celebrate Christina's birthday! We were all in desperate need for some time away - summer is hard on a Mama! Wild Ginger was the perfect venue for delicious food, wine and a beautiful night to enjoy dining alfresco. So much fun! I adore the brisket tacos - delicious!!!

Henry's Friend: I had Henry by himself two days this week while Evie attended camp. It was so easy to just have my little guy and he's the sweetest buddy ever. We met his friend Abigail for lunch and they immediately covered each in hugs and kisses, drank chocolate milk in unison, and both refused to eat their lunches. I need to take more time for Henry and his friends like I did for Evie. We had a wonderful lunch and Abigail's Mama is so sweet. Of course, in typical second child fashion - I failed to snap a picture of Henry with his friend. Perspective changes everything and taking one kiddo to lunch seems like a cinch when compared with 2.

Happy Friday, Y'all!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sleepless in Nashville!

Henry has been waking bright and early the last two mornings about 5. That makes for a long day! He's so exhausted at nap time and I was able to snap a few pictures of my baby boy. He did not even flinch until Evie came in the room too. She was "picturing" him with her own camera. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Father's Day Edition

Saturday: We took the kids to the pool. Henry was not impressed for the first little bit but then decided that like he liked it after trying out a Kona Ice with his Big Sis.

 Evie loves the pool! It was a no-nap day for Henry - his first no-nap day in his life. I can already tell that each day seems more difficult to encourage Henry to nap. He must not know that Mama needs nap time even if he does not need nap time. Of course, he was beyond exhausted which is not fun for anyone. I took him with me to run a few errands and then took Evie for a haircut. She looks like such a big girl with short hair! Henry went to bed super early and then the rest of us enjoyed dinner outside.

Sunday: Henry woke up early after going to bed early which helped us get out the door for church. After church, we stopped at Bojangles for some biscuits. Both kids love their biscuits! Henry took a short nap - sleep is becoming an issue with him. Hope I can get him back on track soon! Carl took Evie to Home Depot for something grill related. We had a low-key afternoon at home. Carl wanted to watch golf and some Arnold Palmers. Our kiddos love an AP too which cracks us up. Carl grilled steaks for dinner - his choice and we dined alfresco. We eat outside as an attempt to keep the kitchen clean. Brownies with ice cream for dessert followed by bubble baths and pedicures for the girls. Henry really wanted his toes painted too. Sweet Boy wants to be just like Evie!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in our life. Carl and I are both fortunate to have great Dads. My kids are fortunate to have a super fun Dad always ready for some adventure. Carl never hesitates to be silly or play a fun game with his kids. Evie and Henry love him so much! They cry when he leaves in the mornings and jump for joy when he comes home at  night. It's so sweet seeing the man I love thrive in his most important role: Daddy.