Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Cheekwood, McDonald's and Concert in the Park

Our weekend was wonderful! Hope yours was too. 

Friday: We took a late afternoon errand run to pick up some weekend supplies at Target. Henry cracked me and every other person we passed in the store with his lounging through Target. Carl was home when we returned to our house. We had a poolside picnic for dinner. Evie thought this was really fun and really liked going to the pool twice in one day. It was a gorgeous night and the pool was practically empty. Bedtime is super easy this time of year even when the sun is still shining. Henry and Evie are exhausted from playing all day.

Saturday: Another day at the pool, the water was a bit cold and Henry was not that into it. A Dad made me laugh because he said that perhaps they keep the water cold to keep the people circulating through all day. Maybe, that is their plan or it has been a mild summer so far. We picked up Chick fil A on the way home and then played outside before rest time. Henry refused his nap for the second Saturday in a row. I ran a few errands and could not believe that he never fell asleep. Henry wants to be big like Evie. Cheekwood seemed like a great way to enjoy the day, get out some energy and provide time for a nap on the way back. We had Cheekwood to ourselves and had a wonderful time. Evie and Henry passed out immediately while listening to Christmas music. Guess, who loves to listen Christmas music even in June? We made a few stops on the way home and then had an impromptu cook-out for dinner. Henry learned he loves asparagus and he ate way too much of it. Evie stuck with her usual veggies - red pepper strips and carrots. It was a perfect family night  - contentment was the word. We had a ball! Both kids went to bed early and we watched a movie - This is 40. Not the best movie by a long shot but it was nice to relax. 

 Sunday: Henry woke up with the remains of his asparagus splurge in his crib. YUCK! Laundry was the word of the day because green veggies make some major stains. He seemed okay just very whiny. Our game plan with cranky kids is to get out of the house. Henry had to skip the nursery but he was fine for a walk in the park. Carl too over Kid Duty so I could work on laundry and some organizing. Henry took a much needed siesta while Carl and Evie went swimming all afternoon. Evie and I went to her friend Andrew's birthday party at McDonald's. It was so much fun! I had a birthday party at McDonald's so it was a bit nostalgic for me. Too bad they do not have that orange punch in the cooler anymore - remember that stuff? Evie had so much fun. Then, as if we had not had enough excitement, we headed to Publix to get some picnic provisions for our concert in the park. I decided to go easy and just picked up some fruit, cheese, hummus and crackers. The WannaBeattles were playing and it was a fun night. Henry and Evie both love live music like their parents. Henry became mesmerized by the band and stood at the fence two feet away from for the longest time. What an amazing weekend! 

It's time for another week filled with VBS and swimming lessons. See you soon!

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  1. Definitely remember the orange punch from McDonald's! Sounds like a lovely weekend!


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