Thursday, June 13, 2013

Girls Day!

Evie missed her first day of camp with Leah due to a middle of the night fever. She was not happy about dropping off Henry and then walking right out the door with Mama. Evie perked right up when I mentioned a girls day.

Casey was thrilled to meet Evie and treated her like a little princess during my hair cut. Sprite, pink perm rods and more attention than you can even imagine made Evie's day special. 

After my much-needed haircut, we decided to hit downtown Franklin - my favorite venue for a Girl's Trip. Evie was elated to park in a parking garage and take the "everator" which makes me smile that the little things mean so much to our littles.

We lunched at Merridee's Bread Basket - be sure to stop in there if ever in the area. Skip the chicken salad but everything else is divine! I had a tuna melt yesterday while Evie opted for a chocolate muffin and fruit. Delicious! Pimento in the tuna salad elevated my sandwich from the everyday tuna melt. Evie refreshed herself with a tall glass of homemade lemonade that was outstanding.

Then, we did a little window shopping and picked up a present for Carl for Father's Day. It took some convincing because Evie said she had already made Carl a present. Ahh, the sweetness of a 4 year old is purely magical. 

Evie warmed up to shopping and decided on a stack of bracelets with charms. I indulged her because she remarked, "Mama, I need something special to remind me of this day - just you and me." How could I not after that?

We walked around a bit holding hands and chatting about important things like when Evie is a Mama and why she loves having girls day but she likes Henry too. Good to know, Evie! She said, "I had so much fun today but it's fun with Henry too because he's pretty and he is sweet."

That unexpected fever turned into a blessing with the girl who made me a Mama. I love her so much and wish she could stay four years old forever.


  1. Melt your heart! I got choked up with her comment about needing something special to remember the day! Sweet, sweet memories for sure! And I love that she chose a chocolate muffin and fruit for lunch! That little fever was truly a blessing in disguise!

  2. What a SWEET day!!! Love the comment about the bracelet. I would have melted into a puddle right there :)

  3. This is so sweet! I bet she was so happy to have some alone time with her mama! The day you described is exactly how I picture it would be to have a little daughter :)

  4. This is THE CUTEST!!!! I am a HUGE fan of mother/daughter time! So fun.


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