Friday, June 14, 2013

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! Thanks for stopping over for Five on Friday.

Train Table: Henry will turn two in three weeks. Shocking because it seems like he was just born. I had a train table made for him this week and cannot wait to paint it. He's going to love having his own special place for his choo choo. I decided to have one made because then it can become a Lego table as he gets older. Carl has some grand ideas for painting it but I think just a solid color will work just fine.

Ice - Cream Days: It has been super hot this week! I always thought that I loved summer but Carl just pointed out that I probably just loved having the summer off from teaching school. Cold weather is not my favorite either but at least it's easier to wrangle kids in the cold than when it is 96 degrees outside. We stopped for ice cream after camp yesterday. Henry was perfectly content to use his thumb as a spoon inside the cone and was covered from head to toe in chocolate ice cream. Chocolate covered Henry!

Bojangles: Imagine my surprise when we went a new way yesterday and happened to see a Bojangles. That's right, a Bojangles less than 10 minutes from our house. I immediately pulled over to snap a picture for Carl. We are already planning our first biscuit run this weekend. YUMMY!

Change: I am trying hard to attempt something new or different each day. It's good for me to challenge or stretch myself just as Evie and Henry feel when asked to do new things. Change can be hard. It's easier just to do what is comfortable. So, this week I have attempted to embrace change by working out a different YMCA - excited to see that there is Subway inside, tried a new burger from Fresh Market, tasted a Coke Zero rather than my daily coke treat and ran at 5:30 one morning. Surprisingly, I enjoyed all of this change with the exception of the Coke Zero. That's just not for me! It helps me to show more kindness and patience with Evie and Henry when they try new things when I am willing to do it myself. 

Summer Schedule: It's felt like a busy summer so far. I need to scale back on our commitments because it is just too much for us with the daily swim lesson routine. Not sure how to do this yet because it is so fun spending our days with friends. We love our friends and love sharing life with them but I crave those lazy days of summer hanging out in the hammock, sipping fresh lemonade while splashing in the baby pool. Gotta work on this for next week! 


  1. Yay for Bojangles! It's always Bo Time in Avery's world. Ours is only serving spicy chicken now which is sad for me and the kids, but we have found yummy alternatives. Way to go with the running, especially at 5:30 am! You'll have to fill me in on what you're doing.

  2. Way to go on trying new things. I can do Coke Zero only because I do not like Diet Coke. However if you truly want the Coke flavor then you just have to have a regular coke. Have a great weekend. Enjoy your Bojangles, I don't think I have ever eaten there.

  3. Ooooh, Bojangles -- dangerously exciting!

    I love that sweet ice cream face. What a doll!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us this week. :)

  4. Bojangles biscuits...while I have only had two...are YUMMY!! We just got one near us and I haven't had the temptation because I don't drive by it daily, but starting in August I will! Goodness, I totally understand you planning a biscuit run!

    I also feel ya on overbooking yourself for summer. I am working on saying no! I am expecting our first baby boy in August and have plenty to do around the house! :)

  5. Swim lessons can be exhausting! My son is 16 months, so I am in the water with him. The whole getting there, getting changed, taking the actual class, and then getting showered leaves us both ready for a long nap! We only have swim class on Fridays and I always make sure to have nothing planned for the rest of the day just in case we need extra rest.

    I'm so happy to have found your blog through the link up! I really enjoy reading blogs written by other moms. Oh and, I used to be a teacher before having my son!!

  6. Chocolate covered Henry looks quite pleased with himself! Too cute!


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