Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

It was a nice low-key weekend. Just what we needed! Henry and I ran some errands on Saturday morning while Carl trimmed the bushes with Evie. She thought that climbing ladders was super fun!

Carl took Evie to the pool while Henry slept which gave me a few minutes to think about Henry's upcoming party and tackle some laundry. It was good to have some one on one time with my little buddy. He loves puzzles and play-doh. 

We went to a friend's house for a cookout. It was so much fun and baths were necessary before bed even though bath time had just occurred before dinner. They had lots of sand in their hair- so much that it appeared like we had just left the beach.

Carl woke up with Henry giving me an extra thirty minutes of sleep. We rushed around to prepare for church and made it in the nick of time. Evie did not want to wear her typical Lilly dress - she asked if she could wear white dresses like those people at church. It took me a minute but then I realized that she was referring to the acolytes. Henry was not happy to be left in the nursery but was fine with a few minutes obviously. Evie did an amazing job in church and it's so nice to have her with us. 

We had an easy afternoon at home. Carl took a nap with Henry while Evie went with me to run errands. Carl took the kids to the pool while I did a few things around the house. Courtney and her family came over for dinner. Evie was so excited. She had asked me if we could have our own cookout yesterday so I was happy to oblige. Carl grilled chicken and I just threw a few things together. I think life with 2 is finally getting easier for me although it sure was nice that Carl took both kids to the pool.

We had a blast with The C's. Henry has a new best friend in Christian. I should have taken some pictures but it just did not happen. It was so fun playing outside and catching fireflies. Campbell can catch them easily. Evie put the death grip on a firefly and told me that she wanted to put in her room. Jars are on our list for the next firefly night.

I love weekends like this with no formal plans that gives us lots of time outside, with friends and hanging out as a family.


  1. We had a ball and your dinner was fantastic as always;) It was a perfect evening and weekend, right down to watching those sweeties catch fireflies!! The epitome of summer. Gotta do that again soon!

  2. What a great summer weekend. I love summer cookouts and spending the evening outside!


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