Wednesday, June 5, 2013

23 Months!

Swimming lessons are not fun for you.

Riding on Christian's scooter.

Popcorn at the pool turns lessons into a spectator sport for at least five minutes.

Sweet Henry,

   You are 23 months old today! Every single day someone tells me what a BIG boy you are now. Not sure that I need any reminders! I am already getting teary that I only have a few weeks left to sign you in the baby room at the Y. It's going to be sad to move you up to the big boy room. You on the other hand have already decided to be a big boy. Evie is your role-model and you want to be just like her. That makes you seem big. If Evie's feet are on the coffee table so are yours, if she walks on her hands than you do too and if her drink has a straw - guess who else needs a straw. It can be precious yet frustrating because there are some things you just cannot do yet. Crazy things like jumping off the diving board and washing your own hair in the shower.That's just not typical one year old activity, Henry.

You are talking so much now and always repeat the last word of our sentences. "Henry, bring me your plate." Your raspy little voice pipes in with "plate." You pick up everything faster than Evie did because you have Evie living life with you.

Evie adores you even when she is mad at you. Sometimes she will ask you to leave her alone but within minutes she drags you back into her shenngians.

You are still a tiny little guy and I am not sure your 2T jon-jon's are going to fit. I am going to miss seeing your sweet little legs hanging out under your suits. You have strong opinions regarding your clothing and let me know which outfit suits your preference. Boats and trains are safe bets these days.

You love to see boats in the water and our entire life comes to a screeching halt when you see or hear a choo choo. I never imagined myself to be a choo choo chaser. Those whistles beckon you and I drive towards the trains because that thrills you.

You love the pool and get really annoyed that babies are not permitted to hop in the pool during swim lessons. You stand by the pool trying to take off your clothes shouting "stuck, stuck, pool pool." It's pretty cute and gets lots of interesting conversations started with the other parents. 

You eat all day long - cereal, crackers and cookies are your favorites. Hummus is still your dip of choice. Your entire face lights up at the mention of ice cream. That's your love language!

You are still a cuddly little guy and cuddle up next to me in the mornings and like to be held pretty much anytime. Sometimes you just want your Mama and I happily oblige because it will not be like this for long. We spend lots of time rocking and reading in your room and you are quick to hand out the kisses. It's a rare night that you do not summon me for more rocking after I leave your room. You are so excited to finally have a pillow in your crib. I caved because you were laying your head on a stuffed pumpkin that was mine as a little girl. We decided if you needed a soft place then we might as well provide a pillow. 

Henry, you are such a special boy! We love you so much and feel honored that God chose us to be your family. Life is always entertaining with you. Your joyful spirit, soft voice and beautiful face make us so very happy. 

See you next month when you will be 2! 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Henry is so grown and precious! I know the grown part is hard to hear. I had to laugh about his clothes being stuck at swim lessons. I am not prepared for boys to have clothing opinions but I guess I need to get ready. Where is his striped romper from? Does it have a green fire truck on it? I admired it in another post.


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