Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Father's Day Edition

Saturday: We took the kids to the pool. Henry was not impressed for the first little bit but then decided that like he liked it after trying out a Kona Ice with his Big Sis.

 Evie loves the pool! It was a no-nap day for Henry - his first no-nap day in his life. I can already tell that each day seems more difficult to encourage Henry to nap. He must not know that Mama needs nap time even if he does not need nap time. Of course, he was beyond exhausted which is not fun for anyone. I took him with me to run a few errands and then took Evie for a haircut. She looks like such a big girl with short hair! Henry went to bed super early and then the rest of us enjoyed dinner outside.

Sunday: Henry woke up early after going to bed early which helped us get out the door for church. After church, we stopped at Bojangles for some biscuits. Both kids love their biscuits! Henry took a short nap - sleep is becoming an issue with him. Hope I can get him back on track soon! Carl took Evie to Home Depot for something grill related. We had a low-key afternoon at home. Carl wanted to watch golf and some Arnold Palmers. Our kiddos love an AP too which cracks us up. Carl grilled steaks for dinner - his choice and we dined alfresco. We eat outside as an attempt to keep the kitchen clean. Brownies with ice cream for dessert followed by bubble baths and pedicures for the girls. Henry really wanted his toes painted too. Sweet Boy wants to be just like Evie!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in our life. Carl and I are both fortunate to have great Dads. My kids are fortunate to have a super fun Dad always ready for some adventure. Carl never hesitates to be silly or play a fun game with his kids. Evie and Henry love him so much! They cry when he leaves in the mornings and jump for joy when he comes home at  night. It's so sweet seeing the man I love thrive in his most important role: Daddy.


  1. I love Evie's Puddle Jumper! I've never seen one like that. There must be something in the air because Sam did not nap well today then sang for 30 minutes before bed. We have had our share of golf too with a tournament plus TV. It's not my favorite unless there is an exciting ending. Hoping Henry naps for you tomorrow.

  2. What a fun weekend. It sounds like Carl was treated like the king of his castle. That is so sweet that he is a fun dad to the kids. You can tell from the pictures that they adore him, and he adores them.

  3. What a fun family weekend! Love Carl in that last picture!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! I remember when my boys started to let go if their naps. It was hard on all of us. I can't complain tho- both mine took 3 hr naps until they were almost 5!!

  5. This is so sweet! I LOVE their matching outfits!


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