Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas Eve was a special day. We went to church to celebrate with a beautiful service. Our church looked gorgeous and the music was spectacular. I always enjoy the Christmas Eve service and get a little teary with memories of Christmas from years back. Not to mention holding my precious children while singing Silent Night. We were proud of Evie and Henry for sitting in church so nicely because it was a long service. We stopped for Thai on the way home. That might be a new tradition! Some of these pictures are repeats but wanted them all in one spot.

After dinner, it was time to put out cookies for Santa, read Twas the Night Before Christmas and put on the Christmas pj's. Christmas Eve is filled with so much expectation. We were all so excited and looking forward to Christmas morning.

Henry woke up first on Christmas morning and we waited patiently for Evie. What a wonderful Christmas! Evie and Henry were at the perfect ages to enjoy it all and they were both well. Carl and I were so excited to see their reactions to their Santa gifts. They sure were impressed. Evie received a suitcase, a pink teddy bear, a doll with a stroller and a talking globe from Santa. Henry was thrilled to see a parking garage, a blue scooter with a helmet (safety first) and his favorite gift a pirate ship. Evie has always loved her stocking and was pleased as punch with all the treats and trinkets. Henry was happy to see a new movie. He loves to chill out with a good movie.

We had a delightful Christmas morning hanging out as a family of four, opening our gifts to each other, trying everything out and enjoying a delicious breakfast. It was exactly how I imagined Christmas with children. Low-key and focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Carl turned 40 on Christmas day too so that made it extra special.

She She and Poppy, Carl's parents, arrived after lunch and we enjoyed another round of present opening with them. Henry loves his new car track with battery operated cars. He has already blown through two sets of batteries. 

We celebrated Carl's birthday with filet, potatoes au gratin, salad and of course some birthday cake. It was such a special day filled with lots of memories. Looking forward to Christmas with my parents next. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Visions of Sugarplums Danced in Their Head

                       Everyone is asleep. Gotta run so Santa will come. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Catch Up Time!

It's been a wild week since I last blogged. Both kids have been sick. Henry missed his whole week of preschool. There went my break that I was so excited to have without kids. It has ended up being a good thing because I was able to savor the season with Evie and Henry. We have watched countless Christmas movies, snuggled for days on the couch and avoided the gridlock around town. Hoping that everyone feels better by tomorrow.

Here's  a few pictures to catch everyone up:

What a fun Christmas party at preschool! PJ's and Pancakes!

Look what I spotted in the classroom. X marks the spot.
Sweet Evie waiting for everyone to receive their pancakes.

Digging into the pancakes.

Evie loves wrapping this year and has wrapped more than presents!

They look so cute! Henry is scared of the vacuum so Evie is protecting him.
Second Annual Nutcracker Afternoon
Three Blonde Beauties at The Nutcracker! Evie, Molly and Jessa.

Milkshakes after the show.
Movie Night!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jacque the Giraffe from Paris

We were so excited to have Jacque visit our family over the weekend. What a treat to have this jovial giraffe experiencing our Christmas traditions with us.

Evie was beyond thrilled to have Jacque come home with her and made lots of plans for us all. Some of these pictures are repeats but I want to document our house guest.

Friday, we went Christmas caroling at a local retirement home. Evie pushed Jacque in the baby stroller and sang her heart out with Jacque. Their favorite carol is Jingle Bells! All of the residents loved meeting Jacque, the little giraffe from Paris. Jacque loved meeting some of Evie's friend and eating his first candy cane. 

That night, we took Jacque with us on our 12th annual Christmas dinner at the Japanese Steak House. Jacque was impressed with the fire and the knives. He had delightful table manners and thought chopsticks were really fun.

Saturday, we took Jacque back to school for the Christmas program. He was so proud of his beloved Giraffe class and adored seeing everyone shine on stage. What a fun morning! We took lots of pictures to capture the moment.

Jacque helped us create our first Candy Cottage. He really likes chocolate and we found him digging in the M&M bowl. YUMMY! We watched lots of Christmas movies and snuggled on the couch.

Jacque went to church for the first time. He thought the stained glass windows were beautiful and he loved singing songs. Evie took Jacque to Children's Chapel and he loved learning the song Let it Shine. We heard that one all afternoon! Jacque certainly was well-behaved in church. 

After church, we went to Starbucks for lemon loaf and lattes. Jacque likes lemon loaf just like Evie and Henry.

We spent Sunday afternoon painting pictures, cuddling, doing chores and looking at Christmas lights. Jacque loved learning about the Advent calendar and our resident elf, Elfa. He loves Christmas traditions!

Evie was sad to leave Jacque on Monday for school. Jacque went to the mall to meet Santa. He really liked Santa and played peek-a-boo with him. Santa thought Henry was Jacque and that Jacque was Henry. He figured it out real quick after he asked me if the little boy spoke English. Oh the things, we do for our children! Santa was so kind to take pictures with Jacque especially since Henry was not interested in Santa at all. 

Jacque was excited to pick up Evie from preschool. We decided to check out the Scholastic Warehouse Sale and stocked up on some fun books at terrific prices. Jacque was a bit disappointed that there were not any books on France or giraffes. 

We sure were sad to take Jacque back to preschool! He became part of the family in a few short days. What a special weekend. Hope Jacque comes back soon.