Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas Eve was a special day. We went to church to celebrate with a beautiful service. Our church looked gorgeous and the music was spectacular. I always enjoy the Christmas Eve service and get a little teary with memories of Christmas from years back. Not to mention holding my precious children while singing Silent Night. We were proud of Evie and Henry for sitting in church so nicely because it was a long service. We stopped for Thai on the way home. That might be a new tradition! Some of these pictures are repeats but wanted them all in one spot.

After dinner, it was time to put out cookies for Santa, read Twas the Night Before Christmas and put on the Christmas pj's. Christmas Eve is filled with so much expectation. We were all so excited and looking forward to Christmas morning.

Henry woke up first on Christmas morning and we waited patiently for Evie. What a wonderful Christmas! Evie and Henry were at the perfect ages to enjoy it all and they were both well. Carl and I were so excited to see their reactions to their Santa gifts. They sure were impressed. Evie received a suitcase, a pink teddy bear, a doll with a stroller and a talking globe from Santa. Henry was thrilled to see a parking garage, a blue scooter with a helmet (safety first) and his favorite gift a pirate ship. Evie has always loved her stocking and was pleased as punch with all the treats and trinkets. Henry was happy to see a new movie. He loves to chill out with a good movie.

We had a delightful Christmas morning hanging out as a family of four, opening our gifts to each other, trying everything out and enjoying a delicious breakfast. It was exactly how I imagined Christmas with children. Low-key and focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Carl turned 40 on Christmas day too so that made it extra special.

She She and Poppy, Carl's parents, arrived after lunch and we enjoyed another round of present opening with them. Henry loves his new car track with battery operated cars. He has already blown through two sets of batteries. 

We celebrated Carl's birthday with filet, potatoes au gratin, salad and of course some birthday cake. It was such a special day filled with lots of memories. Looking forward to Christmas with my parents next. 


  1. I get teary in Christmas Eve service too. This year it was Avery singing the songs and the upset woman beside me who was not upset over a happy reason like I was. It looks like a wonderful Christmas for you all! That pirate ship is a huge hit in our house.

  2. Love it! The pirate ship is huge in our house, too haha!! William LOVES it! Wouldn't they all have a grand time playing with it together?! ;)


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