Monday, December 16, 2013

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time!

Whew . . . it's been a weekend to remember filled with loads of Christmas fun! We packed it in this weekend. What special memories!

Friday, we caroled at a local assisted living center with our MOMS group. Both kids really enjoyed this but it made me happy too because we brought so much joy to the residents. Evie passed out cards and Henry passed out candy canes. One of the residents told me that she did not care if the kids sang or not that she enjoyed watching them and seeing their clothes. She loved Evie's bow! I got a little teary singing with my two precious children by my side. 

We stayed home and kept Jacque entertained. He is our giraffe from Paris and is Evie's class pet. Jacque arrived with his own suitcase, French flashcards and an intricate journal filled with his journey so far with the Pre K class. 

We decided to take Jacque with us to our 12th Annual Japanese Steak House Dinner. He had impeccable manners and encouraged our kids to do the same. We had a delightful dinner out and no one was scared about the fire. Best part was since we went early, we had the entire table to ourselves. Evie and Henry adored their waters with fancy umbrellas. Such a good reminder of how it is the little things that mean so much to children. 

Saturday morning was the BIG Christmas concert at preschool. It was precious and once again I cried. There is just something about seeing those little people up on the stage singing with pure joy across their faces that does it to me every.single. time! Evie loved performing and Henry clapped his little heart out during his classes rendition of Jingle Bells. What a wonderful way to really get into the Christmas spirit!

Carl took over kid duty while I ran a few errands and almost finished my shopping. Just a few more odds and ends to pick up and then I can slow down a bit to enjoy this special season. 

One of my students surprised me with a Candy Cottage for Christmas and all four of us plus Jacque had a blast decorating our cottage. Henry thought it was pure bliss to have so much candy within his reach. Evie concentrated extremely hard placing gum drops in a perfect pattern on the entire perimeter of the house. Can't wait to add this to our list of traditions that keeps growing longer.  We spent the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch together watching Toy Story. Guess What - I think we might be entering the big kid years of parenting! 

Church came early and Jacque went to church for the first time. He really enjoyed the music and even went to Children's Chapel with Evie. Starbucks was our next stop and then we rode around a bit taking in all the beautiful decorations.

Carl took his turn to shop and I stayed home to make chili. We had another lazy afternoon at home. I took off for a Christmas party with the MOMS Club at Mere Bulles' - delicious food and delightful company. What a night! Got home way too late and could not sleep after all that fun.

Yes, we simply had a wonderful Christmas time all weekend long! Hope you did too!


  1. The kiddos look adorable in their Christmas outfits! And that's a good looking gingerbread house! So glad you all enjoyed your festive weekend! Merry, merry!

  2. That last outfit on Henry - and the socks - oh, my!! I just LOVE it.

  3. Love Henry's outfit! I think it is so neat that her class "pet" gets to spend the weekend at home with Evie...what a fun idea...not to mention a perfect time because of all the fun activities! Your kiddo's are just too beautiful!


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