Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday!

What a busy week it has been for us! All the weeks seem to get busier and busier and time just flies by too fast. I am already feeling sad about Evie turning 5 and she still has a month to go. Her invitations came this week and I cried with her on my lap. It just does not seem possible for her to be 5!

Here's my 5 on Friday:

First Semester Down: I finished my first semester back to teaching! YAY! Teaching a few hours a week has been wonderful for me in so many ways. LOVE my sweet students, my co-workers and of course my paycheck. Just finished grading exams and posting semester grades. School's out for Christmas break! Hoping to get lots done while I have some extra time on my hands.

Cookies: Sugar overload this week! I have baked dozens of cookies, eaten dozens of cookies and burned off a few cookies. Oh my goodness, I just love cookies! No ice-cream or candy for me but I love a home-baked cookie. Delicious! One of my students made me Cinnamon Caramel Snaps that were amazing.  Chewy cookies all the way! Do you prefer chewy or crispy?

 Christmas Caroling: I'm taking the kids Christmas caroling this morning at the local retirement home with my MOMS Club. Can't wait to Light Em' Up at the nursing home with the voices of our angels singing.

Christmas Preparations: I am so behind with Christmas prep but am hoping to finish by Monday. It's always nice to spend time enjoying the season and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. We made it to the mall to meet Santa and it went surprisingly well! Both kids connected with Santa right away and smiled for the camera.

Jacque: Evie is thrilled to have her class pet Jacque visiting us for the weekend. She's been patiently waiting for his visit. Can't wait to introduce you to the cutest giraffe you ever did see!


  1. FIVE!!! i can't believe it :(
    i don't even want to think about libbi turning five this coming summer. it just doesn't seem possible!
    and congrats on completing your first semester! enjoy your christmas "break" (ha!)
    and i'm with you - i'm STILL trying to get my house decorated and get prepared for christmas. i'm guessing by the time i get it all completed, it will be time to take it all down. hopefully i'll have it packed and back in the attic by valentine's day ;)

  2. Your kids are adorable! I love the picture with Santa! I would love for you to come link up with me today!

  3. Not only is 5 looming in the distance, but I'm getting really sad about Kindergarten! We have a school visit next week and it just doesn't seem possible. So glad you're break has started!


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