Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandparents, Swimming and Barbecue!

We made it to South Carolina. It seemed so much faster with I-40 being open. Evie did fabulous. She is one heck of a traveler. We are so proud of her and it makes it so much easier.Our little book worm spent most of the trip reading.

    We met my parents in Greenville for an early dinner. Evie spotted her Nana and Ipop out of the back of the truck. She started pointing for them.We went to Sticky Fingers and Carl was so happy to get some barbecue. Evie was in serious need of a green vegetable so it was the perfect spot. Evie entertained us with her dancing and lemon eating. She sure loves lemons. We all went to Target after dinner. Evie loved seeing her Nana and Ipop. Thanks so much for meeting us.

    We got to Sunset about 7:15. Evie was so happy to get out of the car and run around a bit before bed. We have not been here since Thanksgiving so it feels great to be here.

   Carl's parents got back about lunchtime. They have had so much with Evie. She has been showing off her new tricks and has had so much fun hanging on the screened porch. She She got Evie the cutest little outfit and had all of her toys out for her. Evie has certainly received plenty of attention this weekend.

     We took her to the pool this afternoon and she was a little fish. She LOVED the pool and cried to get back in. Evie made a little friend who shared her toys with her. It was fun to see our little fish in the water.  We sure miss Mary and Lucy. Evie would love to see her cousins and her Aunt Lollie and Uncle Kurt.

       Evie came home and had a quick supper. Hummus was her favorite tonight. She could eat it by the bowlful and does not even need a cracker. It took Evie a bit to settle down but she was quiet. I have a feeling she was watching the boats go by instead of sleeping in her crib. She is asleep and we are in the middle of a HUGE storm which makes for great sleeping weather.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Frantic Friday!

Evie woke up quite early this morning which made the whole day off schedule. It seems like it has been one really long day since we have been up so long. She went down for a nap about 7:45 if that tells you how early she woke up. Bob came to work on the shutters for a few minutes but left because he thought it might rain. It still has not rained yet.

     Evie and I ran a few errands in preparation for our road trip. We have not been on such a long trip since February so I am sure it will be different than the last time. Evie is so energetic so we will have to stop a few times for her to burn off some energy.

       Evie was not in the mood for nap time this afternoon which is so unusual for her. Perfect timing since I had so much that needed to be done while she slept. Thank goodness for video monitors because I had a real show. She read her book a few times, sucked on her foot, walked the perimeter of her crib and played her own version of peek a boo with her blanket. I went in there in a few times to rescue Raffi since she kept throwing him and her pacifier overboard. She was not crying and seemed content although not in the mood to sleep. Finally, after a huge production, she fell asleep.Evie needs a lot of sleep just like me!

      Carl came home and we played with Evie. She loves to dance and is such a good little dancer. We pushed her around in the grocery cart. I have a feeling that we are going to wish that we had never started that game. Evie loved the pizza we had tonight. She thought it was really tasty to dip it into her cup of water and just did not understand why we did want to sample her soggy crust. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! Thank you to our armed forces for leaving your families to protect all of us.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picnic at Ellington!

Evie and I had a low-key morning at home. She took a cat-nap, played with her toys, read a few books, had  a snack and generally had a great time. We cuddled up in the bed together under the piles of covers and read a big stack of books.It was perfect cuddling my sweet girl and reading her all of her favorite stories. Toddlers have such a nice life. Although, I must say, being a mom is pretty fun job too most of the time.

Melissa and George had us over for a picnic at Ellington and it was so fun. Jacob and Kristin came too! We found the perfect place to sit under a big tree so we had plenty of shade. You should have seen us toting our kids, food, picnic stuff, portable high chairs and diaper bags through the parking lot. It was hysterical but totally worth the fuss to enjoy the company of friends while enjoying a fabulous lunch. George is such a laid-back baby. He barely made a sound and was perfectly content munching on his sandwich. Evie and Jacob thought it was all great fun investigating each others chairs, checking out the scenery and scoring a delicious cookie.

 Melissa had the most scrumptious sandwiches. I had two - one turkey with brie and one club. YUMMY! Evie was pretty impressed with her avocado cream cheese sandwiches too. I had never thought to try that with Evie but you just throw some avocado in the food processor with a little cream cheese. Trust me it is divine! Grownups would like it too or at least I did.

 Evie is on a roll with her eating again. I was getting a little worried but she has certainly made up for her lack of appetite in the past few days. We wanted to go to see the horses but the kiddos were ready for a nap. It's so comical to see us getting back to our house. I am doing everything I can to keep Evie awake and then once we get home doing everything to get her to sleep. It took her a minute to switch gears but she settled right into her crib for a nice long nap. She loves her naptime and mommy does too.

     Our shutters are finally being painted! It has taken forever to get Bob back out here with the flooding, the rain and just aligning schedules in general. I cannot wait to see how they look when he is finished. Anything will be better than maroon since maroon is not my favorite color. True story, I did not want to go to North Carolina State University because I did not like their colors. They were red and black but University of North Carolina's Tarheel blue seemed so much prettier. I ended up going to the College of Charleston even though there colors are pretty close to maroon. I am laughing as I type because this makes no sense but believe me it made sense to me when I was eighteen. Oh, how things have changed! College of Charleston was the perfect place for me.

   Evie woke up in a really good mood. We had fun playing and I even had a chance to watch Oprah. Evie was busy pushing her baby around in the grocery cart. I wonder where she has seen that before! Then, she took a little dip in her pool with her clothes on. Evie did not like the little pieces of grass sticking to her feet at all. She spent most of the time trying to pick them off the bottom of her sweet little feet.

      Carl got home and we admired the shutters for a bit. They look sooooooooooo much better. It's a huge difference. Bob finished the first floor windows this afternoon and will be back in the morning to complete the job. He says the shutters were brown so I guess it's all in your perspective.  We went for a walk to the park and now Evie is in bed. Carl is mowing the grass and I am enjoying some quiet time before cooking dinner. We are getting so excited about our Memorial Day trip to South Carolina.I even heard that someone got me some glass bottled coke. Evie will be thrilled to see both sets of grandparents. Yesterday, we we were talking about her Nana and Ipop and she went to the door to point for them. Such a sweet girl! It's going to be a fun weekend. I really do love living in Tennessee but I'd rather be in Carolina! Just like the song.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reading Blitz!

Evie was back to two naps today which worked out perfectly because it gave me a chance to finish, The Help. That was an excellent, thought-provoking  book and it was her first published novel. It was the best 464 pages that I have read in a long time. Can't wait to see what else Kathryn Stockett comes out with because it will surely be worth reading. Now, I need to get some work done in the next few days since I spent the last two days reading.

   Evie had her Gymboree class with Jacob this morning. She was so excited to be there. I need to take the video camera to catch her giggles and squeals. She made another mommy nervous today as she practically leaped off the slide. Evie is a bit of a daredevil but she is a careful one at that.

    Kristin and I took the kids to lunch at Whole Foods after class. It was delicious. I had a turkey-avocado wrap and Evie had fruit with chicken salad. We shared some potato chips because what's a sandwich without some potato chips. I love our little outings but neither one of is able to concentrate 100% on our conversation as we work to dodge flying fruit, wipe runny noses and keep the noise level to a reasonable level.

     Evie took a bit to settle down for her nap but she was just chatting away to herself. She finally fell asleep and did not wake up until after 4. That put her in a cranky mood but she brightened up when she saw a package that came for her in the mail. Wait until you see her new outfit that her Nana made for her. It's darling! Evie took everything in and out of the box for 15 minutes. She was quite impressed with the bubble wrap and thought it made the most delightful noise. Anything to keep her entertained!

    Carl came home just in time for a walk to the park. Evie pointed out all the airplanes, bunny rabbits and dogs along the way. She helped Carl grill some pork chops for dinner and then we had a family dinner. It's so much easier to eat with her now. She ate everything on her tray tonight and thought the buttered peas were a real treat. We went outside for a Popsicle. It was so fun hanging out with our sweet girl together even though all three of were a hot sticky mess.

   Happy Anniversary  to my parents, Nana and Ipop! We hope you had a special day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making Music!

Evie and I had another fun day! She helped me unload the dishwasher this morning and actually placed her spoons in the right place. Then we distributed diapers around to all of our changing stations and diaper bags, Evie was happy to drop the diapers off at each location.

    We went to Target to make a return and the cashier told Evie that she recognized her from being in there so much. That cracked me up! Our Gymboree has a new owner and they are trying some new stuff. The owner asked us to try a music class that she is trying to get going. It was kind of a pilot class. They are trying to figure out how to make it all work. They have a few kinks to work out but Evie enjoyed exploring the instruments. She really liked the big girls in the class!

     Music class tired Evie out. I did a few things around the house and then started my new book, The Help. It's so good that I cannot stop reading even though I am probably the last person in the South to read it. Evie woke up in a really great mood. I was so excited to show her that the Crocs had arrived during naptime. She was even more excited to see her new pink shoes. It was so fun to watch her. I had no idea that her shoes would be such a source of entertainment. She took them off and on, tossed them over her shoulder with sound effects and put them in and out of the box. It's the little things in life like pink shoes. I'll try to get a picture of her cute feet tomorrow.

     Carl took Evie on a jog while I prepared dinner. Evie sure loves tater tots. It's so funny to see her dip them in the ketchup. Evie has decided that if Raffi cannot take a bath then the next best thing is her toothbrush so she brought it into the tub tonight. Carl told her she was a multi-tasking baby. Evie is the sweetest little girl and makes us so happy. I have a feeling that being Evie's mommy is going to keep getting better!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Donuts and Daydreams!

Evie and I had a fantastic Monday! Our day started off with delicious Daylight Donuts at Amy and Audra's house. Evie loved the donuts and had a great time playing with all the kiddos. One of the little girls had a pair of sparkly flip flops and Evie just had to try them on. She is really into tossing things - balls, food, shoes! It's so funny because she makes little sound effects to go with each flying object. We try not to laugh but she is just so funny.

   We stayed home this afternoon and played with pasta in the kitchen. I had read online to give your toddler some Cheerios and a few bowls to play around with. Well, I decided to use pasta since it's less messy and she would not want to eat it. Evie thought this was so much fun! She played and played! It made her mad when the pieces of pasta were sticking to her feet. We will try this activity again soon especially since Evie helped me clean up the mess. Then, we moved on to playing with dolls and reading books. I read her Itsy Bitsy Spider at least twenty times today. It seems to be her new favorite.

     We played outside in the hammock and Evie ran around the yard while I rested. It was pretty nice to feel the gentle breeze along with the sound of Evie giggling. She came up for a snuggle and it was so special! I just love this age. She is so much fun and everyday is filled with something new. Notice that she is pushing Raffi around in her grocery cart.

     We walked to the park with Carl and then he had a turn to hang out in the hammock while Evie played in the yard. I wonder how long this will last.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soulshine is better than Sunshine!

We have had such a wonderful weekend! They sure go by quickly. It was just what we needed after a crazy week.  Evie was our alarm clock this morning just in time to try a new church. We really liked the church and think it will be a good fit for our family. Evie did great even though the nursery was not open at the early service. They had a busy bag for her and it kept her busy. We only had to walk out with her twice.  After church, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Evie was not interested in eating at all but had fun checking everyone out. She did nibble on a piece of bacon but did not eat anything else. I had french toast and it was delicious! Evie does not know what she's missing.

   We came home and hung out in the backyard reading the paper and playing in the hammock. Evie loves the hammock so I have a new way to entertain her during the day.  Carl took Evie for a run and we had a family dance party in the den. Evie loves dancing to the songs on our Ipod. We think her favorite is Brad Paisley's Welcome to the Future since she knows the family from Kindermusik and all.

Evie took a nap and we prepared for dinner. Evie invited her friend Jacob and his parents over for dinner. I made a Paula Dean french onion dip and it was so delicious. Someone had said that they could swim in the bowl - that it is that good. I totally agree! It takes awhile to make but it is so worth it.

   We had such a good time and are so glad to have such fun friends to hang out with in Nashville.  It's so cute to see Evie and Jacob playing together. Evie mostly refrained from hitting. HA! Dinner turned out well. Carl grilled chicken and I made potato au gratin along with some green bean bundles. Fruit salad rounded out our meal. Kristin brought the best dessert. It tasted like a nutty finger with chocolate delight! YUMMY. I had two helpings. Evie approved of Kristin's dessert choice too! She's like her Mama and does not meet too many desserts that she does not like.

   It was a hot day but had cooled down after dinner so we all went outside. Jacob mowed the grass for us and they played ball together. Evie is fascinated by Jacob's Croc's so it looks like we may be gettting some too. She needs some water shoes for the summer and apparently these shoes provide entertainment as well as foot protection. Evie tried on Jacob's shoe and then kept trying to wear them. At least I know what size to order!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun with the Fam!

Evie slept until almost 8:30 this morning! What a treat for us! She stayed up for a little while and then took a really long morning nap. Carl and I both had a chance to relax and catch up from our crazy week.

   I was upstairs and heard someone knocking on the door. Since, I was still in my pajama's I decided not to answer it. They kept knocking and knocking. I peeked to see who it was and was surprised to see our two neighbors. Carl was mowing the grass so they came to ask him where Evie was because they had something to give her.They had brought Evie a kitty house. Carl told them that Evie was napping and they could either come back or leave it for her. Erin told Carl that she preferred to leave it. Evie went straight for it when she woke up and has loved playing with it.

     Carl blew up her baby pool from last summer. Evie was not so sure about it probably because the water was freezing. She played on the perimeter occasionally sticking her hands in or tossing her ball into the water. I brought a large pitcher of boiling water outside to try and warm it up a little. It worked and Evie got a lot more comfortable in the pool. She loved playing with the funnel and we bought her a little boat at Target that will be fun too. Bathing suits apparently run quite small. Evie wore her new suit for the first and last time this afternoon. It was so tight on her and then the little strap snapped while she was splashing in the pool.

      Several people had told us about a place called P.D's in Franklin. They specialize in home decorating. I have wanted to go check it out but it is not stroller accessible. Carl and I took Evie this afternoon. They had a lot of stuff but nothing that popped out for me. I think it's the kind of place you go without a baby and without a specific item in mind. Not the kind of place to go if you know you need something to hang in your kitchen or a new lamp for your bedroom kinda of place. I'll go back soon without Evie!

     Carl hung our Pawleys Island hammock this afternoon. Evie and I supervised the project. We have not had our hammock out since we lived in Raleigh but we are back in business. We all piled in the hammock and Evie thought it was really fun. It will be a great spot to hang out but we have to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes. I got my first bite!

     We grilled burgers for dinner and Evie grilled right along with her Daddy. It's a beautiful night perfect for eating outside. Evie loves dining alfresco and ate better than she has all week. Although, way more food is landing on the floor than in her mouth. I hosed off the patio while Carl bathed Evie. She's sound asleep after her busy day.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Evie is as happy as a clam with her new grill and table set. It really keeps her occupied which is an added benefit for us! She was so proud of her new table last night. Carl came home from work and Evie ran to the door to greet him like she always does. He picked her up for a hug and kiss and she started pointing towards the foyer. Evie was insistent that her Daddy needed to come check out her table at that very moment. It's so funny to see her carry the chairs from room to room and this morning we colored and ate played play-dough. I love the toddler stage! She is so fun and full of life. Everything is so new and her excitement is contagious. It's so wonderful to watch her explore her surroundings. She was quite interested in climbing a little mound in the backyard but it probably felt like a hill to her. Once she got up there, she sat right down and started playing with the dirt. She pushed her giraffe riding toy up and down the driveway with so much determination.

    Carl put her grill together and she thinks that is so fun. We cooked together this afternoon. I have a feeling her burgers may have come out better than my new recipe. Our sweet baby is gone but that's okay we have a toddler full of life to spend our days with now.

    I was watching the Today show this morning and she came to sit in my lap. Apparently, she thinks gorillas are really exciting. She laughed and pointed as they frolicked across our television screen. I am so glad she is still such a good snuggle bug! We went on a walk after dinner. Evie took her milk and her cracker. She loves to go for walks! Evie was so dirty so bathtime was next on the agenda. Carl and I are looking forward to a few days with our sweet girl. Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some call her Diva!

Evie was happy to see her Uncle Kurt this morning. She woke up bright and early at 6:15 to see him. Evie loves having company because that means yummy muffins. She enjoyed sitting at the table with her Daddy sharing his cereal. I told Carl she must have thought it was Saturday since we were all hanging out around the breakfast table. Evie waved bye-bye to Uncle Kurt and started her day off with a little playing. She's really into the pantry these days and finds some rather interesting items to keep her busy.

  Evie took another morning nap which was nice for me but I had also adjusted to one nap a day. Evie sure keeps me on my toes. We went to a playdate in the neighborhood right next to us which was so nice for it to be so close. Evie was so happy to see more muffins, loads of little boys and fun toys! There were a few hitters and biters among the crew today so Evie fit right into the group. At least Evie does not bite . . . yet! One of the moms thinks Evie hits when she feels like someone is in her space. That's a good point because I sometimes get uncomfortable when people are in my space but I have enough self-control not to hit the person. We had a wonderful morning and it's always so nice to talk mom-talk! Evie climbed right on top of the coffee table and one of the moms said to me, " She really is a diva." Oh goodness! I quickly removed her from the table and we went to sit with someone else. That mother's baby is only a few months old so she has not entered the stage of chasing, negotiating and trying to maintain the peace. She's  still probably just trying to catch up on her sleep at this point.

   We got home just in time before the bottom fell out. Evie and I sat in front of the glass doors and watched the rain fall down. It was so peaceful just me and my baby. Once last summer, we opened the door and sat in the foyer feeling the breeze and listening to the rain. That will not work anymore, Evie would be out in the yard in a flash. I loved holding my sweet girl, feeling her warm, soft body against mine and smelling her sweet baby scent. That was one of the those special mothering moments! I am so fortunate to spend my days with Evie.

     We had fun playing in the den. Evie just loved it when I got inside her tunnel with her and we built towers with her stacking blocks. All of this activity made for a sleepy girl so it was time for another nap! I had forgotten how much more I can get done with two naps a day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Old is New Again!

Evie is pretty much back to normal although she has slept so much today. She had two naps for 2.5 hours each. Mama took a nap too this morning and this afternoon got some work done around the house. Evie was so excited to see a Little Tikes grill in the laundry room when she woke up. Her Ipop thought she needed it and Evie tried really hard to put it together. It's not super complicated but I decided to save that job for her Daddy. Thanks Ipop for sending Evie a new toy!

   We had Gymboree this morning and Evie had so much fun!  I love how it helps her get some of her energy out since she seems to have so much these days! We stopped by the Fresh Market on the way home to get some muffins and a sandwich. Evie was on the look-out for a cookie but the store threw her for a loop.

   Carl came home early this afternoon because he has had a crazy week and he had another dinner meeting tonight. It was so nice to see him. He took Evie outside for her snack since I had just mopped the floor. Carl was amazed at how clean the floor was since Evie was still asleep when he came home. Our Tennessee tornado can get it messy real quick!

      Remember when Evie ate my Mikimoto pearls. Well, I got them back and they look brand-new! They did a fabulous job. It's impossible to tell which one she ate. I am so thrilled to have them back. My fake pearls were causing my ears to turn black. Don't worry they will be kept out of Evie's reach!

       Evie and I met Jacob and Kristin for dinner since both of our hubby's were working late! It was fun but total chaos! Food went everywhere but in their tummies. Evie had applesauce all over her clothes and Jacob had sweet potatoes all over his cute little face. It's certainly not relaxing to go out to eat but it really breaks up the day on those long days at home with the kiddos. Kristin called to tell me she felt like she had been run over by a Mack truck after that dining experience! I could not agree more since I had already snuck a cookie or two that Kristin had given me at dinner. It was crazy. My tipping has increased dramatically since Evie creates a disaster zone at each meal. Dinner was really good and it's always fun to see our sweet friends.

     Evie reconnected with her stuffed Labrador when we got home. She was not sure if it was real or not for a minute. It was hysterical watching her try to figure it out. Carl's brother will be here soon. He's in town for business so it will be so good to see Kurt. Evie will wonder where her cousins are when she sees her Uncle Kurt in the morning.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to Reality!

Evie is still adjusting to being back home. She took a morning nap again but I had to wake her to go to Gymboree. I crept into her room and snapped this picture which woke her right up for class. Boy, did she have fun at Gymboree today. They had a really fun sled that they pulled the kids around on. Evie had several turns on that and just thought it was so fabulous! A little girl poked her in the eye and it was so funny to see her because she was trying really hard not to cry. Pride must be something you are born with since she tries so hard to be a big girl. Evie got lots of compliments on how adorable she is. Of course, I could not agree more. It's that blonde curly hair with those big blue eyes that gets everyone! We have been reminding Evie that pretty is as pretty does. Not sure she really cares at this point.

   We stopped at the grocery store for a few things and then came home for lunch. Evie worked up a big appetite and gobbled everything on her tray. She pulled my camera bag around the kitchen for a good fifteen minutes which gave me some time to make chocolate chip almond bars. Now, that was just the lift that I needed on this dreary day. They are super easy and everyone loves them. Take a pouch of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix and prepare as directions indicate. Press into a 9x13 pan. Sprinkle some Heath bar toffee bits on top and then press in some slivered almonds. These are delicious warm. Cut them while warm because it's quite difficult to cut once they are cooled. My sister in law gave me this recipe and it's always a hit wherever I take them. Of course, I had to test a few to make sure they turned out okay. Carl will be taking the rest to work in the morning to get them out of our house!

   Evie and I went to Cassidy's for a playdate after nap. I am not so sure that Evie wanted to go since she ran the opposite direction when I told her that it was time to go. She thought that was really funny! Evie was happy to see all of her friends once she got there especially Jacob. It was so cute because they just pointed at each other like, "Hey, I know you." Jacob hugged Evie and Evie hit Jacob! Oh dear, she is back to her hitting. Jacob was not her only victim.  I know she does not mean to do this but it is so embarrassing! Kelly made me feel so much better about it!

   Carl had a dinner meeting and we had Bagel Bites. High class! We were loading the dishwasher and I banged my head on the cabinet. It was bleeding and really hurt. Evie was so concerned about me and was patting me and crying right along with me. What a sweet girl! She is really good at hugging. Often, I will feel her sweet little arms wrap around me when I least expect it. That makes all the hard work worth it!

 Evie was worn out and just did not understand why Raffi could not take a bath with her. We put him in her crib and told him we'd be right back. I went to turn on the water and when I looked up there was Evie with her Raffi. She was MAD that he could not go in the tub. I let her have him as soon as she was dry. Too bad they do not make Raffi in a waterproof model.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hanging out at the House!

Somebody, please take me outside.

Mama, help me - I am stuck!

I wonder if I still fit in here!

Mama, you did not really need that bottle of water!

Top of the world!

I love my ball!

Cleaning up a mess that I made! I am such a good helper.

Now, how do I get this door open.

Everything is looking kind of green.

I miss my swing at Nana and Ipop's house.

Sippycups dipped in sand - yummy!

Evie and I stayed home all day to recuperate from our travels. It was super low-key which is just what we needed. Evie napped twice, took a stroll around the neighborhood, played outside, sorted diapers and generally kept me on my toes. We have a busy week so it felt good to be home! Hope you had a good start to your week.