Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandparents, Swimming and Barbecue!

We made it to South Carolina. It seemed so much faster with I-40 being open. Evie did fabulous. She is one heck of a traveler. We are so proud of her and it makes it so much easier.Our little book worm spent most of the trip reading.

    We met my parents in Greenville for an early dinner. Evie spotted her Nana and Ipop out of the back of the truck. She started pointing for them.We went to Sticky Fingers and Carl was so happy to get some barbecue. Evie was in serious need of a green vegetable so it was the perfect spot. Evie entertained us with her dancing and lemon eating. She sure loves lemons. We all went to Target after dinner. Evie loved seeing her Nana and Ipop. Thanks so much for meeting us.

    We got to Sunset about 7:15. Evie was so happy to get out of the car and run around a bit before bed. We have not been here since Thanksgiving so it feels great to be here.

   Carl's parents got back about lunchtime. They have had so much with Evie. She has been showing off her new tricks and has had so much fun hanging on the screened porch. She She got Evie the cutest little outfit and had all of her toys out for her. Evie has certainly received plenty of attention this weekend.

     We took her to the pool this afternoon and she was a little fish. She LOVED the pool and cried to get back in. Evie made a little friend who shared her toys with her. It was fun to see our little fish in the water.  We sure miss Mary and Lucy. Evie would love to see her cousins and her Aunt Lollie and Uncle Kurt.

       Evie came home and had a quick supper. Hummus was her favorite tonight. She could eat it by the bowlful and does not even need a cracker. It took Evie a bit to settle down but she was quiet. I have a feeling she was watching the boats go by instead of sleeping in her crib. She is asleep and we are in the middle of a HUGE storm which makes for great sleeping weather.

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  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun visiting the grandparents. Happy Memorial Day!


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