Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day at the Zoo!

Happy Mother's Day! Thank you Mom for always being there for me. You are my number one fan and I learned how to be a mother from you - the very best example. It's true you need the patience of Job to be a mother and you had plenty with me over the last thirty years. Carl and I are both so fortunate to have wonderful mothers to teach us, support us and always love us no matter what.

Evie slept late this morning. We were getting ready to go to a new church and noticed she was coughing and a little congested so we put her to sleep instead. A coughing baby would not be the best way to get settled into a new church.  

 I had the best time rocking my sweet girl. She was so warm and soft so I just kept rocking and singing. She was looking at me with her big blue eyes and it was the most special part of my whole day. I would not be celebrating Mother's Day without Evie. She patted my face sweetly and tried to pop her pacifier into my mouth. That's how Evie shows her love by sharing her pacifier.  Every day, I am so thankful to be Evie's mom. I always wanted to be a mom and feel so honored to have been given such a precious gift. There's hardly a minute that goes by that I do not laugh or smile or get that feeling that mothers get in their heart when they think about their children. Evie is such a blessing!

Evie was so much happier when she woke up and we went to lunch at Blue Coast Burrito. It was delicious!  We sat outside to enjoy the gorgeous day and Evie was entertained by all the children running around. Our next stop was the zoo. Evie had a grand time and loved checking out the animals and all of the people. She preferred getting out of her stroller to see the animals. We alternated our plan with her plan to keep us all happy! It's too much work to put her in and out of the stroller every five minutes. Evie's favorite part was the petting zoo. She loved the goat. It was so cute to see her petting the goat and making all kinds of sweet sounds to the goat. I loved the giraffes but Evie did not care for them too much. We had such a good time that we decided to join which allows us to visit other zoos for free too. If we go twice, then it's worth our money, that will be easy to do since my moms group goes at least once a week.  We were totally off schedule this afternoon. I tried to put Evie down for a nap around 4 but she was not interested. We decided to go look at a fitness center and then go out for ice-cream. I was so disappointed that the line was super long at Coldstone and Evie was over being cooperative at this point so we came home. She played outside, ate an early dinner and went to bed! We are all exhausted from our busy day.

    I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my two favorite people. Evie showered me with lots of hugs and kisses. She said Mama at least 100 times which is the sweetest sound! Carl gave up TV for the day and that was the best Mother's Day present ever. It's amazing how much more productive you can be without it. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off because I am leaving in the morning to go visit my parents. Evie is in for a real treat at her Ipop and Nana's house. They have a swing, a play set and a riding toy waiting for her arrival. She's going to be ready for some fun tomorrow! Wish me luck on the airplane with my curious, energetic toddler. I am armed with Lorna Doone cookies, pacifiers and a new Karen Katz book. Let's hope that's enough. Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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