Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to Reality!

Evie is still adjusting to being back home. She took a morning nap again but I had to wake her to go to Gymboree. I crept into her room and snapped this picture which woke her right up for class. Boy, did she have fun at Gymboree today. They had a really fun sled that they pulled the kids around on. Evie had several turns on that and just thought it was so fabulous! A little girl poked her in the eye and it was so funny to see her because she was trying really hard not to cry. Pride must be something you are born with since she tries so hard to be a big girl. Evie got lots of compliments on how adorable she is. Of course, I could not agree more. It's that blonde curly hair with those big blue eyes that gets everyone! We have been reminding Evie that pretty is as pretty does. Not sure she really cares at this point.

   We stopped at the grocery store for a few things and then came home for lunch. Evie worked up a big appetite and gobbled everything on her tray. She pulled my camera bag around the kitchen for a good fifteen minutes which gave me some time to make chocolate chip almond bars. Now, that was just the lift that I needed on this dreary day. They are super easy and everyone loves them. Take a pouch of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix and prepare as directions indicate. Press into a 9x13 pan. Sprinkle some Heath bar toffee bits on top and then press in some slivered almonds. These are delicious warm. Cut them while warm because it's quite difficult to cut once they are cooled. My sister in law gave me this recipe and it's always a hit wherever I take them. Of course, I had to test a few to make sure they turned out okay. Carl will be taking the rest to work in the morning to get them out of our house!

   Evie and I went to Cassidy's for a playdate after nap. I am not so sure that Evie wanted to go since she ran the opposite direction when I told her that it was time to go. She thought that was really funny! Evie was happy to see all of her friends once she got there especially Jacob. It was so cute because they just pointed at each other like, "Hey, I know you." Jacob hugged Evie and Evie hit Jacob! Oh dear, she is back to her hitting. Jacob was not her only victim.  I know she does not mean to do this but it is so embarrassing! Kelly made me feel so much better about it!

   Carl had a dinner meeting and we had Bagel Bites. High class! We were loading the dishwasher and I banged my head on the cabinet. It was bleeding and really hurt. Evie was so concerned about me and was patting me and crying right along with me. What a sweet girl! She is really good at hugging. Often, I will feel her sweet little arms wrap around me when I least expect it. That makes all the hard work worth it!

 Evie was worn out and just did not understand why Raffi could not take a bath with her. We put him in her crib and told him we'd be right back. I went to turn on the water and when I looked up there was Evie with her Raffi. She was MAD that he could not go in the tub. I let her have him as soon as she was dry. Too bad they do not make Raffi in a waterproof model.

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