Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some call her Diva!

Evie was happy to see her Uncle Kurt this morning. She woke up bright and early at 6:15 to see him. Evie loves having company because that means yummy muffins. She enjoyed sitting at the table with her Daddy sharing his cereal. I told Carl she must have thought it was Saturday since we were all hanging out around the breakfast table. Evie waved bye-bye to Uncle Kurt and started her day off with a little playing. She's really into the pantry these days and finds some rather interesting items to keep her busy.

  Evie took another morning nap which was nice for me but I had also adjusted to one nap a day. Evie sure keeps me on my toes. We went to a playdate in the neighborhood right next to us which was so nice for it to be so close. Evie was so happy to see more muffins, loads of little boys and fun toys! There were a few hitters and biters among the crew today so Evie fit right into the group. At least Evie does not bite . . . yet! One of the moms thinks Evie hits when she feels like someone is in her space. That's a good point because I sometimes get uncomfortable when people are in my space but I have enough self-control not to hit the person. We had a wonderful morning and it's always so nice to talk mom-talk! Evie climbed right on top of the coffee table and one of the moms said to me, " She really is a diva." Oh goodness! I quickly removed her from the table and we went to sit with someone else. That mother's baby is only a few months old so she has not entered the stage of chasing, negotiating and trying to maintain the peace. She's  still probably just trying to catch up on her sleep at this point.

   We got home just in time before the bottom fell out. Evie and I sat in front of the glass doors and watched the rain fall down. It was so peaceful just me and my baby. Once last summer, we opened the door and sat in the foyer feeling the breeze and listening to the rain. That will not work anymore, Evie would be out in the yard in a flash. I loved holding my sweet girl, feeling her warm, soft body against mine and smelling her sweet baby scent. That was one of the those special mothering moments! I am so fortunate to spend my days with Evie.

     We had fun playing in the den. Evie just loved it when I got inside her tunnel with her and we built towers with her stacking blocks. All of this activity made for a sleepy girl so it was time for another nap! I had forgotten how much more I can get done with two naps a day.

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