Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Old is New Again!

Evie is pretty much back to normal although she has slept so much today. She had two naps for 2.5 hours each. Mama took a nap too this morning and this afternoon got some work done around the house. Evie was so excited to see a Little Tikes grill in the laundry room when she woke up. Her Ipop thought she needed it and Evie tried really hard to put it together. It's not super complicated but I decided to save that job for her Daddy. Thanks Ipop for sending Evie a new toy!

   We had Gymboree this morning and Evie had so much fun!  I love how it helps her get some of her energy out since she seems to have so much these days! We stopped by the Fresh Market on the way home to get some muffins and a sandwich. Evie was on the look-out for a cookie but the store threw her for a loop.

   Carl came home early this afternoon because he has had a crazy week and he had another dinner meeting tonight. It was so nice to see him. He took Evie outside for her snack since I had just mopped the floor. Carl was amazed at how clean the floor was since Evie was still asleep when he came home. Our Tennessee tornado can get it messy real quick!

      Remember when Evie ate my Mikimoto pearls. Well, I got them back and they look brand-new! They did a fabulous job. It's impossible to tell which one she ate. I am so thrilled to have them back. My fake pearls were causing my ears to turn black. Don't worry they will be kept out of Evie's reach!

       Evie and I met Jacob and Kristin for dinner since both of our hubby's were working late! It was fun but total chaos! Food went everywhere but in their tummies. Evie had applesauce all over her clothes and Jacob had sweet potatoes all over his cute little face. It's certainly not relaxing to go out to eat but it really breaks up the day on those long days at home with the kiddos. Kristin called to tell me she felt like she had been run over by a Mack truck after that dining experience! I could not agree more since I had already snuck a cookie or two that Kristin had given me at dinner. It was crazy. My tipping has increased dramatically since Evie creates a disaster zone at each meal. Dinner was really good and it's always fun to see our sweet friends.

     Evie reconnected with her stuffed Labrador when we got home. She was not sure if it was real or not for a minute. It was hysterical watching her try to figure it out. Carl's brother will be here soon. He's in town for business so it will be so good to see Kurt. Evie will wonder where her cousins are when she sees her Uncle Kurt in the morning.

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  1. Yay for new toys! I am always so excited when Cilla gets gifts. It is lots of entertainment and gives her mommy a break!


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