Thursday, May 6, 2010

Low-Key Day!

Evie and I did not have any plans today. It was nice but it also made for one LONG day. Kindermusik was canceled due to flooding concerns. We took a walk to the park and ventured up to the playground. Evie had a ball playing with the big kids and swinging. It was a pretty hot day so we came back before lunch. Evie lunched and napped then we headed to the grocery store.

    Evie drove her first car today! It was green, had two steering wheels and was attached to my cart. HA! She loved it. Our cashier told me that she could tell that Evie would be an early driver. It certainly kept her entertained while I picked up our groceries. Of course, she spotted the green dragon that holds the box of sugar cookies. A cookie and driving a car, make for a terrific shopping trip.

     Evie made a bee-line for her swing and we played in the sandbox. I heard a little voice saying, "Hi Evie's Mom" and it was our little neighbor Erin who had climbed a tree. Evie really wanted to go play with the big kids but she settled for bouncing her pink ball. We played outside until Carl got home and then we went with him to get his haircut. It was supposed to be a quick trip but he was in there for an hour. Not exactly fun for any of us so we were so happy to get home. Evie had a quick dinner and went off to jog with her Daddy. I am going to my first Bunco in the neighborhood and am looking forward to meeting some more of the girls. Gotta run, I hear a precious little girl saying, "Mama." I love it!

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