Friday, May 7, 2010

Popsicles at the Park!

Evie and I met Abby and Maura at Chick fil A for breakfast. I was so surprised that Evie knew right where to go for playtime and headed right for the door. She climbed up super high and I had to go rescue her sow e could eat breakfast. She was up there when some little kids were behind her and they were waiting quite patiently for her to go down the slide. I was at the bottom encouraging Evie to take the plunge down the fun slide. I could not see Evie but I could hear her. She was enjoying being up there with the big kids with no clue that she was holding things up.  I called her by name multiple times so the others could have a chance. Next thing I knew, one of the little boys shouted, "Evie - move it!" That had no effect on Evie and she stayed right where she was enjoying the fun. Maura and I were chatting about how to get her without going up there. I suggested to the little boy to gently push Evie down the slide. Sure enough, my sweet little girl came flying down the slide with a huge grin on her face. Maura notices Evie's adventurous spirit too. We left for  storytime at the local library. Our theme this week was fish and Evie loved being Little Pink, the fish puppet. Evie and Abby did a great job listening. It's so funny to watch them.. Evie walked around trying to share her toys with two moms and one mom told me that Evie was so nice. I agree, she is pretty nice! It seems like she is getting better about leaving my side as long as she knows that I am still there. We had so much fun with Abby and Maura.

   Evie came home and I thought she'd be ready for her nap. It took her a long time to settle down. I really needed her to nap because I needed to order a new cellphone since mine finally bit the dust. Evie will not use my next one as a toy and I am sure she will no interest in the old one now that it does not work. She usually likes things that are off-limits more than things that are made for her entertainment. 

    We met some friends at River Park for popsicles and playtime. Evie was happy to see her friends Rhett, Paige, Audra and Cassidy. We brought popsicles for everyone since it was so hot. Have you seen the new mini popsicles that are slow melt? They are perfect for small children. Evie ate three of them but a serving is three according to the box. She had so much fun playing with Paige. It was so cute to see them together. Paige is four and she was talking to me about how little brothers and sisters eat your homework. That's an excuse that I never heard while teaching.

   We came home from the park and played outside some more. Evie would prefer to live outside. It works for me because it keeps her entertained and happy. She has never been as dirty as she was tonight before bathtime. Every inch of her was covered with some type of grime from grass stains, to popsicle drips and even a splash of vanilla yogurt somehow trickled down her stomach. She looked like she had a really great day!

   I just put her to bed and the babysitter is on her way. Carl and I are looking forward to a date night!

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  1. I'm just catching up on my blog reading! These pictures of Evie are great! Your pictures get better and better! I need to sit down and play with my camera so I can improve my pictures...


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