Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nashville Monsoon!

I have NEVER seen this much rain! We woke up at 5:30 this morning with the tornado sirens going off in the distance. Carl checked the weather and the tornados were not in our vicinity so we were able to go back to sleep. So thankful for my weather wacko husband!  I woke up at 9 surprised that Evie was still sleeping. Blueberry muffins seemed like an appropriate breakfast for this morning so I got busy in the kitchen expecting Evie to wake up any minute. Something about storms makes me really hungry.  Carl opened the door to Evie's room and she finally woke up. Storms must make for really great sleep for Evie but she was thrilled with her hot buttery muffins.

   I cannot begin to express the devastation in our county. We are in a state of emergency, people are dying, houses are being lost to the floods, interstates are closed, cars are floating down the road, yards look like rivers. It's really bad. By the grace of God, we have been  fortunate and only have a minor concern  of some water in our crawlspace. Both of the moms groups that I am in have sent out emails with ways to help our members who have experienced hardship due the flooding, many people are in need of food, shelter and clothing. It's crazy to think these are people we actually know and this is not just something we are seeing on the news. It's very real to many members of our community. There is a lady in a nearby town with her two babies, they have been in the attic for over 12 hours waiting for someone to help them get out. That's such a scary thought, something that I cannot imagine having to endure with Evie. The emergency crews are working as quickly as they can but there is so much to do that they must feel so overwhelmed! Schools are canceled, churches are closed, roads are blocked, it's truly a civil emergency.

    What I love about weather events is that it brings out the generous spirit in most people! Our neighbor, Andy, has been over to talk with Carl twice to make sure that we are okay. He lent us his pump to help us remove the excess water in our crawl. People really do strive to do the honorable thing. It's just that life so often gets in the way. On days like this, nothing really matters except for your family.

      Carl has been outside digging elaborate trenches to divert the water away from the house. He has filmed the storm from our house. Our real estate agent has referred me to an excellent water removal company in the area but I am sure they are swamped with business.

      Sunny skies are forecasted for tomorrow. It cannot come soon enough.


  1. How scary! You're right - we so often see these kinds of emergencies on the news, happening to people we don't know. I will be thinking about your family and community this week, hoping things get back to normal soon.

  2. We have been watching the images of home from a far. The photos and videos on the news via the internet are frightening. Praying the rain will cease and the waters recede quickly. So scary.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


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