Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soulshine is better than Sunshine!

We have had such a wonderful weekend! They sure go by quickly. It was just what we needed after a crazy week.  Evie was our alarm clock this morning just in time to try a new church. We really liked the church and think it will be a good fit for our family. Evie did great even though the nursery was not open at the early service. They had a busy bag for her and it kept her busy. We only had to walk out with her twice.  After church, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Evie was not interested in eating at all but had fun checking everyone out. She did nibble on a piece of bacon but did not eat anything else. I had french toast and it was delicious! Evie does not know what she's missing.

   We came home and hung out in the backyard reading the paper and playing in the hammock. Evie loves the hammock so I have a new way to entertain her during the day.  Carl took Evie for a run and we had a family dance party in the den. Evie loves dancing to the songs on our Ipod. We think her favorite is Brad Paisley's Welcome to the Future since she knows the family from Kindermusik and all.

Evie took a nap and we prepared for dinner. Evie invited her friend Jacob and his parents over for dinner. I made a Paula Dean french onion dip and it was so delicious. Someone had said that they could swim in the bowl - that it is that good. I totally agree! It takes awhile to make but it is so worth it.

   We had such a good time and are so glad to have such fun friends to hang out with in Nashville.  It's so cute to see Evie and Jacob playing together. Evie mostly refrained from hitting. HA! Dinner turned out well. Carl grilled chicken and I made potato au gratin along with some green bean bundles. Fruit salad rounded out our meal. Kristin brought the best dessert. It tasted like a nutty finger with chocolate delight! YUMMY. I had two helpings. Evie approved of Kristin's dessert choice too! She's like her Mama and does not meet too many desserts that she does not like.

   It was a hot day but had cooled down after dinner so we all went outside. Jacob mowed the grass for us and they played ball together. Evie is fascinated by Jacob's Croc's so it looks like we may be gettting some too. She needs some water shoes for the summer and apparently these shoes provide entertainment as well as foot protection. Evie tried on Jacob's shoe and then kept trying to wear them. At least I know what size to order!

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  1. OOOHHHHH your baby is cute! My kitchen table(thank you)......Wal-mart! I like it too and it was cheap cheap!


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