Saturday, May 1, 2010

Evie's Debut!

It was quite the stormy night. Evie must love storms like her Daddy because she slept until 9:00. I was shocked!  She must have been catching up on her sleep since her naps have been shorter over the last week. It was such a nice treat for all of us on a rainy Saturday morning.

    Thank goodness, Evie woke up when she did, because we had ourKindermusik program this morning at a local church. Evie did a great job and Carl loved seeing her with all of her little friends. Evie's teacher, Marie, even offered the Dad's a chance to engage in Kindermusik with their kiddos. Carl was a natural!  Don't worry grandparents, it's captured on video for your viewing pleasure. She looked so precious in her little bubble. I sure will miss seeing her cute little legs hanging out next summer. Maybe she can wear a bubble every day this summer since she will be too big for them. Carl enjoyed seeing all of things that Evie has learned at Kindermusik. He also got a chance to meet Evie's sweet friend Jacob. It was worth braving the rain for this special event.

   We stopped by Chick fil A on the way home for some nuggets. Evie has discovered the joys of dipping her food. She likes it so much that she sometimes dips her sippycup too. Evie put down her coasters long enough to catch up on golf.  It's so funny since we rarely have the television on when she is in the room but she LOVES golf. Evie took a nap and woke up for a bit. We played blocks, drums and Evie enjoyed checking out the torrential rain. You should see our yard. There has been over 6 inches of rain today. Mulch is floating down the street and there are ponds quickly turning into lakes in all of our yards. Pictures do not it justice. There has not been this much flooding in fifteen years in Nashville. Interstate 65 in Cool Springs in closed back going North and South because four feet of water is on the road. Pretty crazy stuff. Too bad this weather could not occur during the week instead of altering everyone's weekend plans.

   It's a good night for some spaghetti and a chance to read my book. Carl is totally infatuated with the coverage of the flood. Evie is cat napping or at least that's what I hope she is doing since it's pretty late for naptime. Round two of the storms is coming tomorrow, this is just part of the wild weather in Tennessee.

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  1. Hope yall are okay with the weather---I think of you when I hear the coverage!


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