Friday, April 30, 2010

Storytime in Smyrna!

Evie was so excited to start the day at 6:30. She heard her Daddy and was ready to play. We are thinking of moving her to the other bedroom since the shower wakes her up so early. It was not a problem when she napped twice a day but she cannot wake up so early with only one nap per day. She gets too worn out but it's so nice to see her sit still on the couch holding her babydoll.

We had a nice leisurely morning adding some Itunes to our playlist, playing babydolls and climbing in the bathtub. Imagine my surprise when I got out of the shower and found Evie sitting in the empty tub happy as a clam. We met the Onello's in Smyrna. Abby and Evie had not seen each other in awhile so we met at Chick fil A for a delicious breakfast and playtime. They were so cute playing peek-a-boo with each other at the table. Evie loves to eat so she chowed down on my breakfast so thank goodness I ordered some extra food. Maura has been raving about storytime at the Smyrna library for some time now. Evie usually naps during this time so we had never been before this morning. I was totally impressed and think they do a fabulous job. We are already planning to go back next week. Each week, there is a theme, this week it was ducks. They had a duck puppet show, duck songs etc. Big colorful mats were on the floor with lots of fun toys spread across for the babies to play with to keep them occupied. They had multiple large plastic tubes filled with all kinds of interesting things. Evie loved storytime although Abby actually watched the puppet show. Evie walked around sharing her little turtle. Both girls were fascinated with the baby dolls. One of the librarians used to be a teacher and you can really tell. It was so much fun!

    Evie stayed awake on the way home with some help from my friend Nabisco. Thank goodness for Ritz crackers! We played outside and had lunch. She went down for a nap. I cleaned the shower, cleaned the kitchen and then settled down with my latest book from Bookswim. Evie sensed my interest in the book because she woke up right when I was getting captivated by the book.

   Evie slept about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Evie and I organized her closet and sorted some clothes. I cannot believe how little she used to be and how big she is now. We made a big stack for the consignment sale and put some away. Evie rediscovered her sleep sheep and was totally entertained for about 15 minutes. Her good mood did not last long. She was a mess by the time her Daddy got home. We played outside a bit and then I took her for a walk while Carl mowed the grass. I wonder if the novelty of the large yard  wearing off yet. Carl still seems to love it! Evie kept a close eye on her Daddy while he mowed the grass. She is quite leery of that big green mower and waves at him every time he rides past her. Evie and I played in the enclosed portion with her balls. It was such a beautiful day, perfect springtime weather. Warm and sunny with a slight wind, to bad the storms are coming back again this weekend. Happy Friday!

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  1. Evie is one precious girl! I just LOVE all of the pictures of her!! It sounds like your day was perfect yesterday. Enjoy every minute!


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