Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heat Wave!

Evie and I headed to the library for storytime this morning. She did great sitting on my lap and watching all the big kids. I was so proud of her. We took a walk on a new trail at River Park. It was beautiful with horses, cows mooing, a river and several creeks. Evie even met a baby turtle that a little boy had found in the creek. She was not too impressed so she threw her sippy cup at the poor turtle. Luckily, he escaped from Evie just in time for a little swim. Evie was ready to play after the walk but it was so hot. It was 82 at 11:00 this morning. We were both sweaty and her cheeks were bright red. I think a cooler is going to be added to my car in the next several weeks to keep drinks cold for both of us. Even the slide was burning hot so we came home for lunch. It was such a fun morning but we were ready to cool down a bit.

   Evie napped and was still sleeping at 3. We had plans to meet some friends at Gymboree for an Open Play. So, I had to wake her up. She went straight from the crib to the car and was happy drinking her milk. We had a great time playing and we were able to avoid any more injuries. Evie has bumps and bruises all over her right now.

We stopped by Sonic on the way to the grocery store since we were thirsty again. Are you noticing a theme? Evie had a water but I had a refreshing cherry limeade. It was 90 degrees at this point so I guess the frozen tundra has turned into the rainforest. Although, the temperatures are expected to be dramatically lower this weekend.

 Do you ever order your groceries from Harris Teeter? It's fabulous! You should try it. All of the groceries are listed in categories online and you click them into your cart. The system saves your orders so you can easily complete your order the second time. It takes me about 10 minutes at home and saves so much time in the store.Usually, I reserve this for times when I have a really big shopping trip with heavy things like coke or diapers but Harris Teeter is waiving the fee this month. Simply enter the code HTAP for $5 off your order. Try this - I promise that you will be glad that you did!

    Carl took Evie for a jog when he got home which gave me time to prepare dinner. Then, we all played outside while our dinner cooked. Evie just loves to be outside and we are all happier when Evie is happy! Luckily, it's really easy to keep her happy!


  1. I cannot believe it's hotter at home than it is in Hong Kong! Crazy!
    I also cannot believe we have another favorite in common! Any guess? It's the cherry limeade. Oh how my mouth is watering just thinking about it!
    This seals the deal. We must meet face to face on my next trip home!
    Love & Blessings,

  2. Mmmm, love Cherry Limeades. I wish Sonic was closer; it's on the way to my sister's so I always stop in on my way to visit her family.

    And ordering the groceries at HT is awesome. Thanks for the tip about saving $5!


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