Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jam Packed!

We had a crazy day! Evie took a quick nap and then we went to a playdate. It was so fun and was the perfect size with four of us plus the babies. Christina has twin boys and it was so fun to see how she manages it all. Of course, she seems to  make it look super easy! Evie LOVED it and had so much fun playing with their little "pen" that opened and closed into a playarea. She thought it was fabulous and would have been entertained there all day.

   We rushed off to Kindermusik to prepare for our program on Saturday. Evie was quite the squealer. She has so much fun with everything she does. I love it! Kimberly and Jasper were there again. Honestly, it made me a little nervous that Evie would hit Jasper. Lindsay said Evie could be featured in US Weekly as the baby that gave Jasper Paisley a black eye. HA! Evie had a great day today and did not anyone except her parents. Obviously, that is not acceptable but it's way better than her hitting her friends. She is working really hard at touching softly and she has made sooooooooo much progress this week. One of the moms told me this morning that her child likes to lay on top of other kids and there was a biter there too. Just more confirmation that all kiddos have their own issue. Some just have more issues than Time magazine.

   Evie napped and then we headed to Franklin to check out Reisha's fabulus cabinets. She glazed her cabinets and taught me how to do it this afternoon. My plan is to start somewhere small like a bathroom so I do not mess up the kitchen trying to master the glazing technique.

   Harris Teeter was our next stop. Triple coupons make me nuts. Apparently, it makes everyone else nuts too since it was a madhouse. I love saving money but have to draw the line somewhere. It's not worth it to me to fight over a can of shaving cream. Yes, people it was really that bad at 5:15 this afternoon. Evie and I spent $63 and saved $34 so that's a pretty good return on time spent clipping. Evie got her very first grocery store balloon this afternoon and she loved it! I loved it too because it kept her entertained while I tried to score some good deals. It made a great little photo shoot too!

  Evie made a HUGE mess with her dinner so I stripped her down to her diaper. While, I was putting the clothes in the washing machine, she was searching for jelly beans in my totally disorganized pantry. I found this when I returned and am so glad my camera was right there. Evie works really hard for her jellybeans.

   Evie was so thrilled to see her Daddy. He was pretty thrilled to see her too. I made shrimp and grits for dinner and we watched a movie. It was a nice relaxing night!

     We'd like to send special birthday wishes to our very favorite Ipop! Happy Birthday, we hope you had a fantastic birthday and are so glad you liked your cookies. Evie wants you to please save one for her.

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