Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pretty is as Pretty does!

Evie treated me to another morning of sleeping until 8! Now, that's something that I could get used to very quickly. It can make for a long morning but we kept busy around the house. Evie and  I went on a long walk, fed her baby a bottle, found the Ipod and celebrated with an impromptu dance session in the den. Evie loves music just like her parents. She's partial to The Allman Brothers and Widespread Panic. Although, the Blue Dogs were a big hit this morning. It's so cute to see her dancing to the beat.

   After our morning at home, we headed out to Kindermusik where Evie played the drums and shook the bells. One of the other moms complimented Evie for sharing so nicely all the time. Not two minutes later, Evie decides to bop another kid on his head. Once was not enough, about ten minutes later, she went back for round two. I was telling Nana about this and she said maybe he hit her when we were not looking. Nope, not the case, Eli just stayed calm and did not shed a single tear. Maybe because he is a second child. His mom told me that hitting is developmental and that they all hit at some point. I agree but let's hope this gets out of her system sooner rather than later.

   Evie was ready for her nap when we got home but unfortunately it was not a long one which may mean a cranky afternoon. I hear her in there now repeating "GA, GA, GA" with great emphasis. We are meeting some friends at Frisky Berry this afternoon but no caffeine for me. It keeps me up now when I drink it too late in the day.

     Okay, we are back from Frisky Berry and Evie hit Cassidy! AHHHH! Luckily, Carol gets this since she is working on the same issue with Cassidy. Evie and Cassidy did great together sharing yogurt melts. Cassidy has a real appreciation for snack foods of any type. Evie was in love with my mochachinno. Don't worry it was de-caf and made with whole milk. There could not possibly be in sugar in it either. I miss the days when Evie had no interest in my food or drink! Now, she wants to eat everything I eat, drink everything I drink and try to do everything that I do.

   We came home and played outside for a little bit in the rain. It was just drizzling but Evie thought this was really fun. She was pretty mad about coming inside but she got over it quickly when I told her that it was time to work on her fine motor skills. She painted with watercolors, sculpted with play-dough and worked on her puzzle. Note these terms are used very loosely.

   Evie's asleep and I am not far behind her. I am exhausted from my week of single parenting. Carl does so much to help out with Evie that it's quite difficult when he is not here. Evie is so excited about seeing her Daddy tomorrow.

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  1. My nephew is in the pinching stage right now and it is about to drive everyone crazy. Hopefully it is a quick phase. Love the pictures of her practicing her fine motor skills. Yay for sleeping until 8 again!!


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